What To Serve With Shrimp Tempura

Tempura shrimp is a popular Japanese dish usually used as a part of a greater meal or as a starter to a main course. Knowing what to serve with shrimp tempura is essential, as this dish does not go well with everything. What pairs well with tempura shrimp?

Tempura shrimp pairs very well with dipping sauces such as tusyu sauce, soups and noodle dishes such as ramen and udon, tempura vegetables, daikon, teriyaki, sushi, rice dishes such as fried rice, and stir-fried vegetables. All of these dishes can be served with tempura shrimp.

Tempura shrimp is not a complex dish, but it is rich and flavorful. It can be challenging to know what goes well with tempura-style shrimp, but when you know what to serve it with, there is almost nothing better! Let’s find out what to serve with this delicious dish.

What To Serve With Tempura Shrimp         

Tempura shrimp is tasty and easy to cook at home. However, this dish can be very heavy and difficult to pair well with other foods. If you pair this dish well, it can be among the most delicious dishes anyone can make in their kitchen.

The heaviness of shrimp tempura can be well-paired with several dishes if you know what to look for, and there are some traditional dishes that always go well with it.

Let’s take the time to explore some of the best foods and dishes to serve with tempura shrimp and why they work so well together.

Dipping Sauce

Among the best things to serve with tempura shrimp is a dipping sauce. Several dipping sauces go very well with this dish, but the most loved tempura shrimp dipping sauce is tsuyu sauce.

This sauce has a rich umami flavor that compliments tempura dishes very well.

Tsuyu is made with soy sauce, rice wine, sake, dried kelp, and dried bonito flakes. It is a staple sauce in Japanese cuisine and is often used with tempura as a dipping sauce, but it can also form the base of soups.

Almost all Japanese-inspired dipping sauces are delicious with shrimp tempura. Eating tempura shrimp this way is very common, especially as a starter.

Soups And Noodle Dishes

Soups and noodle-based dishes are excellent options for tempura shrimp.

This is typically how tempura shrimp is used in Japanese cooking, and these dishes pair very well together in almost every situation.

Ramen, soba, and udon are all favorite pairings with shrimp tempura. The flavor of the shrimp combined with these rich, intensely flavored dishes is a sure win every time.

Tempura Vegetables

Other tempura foods are a very good option for serving with tempura shrimp.

Tempura goes very well with tempura and can be a great way to use leftover batter and make the meal stretch as far as possible.

Tempura vegetables such as carrots, pumpkin, eggplant, mushrooms, and beans are excellent tempura options, and all complement the flavor of shrimp very well.

This is s standard among people who enjoy making shrimp tempura at home and has become a favorite pairing for almost everyone who enjoys this dish.


Daikon is a common pairing with tempura shrimp and is often served alongside all types of tempura.

Daikon can complement tempura shrimp in several ways, but it is commonly pickled or shredded and served with the dish.

This adds a good texture balance to the meal, and if the daikon is pickled, it adds a good amount of freshness, crunch, and spice to offset the heaviness of the tempura.

Soy Sauce Dishes

Soy sauce-based dishes are also a very good option for tempura shrimp. This provides a good contrast of flavors and textures and balances the tempura dish well.

Teriyaki chicken, steak, or salmon are all good options for this and are easy to cook alongside the tempura shrimp if you are cooking at home.


This may surprise some people and be obvious to others, but tempura shrimp is an excellent combination with sushi.

Tempura shrimp is sometimes tucked into some sushi rolls and is an excellent way to introduce crunch and texture to sushi.

If you have never paired tempura shrimp with sushi, you are missing out on a fantastic dish.


A simple dish to serve with shrimp tempura is rice. This is always a good pairing and is very simple. Rice can be served with tempura shrimp in several ways and always compliments the dish well.

Steamed rice is a simple but delicious option, but many people enjoy fried rice with their tempura shrimp, as it has a stronger flavor that goes well with the shrimp.

Rice is a good standby for anyone looking for something to serve with tempura shrimp. It is filling, balances the tempura well, and is straightforward to make regardless of how you cook it.

Stir-Fried Vegetables

The last dish on his list of what to serve with tempura is another classic and will always go well with this meal.

Stir-fried vegetables are a perfect pairing with tempura. Vegetables cooked in this manner do not dimmish the crunch of the tempura, and they can be flavored and seasoned any way you like them, which means you can use them to suit your exact taste and flavor preferences. 

Experiment with various vegetables and flavors, and you will surely find your perfect combination with tempura shrimp.

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Tempura shrimp can be challenging to pair well, as it is very dense and rich, but if you know a few complimentary dishes, shrimp tempura becomes exciting, flavorful, and adventurous and can become your favorite meal to cook at home.

Explore the different options available and use them as inspiration to find dishes that work well with tempura. Keep it simple, use bold flavors, and explore textures, and you can never go wrong with a shrimp tempura meal.