Why Are Swimsuits So Uncomfortable?

Shopping for a swimsuit should have you dreaming about fun-filled hours at the beach or long, lazy days around the pool. However, if the thought of trying on swimsuit after swimsuit in the hope of finding something moderately flattering fills you with dread, you are not alone. Nowadays, when advances have been made in every sphere, why are swimsuits so uncomfortable?

Most of us have unrealistic and unreasonable expectations of what our bodies should look like and, therefore, will never be confident about how we look in a swimsuit. Furthermore, swimsuits may be uncomfortable because you have chosen the wrong style for your body shape or the activity you will be partaking in.

How To Feel More Comfortable In Your Swimsuit

Comfort starts with being body confident. Many women cringe at the mere thought of being seen in a swimsuit because they are overly critical and self-conscious about having a tummy that is not pancake-flat; they think everyone will be staring at the cellulite on their thighs or stretch marks on their hips.

This discomfort and lack of confidence are made even worse when you choose a  swimsuit style that is not flattering for your body shape or the wrong type for the activity you will be doing.

How To Feel Comfortable In Your Swimsuit When You Are Not 100% Happy With Your Body

Photos of beautiful women with killer bodies relaxing on donut-shaped floaters are all over social media right now. They look like they are having the time of their lives! What a shame to miss out on the fun simply because you feel uncomfortable in a swimsuit. Here are some suggestions to help you feel more comfortable in a swimsuit, no matter your body shape.

  • Appreciate your body for what it is. You do not have to have a ‘bikini-body’ to be proud and grateful for everything your body can do. Remember to appreciate the strength of your body and all the things your body allows you to do.
  • Choose a swimsuit that you love, whether it is in your favorite color or a fun print. If you try on a swimsuit and immediately think – ‘damn, I look good,’ buy it and rock it! Don’t allow any negative thoughts to take over.
  • Spend a little time doing your hair and a basic skincare routine. Applying a touch of makeup over your SPF and taking some time to do your hair in a braid or bun is sure to boost confidence.
  • Use cover-ups. Don’t beat yourself up if you are still not ready to step out in a swimsuit. There are tons of swimsuit cover-ups that you can throw on, from sarongs and kimonos to kaftans and simple button-up shirts.

Choosing A Swimsuit For Specific Activities

If you are going to be lounging around the pool or soaking up some sun at the beach, choosing a swimsuit is easier. However, sports like volleyball, surfing, or paddling require more thought when selecting a swimsuit. Choosing the right swimwear will depend on how much skin you are comfortable showing, how active you will be, and how much support you need.

To ensure that you are comfortable in your swimsuit, consider the following factors when shopping.

How much coverage do you want? If you are going snorkeling and will be spending the day on the beach, consider wearing a rash vest over your bikini. This will help protect your skin from sun exposure.

Think about fabric and design features. If you plan on having a swim and then relaxing at the poolside bar, choose a quick-drying fabric. There is nothing more uncomfortable than staying in a wet swimsuit!

Your swimsuit must be suitable for your activity. You will feel far more comfortable in a swimsuit that is well structured and features zips and clasps rather than flimsy ties if you are going to be playing volleyball or going snorkeling or paddling. The last thing you want to do mid-activity is adjusting or retying straps on a swimsuit. A one-piece or a tank top and swim shorts or swim leggings would be good choices. 

Choosing A Swimsuit For Your Body

Life is too short to wait until you have a ‘bikini body’ to go out, have a dip in the pool, and feel the sun on your skin and the sand in between your toes. However, wearing an ill-fitting, that is uncomfortable can ruin an otherwise lovely day out. There are swimsuits available to suit every body shape and size. Here are some pointers.

If you are blessed with a fuller bust, choose a swimsuit that offers more support. Look for either a one-piece or two-piece with thicker shoulder straps or a halter with adjustable straps at the back. Tops with higher necklines and tankinis will also be more comfortable. You could also look out for a swimsuit that has a built-in bra.

Choose a one-piece swimsuit with ruching or extra fabric around the midriff area if you are self-conscious about your tummy. A tankini with a loose-fitting tank top that features slight ruffles or layered construction is cute yet comfortable. A swim dress is another option. These come in an array of styles, like a one-piece with a matching built-in miniskirt. It will give you the coverage you want without compromising on style.

If you would rather keep your thighs covered, choose swim leggings or board shorts paired with a cute tank top or rash vest.

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Wearing a swimsuit does not have to make you feel uncomfortable. If you do feel uncomfortable, you are probably wearing the wrong type of swimsuit for your body shape or for the activity that you are partaking in.

Take some time to figure out why you are feeling uncomfortable and then go shopping, keeping in mind what you will be doing in your swimsuit and what is most flattering on you.