couple holding papers talking about the best long-term dividend stocks

5 Best Long-Term Dividend Stocks in 2023

The collapse and government takeover of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank reminded people about the risks of investing. The stock market plunged in response. The banks were too highly concentrated in tech startups and cryptocurrency businesses, both riskier asset …

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Senior driver weaering uniform standing near school bus crossed arms looking aside smiling inspired

5 of the Best Jobs for Retirees

Jobs for retirees may seem hard to find. However, there are several things retirees can do for work that they will find rewarding, both financially and personally. Some dream to achieve financial independence and retire early (FIRE). Others love their …

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Unearned Income: rolled up dollar, money, cash

Unearned Income: 9 Types You Need To Know About

Many people dream about living off passive income. The concept of working hard and creating a perpetual stream of income is appealing. Instead of working eight hours per day or more, you can work much less. Suppose you make some …

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