What Is The Weight Limit For ‘Life Is Good’ Beach Chairs?

When it comes down to beach chairs, few do it better than ‘Life Is Good’ beach chairs. These reclining chairs feature oversized cup holders, detachable coolers, adjustable headrests, and more. However, many consumers have found themselves wondering about the weight limit for ‘Life Is Good’ beach chairs.

‘Life Is Good’ beach chairs have a weight limit of 250 pounds, which is on par with similar low-profile beach chairs. This weight limit is due to the type of beach chair, which features a comfortable low-gravity design. The aluminum material used to construct the frame also contributes to this.

If you’re considering a ‘Life Is Good’ beach chair, we’re going to break down everything you should know about the weight limit of these chairs. Once we’ve discussed the weight limit of these beach chairs, we’ll outline the factors that affect this weight capacity.

‘Life Is Good’ Beach Chairs Weight Limit

Although ‘Life Is Good’ reclining beach chairs come in a variety of vibrant colors and patterns, they all feature the same low-profile design. These beach chairs are manufactured with a rustproof aluminum frame and an adjustable 5-position backrest. The seat of these low-profile beach chairs is 10-inches off the ground.

‘Life Is Good’ beach chairs also feature two large drink holders, a removable cooler bag, an adjustable headrest, a storage pouch accessory, adjustable travel straps, and more. For maximum beachside relaxation, ‘Life Is Good’ beach chairs also feature an oversized seat and back. However, how much weight can these beach chairs support?

Due to the design of ‘Life Is Good’ beach chairs, they are rated for a weight capacity of 250lb. This weight capacity is on par with similar foldable low-profile beach chairs from other manufacturers. In fact, most standard chairs today are designed to support up to 250 pounds.

Furthermore, this weight limit is common for beach chairs constructed with aluminum frames. When you compare a ‘Life Is Good’ beach chair and lawn chair, you’ll find they feature highly similar designs. While the lawn chair has a seat height of 17-inches, it is rated for the same weight capacity due to the aluminum frame that is used.

While this weight limit is well-suited to most consumer needs, those weighing more than 225lb might prefer a beach chair featuring a wider seat and back. Generally, the larger a beach chair is, the higher the weight capacity will be. We’ll take a closer look at this in the following section when we outline the factors that affect the weight limit of beach chairs.

Factors Affecting Weight Limit Of ‘Life Is Good’ Beach Chairs

There are three main aspects that impact the weight limit of beach chairs: the type of beach chair, the materials used to construct it, and maintenance.

Beach Chair Type

Firstly, let’s look at different types of beach chairs and how the design of a chair impacts its weight limit. 

Low-Profile Beach Chairs

Many beach chairs feature a low-profile design, allowing users to kick back on the beach comfortably. In fact, this is a highly ergonomic design, which is ideal for older users and people with back problems. These chairs are also typically wider than other outdoor chairs, which is seen with ‘Life Is Good’ beach chairs.

For most low-profile beach chairs, the weight capacity will range between 250 and 300 pounds. Most of the chairs made by ‘Life Is Good’ have this weight limit range. This is also due to the aluminum frames used to construct ‘Life Is Good’ beach and lawn chairs.

Foldable Beach Chairs

Of course, despite their lower profile design, ‘Life Is Good’ beach chairs are foldable. However, by foldable beach chairs, we’re referring to average-sized beach chairs. These chairs typically have a weight capacity of between 300 and 400 pounds. The lawn chairs produced by ‘Life Is Good’ can double as beach chairs and would fall into this category.

Heavy-Duty Beach Chairs

There are many heavy-duty beach chairs that are designed for extra strength and durability. Of course, this also means these chairs have higher weight capacities. Generally, heavy-duty beach chairs have a weight limit of around 500 pounds. Unfortunately, ‘Life Is Good’ does not specialize in this type of beach chair.

Beach Chair Materials

Construction materials are another important factor impacting a beach chair’s weight capacity and overall durability. Ultimately, the strength of a weight chair directly correlates with the materials used to manufacture it. Generally, beach chair frames are made from aluminum, steel, or wood.

As we discussed earlier, ‘Life Is Good’ beach, and lawn chairs are made with aluminum frames. While this material allows for lightweight beach chairs that are easy to transport, they generally have lower weight capacities than beach chairs made from other materials.

For heavy-duty beach chairs, steel is commonly used, allowing for larger weight capacities than aluminum chairs. Wooden beach chairs are also heavier than aluminum ones, making them stronger. Ultimately, this explains the somewhat limited weight limit of ‘Life Is Good’ beach chairs.

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Beach Chair Maintenance

Finally, how a beach chair is maintained will affect its durability and weight limit. When a beach chair is not properly maintained, consumers effectively weaken the chair. Of course, this can negatively impact the weight capacity of the chair. By properly maintaining a ‘Life Is Good’ beach chair, you can ensure it maintains its strength and durability.

How To Clean ‘Life Is Good’ Beach Chairs

‘Life Is Good’ provides customers with recommended product care steps to maintain their beach chairs. The manufacturer advises beach chair owners to avoid using bleach and other harsh detergents. Instead, these beach chairs can be cleaned using a sponge, water, and mild soap. The chair can then be left to air-dry.


The beach chairs made by ‘Life Is Good’ have a weight capacity of 250 pounds. This weight limit is on par with similar beach chairs with low-profile designs. This design greatly contributes to the chair’s weight limit, as does the aluminum used to construct the beach chair’s frame.