What Should An Older Woman Wear To A Beach Wedding?

It’s wedding season again, and you are invited to a beach wedding, but what do you, as a mature woman, wear!  Does this sound familiar?  So, what should an older woman wear to a beach wedding?

An older woman can wear a cocktail dress or a soft flowing pantsuit to a beach wedding.  Choose lightweight fabric for the sunny weather and a pair of comfortable shoes for walking on the sand.  Compliment your outfit with exquisite jewelry and add a touch of perfume for a beautiful you! 

Choosing an outfit for a wedding on the beach is not that difficult if you follow the guidelines in this article.  Enjoy the read!

Which Age Determines An Older Woman?

So, what age is an older woman?  Usually, a woman in her 50s and upwards can be classed as a mature woman!  Women of this age are more fashion-conscious than their younger selves and are more confident with a good sense of self-worth. 

If you fall into the older woman category, wear clothes to match your personality and show your sense of style and grace.  Wear age-appropriate clothes to show off your best attributes, no matter your dress size or shape, instead of following the latest fashion trends.  

This is the time to wear timeless classic outfits that exude class and embrace your golden age!  Below are some guidelines on what older women can wear to a beach wedding.

The Appropriate Attire for Older Woman For A Beach Wedding

Before deciding on the best outfit to wear to the beach wedding, consider the following:

  • The time of year and expected weather on the day of the wedding.  If it’s a summer or spring wedding, a light and cool outfit will be best.  Adding a warm wrap or shawl to your dress or pantsuit will be a good idea in early spring when the evenings could still be cool.  Autumn and winter weather will require a warmer ensemble with a jacket or coat.
  • The wedding venue will be equally important to consider.  Do some research to find out more about the setting to have a good idea of what to expect on the day.  If the ceremony is held in the open air on the sandy beach, choose shoes for comfortable walking on the sand. 

And if the venue is a patio or rooftop that overlooks the beach, you can wear any shoes that match your wedding clothes.

  • The dress code on the invitation will tell you more about the wedding theme and what you are expected to wear.  Dress codes can be formal, semi-formal, casual, or cocktail.  Still, being a beach wedding, it will generally be more relaxed and comfortable.

What Color Should An Older Woman Wear To A Beach Wedding?

When you are in the sunshine with the sea as a backdrop, bright or pastel colors are the best.  They will blend in with the festive and sunny atmosphere.  Choose a shade that will compliment your skin tone.  Avoid wearing white; that is always just for the bride!  You could opt for:

  • Shades of pink such as coral, peach, rose, or bright fuscia.
  • Choose blue hues like cornflower blue, turquoise, azure, baby blue, or dress up navy blue with a complementary color such as a warm orange wrap or handbag.
  • Green is a cool color and perfect for the beach; opt for lime, mint, or deep emerald green.
  • Colors of yellow such as bright sunflower, or for a softer shade, choose lemon, buttercup, or deep mustard.

Solid Or Printed Fabrics For Over 50’s For A Beach Wedding

You can wear solid colors or patterned prints such as polka dots, stripes, floral patterns, and even abstracts; it’s your choice.  Beautiful watercolor-effect prints are suitable for a beach wedding. Polka dots are timeless, always look fresh, and are easy to accessorize.

Dresses with stripes in pastel colors will look feminine and pretty.  Florals can be any size as long as the garment’s cut suits your body shape and makes you feel confident and beautiful. 

Outfits Older Women Can Wear To A Beach Wedding

Depending on the weather and dress code, here are a few ideas of what to wear to the beach wedding:

Older Woman Body Shape

The first rule to finding a perfect outfit for the wedding is to choose a cut or style that compliments your figure.  Knowing your body type is most important when selecting the best outfit for any occasion. 

If your shape is slim with no curves, fuller on the top, middle, or bottom, or a curvy hourglass figure, no matter your form, there will be something in the store to suit all body shapes.  Embrace your structure, wear your clothes with confidence, and you will look amazing!

Cocktail Dresses For The Older Woman

If you like to wear dresses, a cocktail dress is an excellent choice.  Choose lightweight materials such as chiffon, organza, linen, crepe, or even cotton blends and lace, which are breathable fabrics best suited for warm temperatures. 

Best Cocktail Dress Length For The Mature Woman

The best dress length for the mature woman is usually below the knee.  But if you prefer your dress a little shorter, don’t go higher than two inches above the knee.  You could also opt for a mid-calf or maxi-length dress; it’s your preference!

The style of the skirt will often depict the length of the dress.  Wear a chic and sophisticated skirt style instead of a girly over-trendy style, and you can never go wrong!

Cocktail Dress Styles For Older Woman For Beach Weddings

Cocktail dresses come in different styles, hemlines, and sleeve lengths.  Here are a few different flattering cocktail dress styles for women over 50:

  • Wrap dresses help you achieve the hourglass shape that most women strive for.  This cut wraps one side across the other, creating a V-shaped neckline and hugs the body.  Tie the knot to the side of the waist.

  • Sheath dresses with their straight cut, nipped in at the waistline, highlights curves in all the right places.  Perfect for the hourglass figure.

  • Fit-and-flare dresses fit in the waist and flare out at or below the hips and are very flattering and comfy to wear.  These dresses have short or cap-sleeves and look good on rectangular body types.

  • A-line shape dresses extend from the waist and flare slightly at the hips will flatter every figure shape.  A-line dresses can be knee-length or midcalf with various sleeve lengths.

