Where To Get Quarters in 2023: 15 Easy Ways To Find Quarters

Over the years, the need for quarters and other coins has slowly diminished. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any uses for them, and reason you’d need to know where to get quarters. Quarters, in particular, have always been more useful than the dime, nickels, or penny. 

There could be several reasons you are looking for where to get quarters in 2023. Some examples might be:

  • You need to do laundry at a laundromat
  • You want to visit an arcade
  • You collect coins
  • You need them for a game (college kids know)
  • Street Parking
  • You want to practice a magic trick (how did that get behind your ear?)

These are just a few reasons you might need to know where to get quarters. Below are some familiar places you can look to achieve that goal.


Well, this one should be somewhat obvious. What better place to start your where to get quarters search than right at the source? Banks are more than likely your best bet if you are looking for larger quantities of quarters.

You’ll be able to buy them pre-rolled in $10 increments at a bank. If you only need a few quarters, you might want to continue to other locations on this list.

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Grocery Stores or Convenience Stores

Cash is being replaced by credit and other forms of payment more often these days. However, grocery stores and other convenience stores will still have a ready supply of quarters for those of us still using cash. 

They may exchange a $10 bill with you for a roll of quarters, similar to the bank, but if you only need change for $1 or 2 dollars, they should be able to help you out there too. Simply ask a cashier or customer service counter if they can make a change for you. More than likely, they will be happy to help.

Fast Food Establishments

Another establishment that deals with a lot of cash and where to get quarters is a fast-food restaurant. Like the grocery store cashier, you can ask a cashier to make a change for just a few dollars worth of quarters if they don’t have enough in there till they might be able to get a manager to get some more from the safe in the back.


Talk about a place that used to run on quarters! Back in the day, most arcade games only cost 25 cents, maybe 50 cents if it was really good. Today, most games are at least $1 or more. As a result, many arcades have shifted to game cards and\or accepting credit cards.

However, there are still old-school arcades out there, and most games accept the traditional quarter’s payment. For that reason, most arcades will still have quarter dispensing change machines available. Most will take a $1, $5, $10, or even $20 and turn it into quarters only. Most change machines won’t accept a $100 bill.

When searching for where to get quarters in 2022, arcades are still an excellent place to look.

Fun Fact: With four standard-sized hoppers, the MC840-DA (a typical change machine) will hold up to 12,800 quarters ($3,200 capacity)! That’s a lot of laundries!

Gas Stations and Pharmacies

Next on our where to get quarters list are gas stations and pharmacies. Sometimes, there isn’t a fast food place or grocery store in sight. Lucky for you, gas stations are typically more abundant due to their need. This is more specific for gas stations that have convenience stores attached to them, as they will have registers full of the quarters you seek.

Similarly, pharmacies will tend to have cash registers as well. So, again, asking the cashier, manager, or customer service desk will be your best bet to get a few buck’s worth of quarters. 

Car Washes & Laundromats

Car washes are a better source of where to get quarters than you might think. Typically, car washes will also have self-service vacuum machines and\or machines to pump air into your tires.

However, most of these machines still only take quarters as payment since they cost less than a dollar. Due to this, car washes could have more quarters on hand than some of the other locations on this list.

Laundromats are a significant place on the where to get quarters list too. It is likely the number one reason people look for where to get quarters in 2022, and it only makes sense they have an ample supply of quarters as well.

Vending Machines

Back in the day, most vending machines only took some form of cash as payment. This could have been coins or dollar bills. Today, like arcade games, they will take a multitude of payment methods, but cash is still up there. 

Whether it be a soda machine, candy machine, general snacks, or anything else you find in a vending machine these days, most still can dispense change. Of course, you can’t ask nicely like with cashiers, but you can buy something from them to get some change back, including quarters.

Make a Small Purchase

While on the topic of making small purchases, many of the locations on where to find quarters involve a business of some kind. Many will be willing to help you without buying anything from them, but many could require you to make a small purchase instead of a straight-up exchange for quarters. Buy something small, like a pack of gum or candy bar.

Any place with a register can be included on the where to get quarters list, but be ready to make a small purchase if required.

Ask a Friend

Making change, that’s what friends are for, right? Ok, maybe there is more to having friends than that, but if you are in a bind and have a few around you, ask if anyone has a few quarters they could spare. Most won’t ask you to give them anything in return, free money!

Street Performers 

This may sound a bit odd, but street performers can be a good place when looking for where to find quarters. If you live in a big city or are visiting one, you might find street performers of all kinds. Some play instruments, some make their own music, while others might be good at dancing. 

No matter their form of entertainment, they are looking to receive tips. In most cases, people will throw their spare change into a cup, case, or other container set aside by the performer or performers.

If they are not currently in the middle of their act, politely ask if you can make some change. It’s likely not one of their more frequently asked questions, but most will likely be happy to help.

Coin Collector Trade Shows

Not all reasons to wonder where to get quarters mean you want to spend them. In some cases, you might be collecting them. If that is the case, you’ll need to seek out other coin collectors.

You’ll often be able to find a coin collecting trade show that will have an abundance of other collectors showing off their prized possessions. If there is a particular quarter you seek, that would be an excellent place to start. 

Fun Fact: Pre-1965 Quarters Are Worth More Money – Did You Know That Before 1965, Quarters Were Made From 90% Silver? It’s True! They Are Hard To Find, but if You Come Across One, Hold On to It as It’s Worth Far More Than 25 Cents!

Online or Physical Coin Stores

Much like the previous location, you might be looking for particular quarters to add to your collection. However, you can still find a few physical stores around that you might be able to find the one you are looking for. 

However, more than likely, the easier way is to start by looking online. Oddly enough, Amazon does have uncirculated rolls of quarters for sale. You’ll be able to find more sites dedicated to coin collecting quickly enough, or you can try auction sites like eBay to find what you’re looking for. 

Couch Cushions

Ok, we’re really scraping the bottom of the where to get quarters barrel here. Maybe a few decades ago, this was more of an option, but hey, it’s worth a look, right? Of course, there isn’t a lot of change falling out of people’s pockets these days, but you never know if you’ll find a few still hidden down there. 

Fountains and Wishing Wells

You’ll find tons of loose change, including quarters just sitting there in public fountains or wishing wells. I don’t suggest taking a swim and collecting them, but you’ll certainly find them there.


Ok, now I’m just getting silly, but these guys seem to be able to make them appear right out of thin air! Wouldn’t that make life easier?

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Where To Get Quarters in 2023: Final Thoughts

Quarters might not be as useful as they once were, but there are still plenty of reasons you might be looking for where to find quarters. If you need more than a few bucks, your first stop should be a bank.

If you simply need change for a $1 or $2, any business with a cash register on-site is another good place to look. Areas that have change machines or vending machines are also helpful stops. When collecting coins, look for trade shows or find a few sites online.