Why Are Beaches Important?

Have you ever felt lonely and depressed, only to find that a visit to the beach has helped give you a new lease on life? There is something so peaceful and tranquil about sitting on a beach watching the waves. It probably has to do with the energy that waves transcend. I have often wondered Why Are Beaches are Important?

Apart from spiritual and emotional upliftment, beaches are essential for American life. Their benefits range from protection to recreation, social upliftment, and various health benefits. It’s no wonder that this natural beauty remains a timeless treasure.

I don’t think there is anyone that does not love the beach, and even if you have your reservations, I am sure after you read on, there will be some benefit that catches your attention and might even encourage you to visit the beach. So please put on your board shorts, pick up your beach gear and join me as we take a stroll on the beach to gain a deeper insight into its benefits.

Benefits Of The Beach

There are very few people that need a reason to go to the beach or a list of benefits. Your journey starts from the time you look at the beach from afar; it transports you to a faraway place, a place where there are no challenges, only peace, and tranquility. Let me give you more insight on those reasons;

Peace And Tranquility

One of the key benefits of the beach is the peace and the tranquility that it offers. There is no greater joy than sitting on the beach, watching the waves, or just walking barefoot and allowing the sand to get in between your toes.

Studies have proven that by just listening to the waves, your brain waves have heightened to a calming state of total rejuvenation. Building sandcastles or even just splashing in the ocean brings out the child in every adult. There is a longingness within each of us to escape the everyday stresses of life. The beach is an escape from the stresses of life.

Array Of Marine Life

The beauty of the beach extends beneath the sea. Apart from just taking in the beauty of the beach, there is also vast marine life beneath the ocean.

Health Benefits of Going To The Beach

Pinpointing the exact reason why so many people always seem happier at the beach can be difficult. The stark reality is that the beach is a natural pill that provides therapeutic healing. Almost as if there is an invitation being extended to you by the ocean. I am sure if you listen well enough, you might even hear it say,” Jump right in!”

We can gain healing from many sources; the beach is one of those sources. Here is a list of health benefits;

The Beach Is The Best Stress Reliever 

Many people retreat to a beach destination for a holiday after a long stressful year in the hope of alleviating stress. The longingness for less stress is the exact reason why someone who chooses to retire would want to invest their lifelong savings in a beach house. Serotonin is said to be the essential hormone for relaxation. A day at the beach is sure to increase your serotonin levels, resulting in a more relaxed, stress-free version of yourself.

Enhances Your Ability To Sleep

Have you ever spent a day on the beach only to arrive back home and find that within a few minutes, you have passed out? Perhaps it has something to do with the wide-open spaces, breathing in the fresh, crisp air that enhances your levels of relaxation. For people with insomnia looking for a good night’s sleep, all you need is a dose of the beach.

The natural elements of nature that the seaside offers help regulate a person’s hormones resulting in lower stress levels. Your mind immediately relaxes and is not overworking trying to process different scenarios. Insomnia is caused by overworking your mind to the extent that you fail to fall asleep.

It is no wonder that sleep clinics use the calming sounds of waves to monitor sleep patterns and encourage sleep.

Why Are Beaches Important 01

Daily Dose Of Vitamin D

No amount of pills can provide the amount of vitamin D that our body requires. Ten minutes in the sun is all you need to increase your vitamin D intake in the most natural way possible through the pores of your skin.

Helps Fight Off Infections

Saltwater is said to provide the best anti-inflammatory properties. This cleansing process helps rid the body of any bacteria or toxins. You can treat a sting or cut by applying saltwater to the wound. I still use this remedy when dealing with an open injury.

Perfect Place To Exercise

The beach is the perfect place to start your exercise routine. Swimming, running, jogging, or just walking on the beach can help build up those muscles. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery in wide-open spaces as you exercise.

Are you trying to shed those unwanted kilos? The beach is your go-to place. The beach is your oyster, even if you want to vent and exercise those vocal cords.

Does Wonders For Your Skin

Spending a day on the beach is like spending a day at the spa. Take in the beauty of nature as you lay back and let your skin absorb the rays of sunshine. With just a rub of sunblock and some tanning lotion, you can enjoy the antibacterial and detoxification process that this natural element offers—mother nature’s idea of a massage.

Nothing removes dead cells better than a nice scrub made out of sea sand to remove all those impurities.

Fresh Air Opens Up Your Nasal Passages

If you ever have difficulty breathing, try heading down to the beach and watch the fresh air fill up your lungs. Perhaps it has to do with the relaxation of your chest muscles while you are at the beach or the air quality. By breathing in the fresh, crisp air at the beach, you can watch those sinuses clear up.

Increased Iodine Levels

Iodine helps maintain efficient energy levels, hormone levels, and metabolic levels in the body. It also helps reduce fibrocystic disease. Iodine is present in the ocean because of the living organisms in the water. Iodine levels are optimum when you take a swim in the sea. When you swim, your skin absorbs the nutrients.

Great For Your Mental Well Being

A visit to the beach is excellent for your overall mental well-being. Whether it’s some surf therapy or just lying on the beach, it is sure to change your mood.


Why is it that people gravitate to the beach? Perhaps it is because of the endless benefits and the sense of freedom at the beach. Whatever your reasons are for visiting the beach, it is undeniable that a visit to the beach can transport you to a world where the only thing separating you from the ocean is just some sand and a strip of water. So dive in and be transported to that world.