What Part Of A Lobster Can You Eat?

Very few words describe what eating a fresh lobster tastes like. Lobster has a light sweet flavor and is more succulent than crab. Often seen as the king of seafood, lobster is a popular dish that many people can’t live without. But, if you prepare your own lobster or are eating lobster for the first time, you may wonder what part of a lobster you can eat.

The edible parts of a lobster include the tail, claws, legs, ribs, roe, and knuckles. Some people eat the tomalley, which is the lobster’s liver and pancreas, but this is an acquired taste. Under the hard shell of the lobster, there is meat in the body and head that can be eaten.

If you’ve ever been served a lobster and been so intimidated about how to crack it and what parts you can eat, you’re not alone. I’m sure everyone feels this way when they try their first lobster. Surprisingly most parts of a lobster are edible. However, a few parts of a lobster should be avoided, and others are delicacies.

Which Parts Of A Lobster Are Edible?

The lobster’s anatomy can be divided into different parts. Some people prefer the lobster tail, while others prefer the ribs or just the meaty fleshy part of the lobster. Whichever part you prefer, it’s essential to know which parts of the lobster are edible. And to avoid eating an unwanted part like the sac (lobster stomach), which is filled with stomach fluid and has a very unpleasant taste.

This being said, which parts of the lobster can you eat?


The lobster’s tail is one of the best parts of a lobster to it. The meat in a lobster tail is chewy, firm, and closely resembles shrimp in taste but sweeter. To eat the lobster tail, twist it until it comes away from the body and pull the meat out with your fork. The lobster tail has a good amount of meat and is also low in carbohydrates and calories.


If you’re wondering what the black or red stuff is in a lobster, it’s called roe. The role is the eggs from the lobster and is present in female lobsters. Usually, the color is black, but it can also be red. Another name for roe is lobster caviar. This part of the lobster is considered a delicacy, and many people avoid eating it. Roe can have a fishy smell and quite a strong salt taste.


Lobster knuckles are chewy and tasty. The lobster knuckles are the portion that connects the front claws to the lobster leg. Surprisingly this part of the lobster has a fair amount of lobster meat. However, many people aren’t aware that the knuckles can be eaten too.


The claw meat is softer than the meat found in the lobster tail. The lobster claw meat is also sweeter than other parts of the lobster. To eat the claw, twist it until it becomes loose from the body, crack it open, and scoop the meat out with a fork.


Lobster leg meat is also sweet and tender, the same meat found in lobsters’ bodies and claws. To get the meat out of a lobster leg, you’ll need to tear off the leg, bite on the shell and get the meat out using your teeth. This can be slightly tricky but worth it.


The rib meat and meat underneath the shell are tender and juicy. In addition, the rib meat is relatively easy to get to; once you start eating it, you’ll be back for more. Lift the shell and scoop out the flesh to eat the rib meat.

What Part Of The Lobster Is The Best To Eat?

Some people prefer the lobster tail, others prefer the claws, but most people tend to enjoy the lobster meat found in the body. So the best part of the lobster to eat comes down to personal preference.

Lobster legs are great to chew on and can be preferred over the meat in the lobster body. Lobster claws are very delicious, while the tails have a slightly chewier texture, and the meat isn’t as soft as the claws.

When eating a lobster, there are many edible parts, and most taste similar. Still, the most popular part is the meaty bits inside the lobster’s body, underneath its shell.

Which Parts Of The Lobster Should You Avoid Eating?

Most parts of the lobster are edible. However, you may be a bit reserved about eating parts like the roe and the tomalley because they are an acquired taste. The only part of the lobster that should not be eaten is the sac.


The sac is the lobster’s stomach. The lobster sac is filled with stomach fluid, bones, and even shell pieces. Eating the sac has no known side effects; however, it does not taste nice, and most people avoid it.


In the lobster’s tail, a black vein forms part of the digestive system. This is the lobster’s intestine. There is no harm in eating the lobster intestine, but it does not taste pleasant.


The tomalley is the liver and pancreas part of a lobster. Many people consider this a delicacy, while others avoid it altogether. The taste is unpleasant, and some people consider it inedible. The tomalley can contain toxins as it is the lobster’s liver, and its job is to filter toxins.


The lobster shell is tough and hard and not suitable for eating. Eating a lobster shell has no health benefits, and some shells can be tougher than others, causing injury if consumed.


A lobster’s eyes can be eaten, but there is no reason to eat them. They have a weird texture when eaten, and most people will not want to eat a lobster’s eyes.


When lobsters are cracked open to be eaten, the gills are placed to the side and aren’t usually eaten. There is no meat in the gills, and it won’t be as tasty as the other parts of the lobster.

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The tail, ribs, claws, and all the meaty areas of the lobster can be eaten. In theory, you can eat a whole lobster avoiding parts like the sac and the intestine. Most people prefer the lobster’s flesh, while others love the tail and claws. Whichever part of the lobster is your favorite, there are many parts of a lobster that can be eaten.