What Is The Difference Between Beachfront And Oceanfront?

Although they sound like the same thing, and one may consider them interchangeable, there is in fact a distinctive difference between beachfront and oceanfront housing or accommodation. Things to consider when looking at buying your desired house or searching for a place to stay are your preferred price range; proximity to the sea and the type of view you desire. So what is the difference?    

With a beachfront home, you are quite literally situated on the beach; you can walk from your back porch or patio straight onto the shore. Oceanfront properties are close to the beach but are not at sea level. These can apply to the same building though i.e. a hotel with multiple floors.

Although both are evidently within close proximity to the sea, we’ll see to what extent this is and what differentiates the one from the other. So what is it that you need to know about choosing your seaside dwelling? Let us examine what follows and unpack the differences so that you can make the best choice for yourself.

What Is Considered Beachfront

In general terms, beachfront is considered to be a property that firstly has some form of ocean view. You will also have immediate and direct access to the beach and ocean. In order for a house, hotel, villa, or such- like to be considered beachfront, it must meet this criterion. You can thus safely assume that you will be able to have direct access to the sandy shore, or that it must be within a very short walking distance.

People who enjoy frequenting the beach, such as surfers, sunbathers, swimmers, or families that relish a day spent in the sun will be the ones who want to have a beachfront stay. If, however, you do not like the public beach to be in too close a proximity to where you’ll be staying, then it may be more ideal for you to look at acquiring an oceanfront stay.

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The Pros And Cons Of Beachfront Residence


You have incredibly easy access to the beach, there is no need to worry about finding parking and if the beach is full you can always just set up your beach chair and umbrella close to your home or accommodation (if it is accommodation, these will likely already be available for you). You can also leave the beach and return as you wish, without having to travel. Also, if you are an ocean lover, you can lie in bed at night and listen to the magnificent sound of the ocean, which is only a short distance away.


Whether you are living on the beachfront or are on vacation, you will find that you are likely to have less privacy than if you stayed in an oceanfront space. Additionally, you may have to endure the noise from neighbors who too, are on holiday.

What Is Considered Oceanfront

An oceanfront property, abode, or accommodation is characteristically situated along the coast and typically offers an ample view of the surrounding area. If you were to sit out on your balcony, to enjoy a breakfast or perhaps in the evening when you are having sundowners, you would have a magnificent outlook over the sea.

However, this sort of setting does not allow you direct access to the wonderful, sandy beach. Although this may seem to be a downside, you are likely to only be a short walk or drive away from the beach and you would also tend to have more privacy than those staying at the beachfront.   

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The Pros And Cons Of Oceanfront Residence


The most obvious upside to staying in an oceanfront space is the fact that you are able to enjoy the wondrous view that it brings, as most oceanfront houses are built to maximize this important aspect. Being in a space where you are able to look out over the ocean, tends to lend a relaxing and cathartic mood to one’s stay, whether it be as a permanent resident or on vacation. It also means that you are close enough to the beach to visit it regularly, without having to endure the noise of other individuals also enjoying the beach.


The one downside to staying in an oceanfront area is that you do not have direct access to the beach and you may have to walk a distance or even drive in order to get there. 

Illustrations and Exceptions

Although we have established some guidelines which help us to distinguish between the two, there are always going to be exceptions. As mentioned above, some places (such as hotels) may describe themselves as being oceanfront, whilst still having express access to the shore, so at a hotel, they may offer beachfront rooms, which tend to be on the ground or lower floors, and oceanfront rooms which are simply stories up. A beachfront room could have direct access to a pool and the beach, whilst the rooms on the upper levels would perhaps have balconies that look out over the ocean.

Things To Consider

If you are looking at the difference between beachfront and oceanfront, especially with the notion to buy, there are some factors which you will need to consider. The first, for most people, would be the pricing of the house. Beachfront houses tend to be more expensive than oceanfront due to their close proximity to the shore. However, with this being said, some oceanfront houses, with exceptional views, may at times be priced higher.

Another key factor which you may wish to bear in mind is what your preferences are when it comes to having a house at the seaside. If you intend to spend all your time on the beach, then the beachfront option is likely to be your first choice. If you would prefer to sit out on your balcony and admire passing whales and dolphins through a telescope and only venture to the sea occasionally, then an oceanfront place may be your better option.

Beachfront houses also often tend to have higher insurance rates than their counterparts, mainly due to the mandatory flooding insurance. Rates and taxes may also be higher.

Finally, you will need to find out where amenities are located in relation to your home; shops, places of entertainment, and the beach may be farther away if you opt for an oceanfront house. As long as you do not mind having to travel, this should not be too much of a conundrum.


In conclusion, the easiest way to make the distinction between the two is that with beachfront, the beach is on your doorstep, whilst oceanfront means you will be facing the ocean.

Now, although we have a clear idea of what the differences are between beachfront and oceanfront, this does not mean that people will always use them in the manner in which we now understand them. It is thus a good idea to ask the hotel or real-estate firm what precisely is meant by their use of the terminology to ensure that you are not left surprised or disappointed at the end of the day.