  • A jacket dress is an ideal outfit for the older woman.  The dress could be form-fitting or loosely flowing and worn with a jacket over the dress.  The jacket can be short to just over the waistline, thigh-length, or an inch or two longer than the dress.

Ruffles are another trend that never goes out of fashion and will look soft and feminine around the neckline or the wrists. 

Choose dresses with a cap or short sleeves and even opt for strappy sleeves.  If you want to wear a strapless cocktail dress, pair it with a short bolero, jacket, or shawl.

Lace cocktail dresses soften the figure and are usually figure-hugging.  Should you prefer not to wear a dress that hugs the body, choose a cocktail dress with lace on the sleeves, bodice, or even the hemline.  Lace will never go out of fashion and is romantic and very lovely.

Pantsuits For Older Woman For A Beach Wedding

If wearing dresses is not your style, opt for a soft flowing pantsuit to wear to a beach wedding.  Choose soft flowing fabric such as chiffon, lace, linen, or crepe. 

A 3-piece pantsuit is elegant and can be flattering to most figure types.  Choose soft flowing palazzo style pants with a loose-fitting top and a soft flowing loose jacket which flows to mid-thigh or mid-calf.  The jacket can have long or elbow-length sleeves.

Go for sleeves embellished with lace, a lace top, or lace at the jacket’s hemline.  Instead of lace, opt for ruffles around the neckline and edges of the sleeves.

What Should An Older Woman Wear To A Beach Wedding 01

Shoes For Older Woman To Wear To A Beach Wedding

When choosing shoes for a beach wedding, pick shoes that coordinate with your outfit, the dress code for guests, and for comfort and easy walking on the sand.

You can wear open-toed sandals to a beach wedding but choose a heel that you are comfortable walking in.  Wedge or block heel sandals will be a good choice.  Well-manicured feet, especially the heels, are a must, so be sure to book a pedicure before the wedding.  At the same time remember manicured hands always look lovely!

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Pretty polished toes peeping out from sandals is another must-do.  Use bright pink or the color you prefer, or you could opt for the French toenail.   If you choose to rather wear shoes, then select mid-heel slingbacks or pumps.

Handbags For Over 50’s For A Beach Wedding

Handbags or purses come in beautiful designs, sizes, and gorgeous fabrics or soft leather, so find the perfect fit to compliment your wedding outfit.  It is not necessary for a large bag, just big enough to hold your phone, some tissues, and your lipstick for a quick touch-up!

Clutch bags are small and compact and can be held under the arm if you need free hands to hold a drink.  Chain top handle bags come in various sizes and look elegant with any outfit. 

Small tote-shape bags made from fabric are light and easily slip over the wrist.


Shoulder bags are the most comfortable to sling over the shoulder.  Choose a soft leather bag with a gold link chain strap or, if you prefer, a thin silver chain.

If your outfit is a solid color, make a statement with an exquisite purse embellished with some bling, lace, or delicate beads. 

You can add some color by choosing a bag on the opposite side of the color spectrum.  For, e.g., if your dress or pantsuit is deep emerald green, opt for a candy pink or tangerine handbag.

Should Shoes And Handbags Match For Woman Over 50

Your dress or pantsuit color will determine if your handbag and shoes should match.

If your outfit is a solid color, you could have the same shade of color for the shoes and choose a complementary color for the handbag.  E.g., pair a turquoise dress with nude shoes and a mint green purse.  Or a lilac dress with a darker shade of purple shoes and a silver purse.

A floral or patterned outfit will look good if the shoes and handbag are a neutral color.  For, e.g., a dress in cream with bold yellow flowers will be perfectly paired with nude shoes and a nude sling purse with a gold chain.

Jewelry For Older Women For Beach Wedding

As we get older, jewelry should be worn to accentuate our best features.  Don’t wear too much jewelry at once; instead, show off one bold piece of jewelry.  Choose simpler pieces for the day and more elaborate jewelry for the evening.  Below are some jewelry options for older women.

  • Diamonds can be worn by a woman of all ages.  They are sophisticated, stylish, and classy.  Stick to classic pieces such as diamond stud earrings, tennis bracelets, rings, and necklaces.  Avoid designs that are too large and only want to make a statement.

  • Brooches are always a good choice and look lovely on solid colors.  Choose a classy design, modern or vintage that will suit the outfit and your clothing style.

  • Necklaces are another accessory that will suit the older woman.  You could choose longer necklaces that hang below the collarbone to draw attention away from the neck or chin. 

But if you are comfortable wearing pearl chokers or shorter neck chains, then choose the length that will suit the neckline of your dress or top.  E.g., For V-neck tops, wear a V-shape necklace.

  • Earringsdrop or dangling earrings with pearls, gemstones, metals, or rhinestones are ideal for a beach wedding.  Avoid large hoop earrings or earrings that look tacky such as plastic hoops.

  • Perfume – your outfit is never complete without a generous spray of your favorite fragrance.


The mature woman over the age of 50 has the confidence and poise to look her best in a cocktail dress or pantsuit for a beach wedding.  Your body shape, the weather, the venue, and the dress code will all influence your final choice of wedding attire.

Choose a style of clothing that compliments your best attributes and select a pair of comfortable sandals or shoes to match.  Add a purse and some exquisite jewelry, spray on your favorite fragrance, and embrace your age and beauty!  Have a fabulous time at the wedding!