Young female tourist with swiss flag on the top of the tower in Zurich city. Woman having a great vacation in Switzerland

10 Reasons People Compare the Worst Parts of the U.S. To the Best Parts of Europe

Comparing European countries to the United States seems like an idea that could improve, but people still try. Making fun of other countries you don’t live in and can’t understand is a questionable way to spend your time. Generalizing what …

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woman eating

The 12 Best Airport Restaurants In The Country

Modern airports in the country have transitioned from traditional transportation hubs to culinary destinations for delectable treats in their own rights. If you’re traveling through the United States seeking a top-tier airport restaurant with servings that transcend the quick hurried …

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Young brunette traveler woman confused, feels doubtful and unsure.

10 Globally Acclaimed Landmarks That Don’t Deserve the Praise and Attention

Do you have must-see destinations on your travel bucket list? You are not alone. We all idolize places and things we consider iconic, daydreaming of the time we’ll finally make fond memories of them. But, unfortunately, most landmarks do not …

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Beautiful girl drinking cocktail, lying on chaise near swimming pool.

Top 10 Most Instagram-Worthy Pools in America

There is never a wrong time to start dreaming up that perfect summer vacation at the best hotel pools in America. Swimming pools and summer go hand in hand. The good news is that you don’t even need to cross …

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woman in red blazer with red luggage on cell phone at airport

10 Best Pre-Booking Travel Tips Before Hopping on the Plane

Travel is back! Travelers are itching to explore the world, and with places opening up again, what better time than now? If it has been a while since you hopped on a plane or want some tips and tricks, here …

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Woman astonished

12 Weirdest Things People Saw Labeled as “Authentically American” in Other Countries

America is a buffet of cultures. This creates a lot of room for misinterpretation. For example, an individual on an online community asked about weird things that other countries pass up as American. Here are their best responses. 1. Ketchup …

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Young excited couple two friends family man woman in casual clothes boyfriend give piggyback ride to joyful girlfriend sit on back at sunrise over sea beach ocean outdoor seaside in summer day evening in coastal small towns

Small Town Vibes, Big Time Beauty: 10 of America’s Underrated Coastal Small Towns Revealed

Are you longing for a change of scenery that offers peaceful living, beautiful views, and interesting places to explore? If so, then why not plan an unforgettable adventure to one of the incredible coastal small towns located throughout the United …

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Mature female boss scolding young intern for bad work results at briefing, angry middle-aged businesswoman lecture, blaming employee, subordinate for business failure at company meeting, close up

10 Crazy Karen Shutdowns You’ll Ever See, “You Have No Power Here”

Adults are weird. Some think they can walk over others without real consequences. Well, they can sometimes, but in some, they’re put in their place. After someone asked about some situations where this happened, here’s what internet users contributed. 1. …

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President Joe Biden delivers remarks to Department of Defense personnel, with Vice President Kamala Harris and Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III

Questioning the Fame: Is the Most Famous Person in Your State Really Worthy?

When you think of certain states, famous residents immediately come to mind. From The Oracle of Omaha to Jon Bon Jovi, Prince, or Will Smith, their names are synonymous with their home states. But what about the other states in …

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Young woman laughing while paddling a canoe on a scenic lake with a group of friends on a sunny summer afternoon

13 Largest Lakes in the World Right Now

Humanity has been able to measure lakes in terms of volume and size because of advances in technology. We’ve gathered information on the world’s largest lakes, and we’ve compiled a list of the 13 largest lakes in the world. Here …

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mini retirement

The Best Places To Retire and Live Your Best Life

Retirement is a significant milestone in a person’s life. As you wave goodbye to hectic work stress and the daily rush hour, you may want to shift to a serene and calm place to spend your retired life. We’ve listed …

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woman smiling looking out train window

7 Longest Train Journeys In Europe

Long-distance train travel is the stuff of legends, evoking images of adventure, elegance, and nostalgia straight out of the novels of Agatha Christie or the films of David Lean. However, it’s hardly a fairy tale that the longest train journey …

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Man tourist walking on the ice of Baikal lake. Winter landscape of Baikal lake, Siberia, Russia. Blue transparent cracked ice and the blue sky.

The Top 10 Deepest Lakes in the World That Will Give You Chills

The world is home to many awe-inspiring bodies of water, and some of the most fascinating is the deep lakes. These lakes boast impressive depths that can leave even the most experienced divers breathless. Here we share the deepest lake …

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American hooded man mrhighsky

10 Genuine Insights: Is America Really as Bad as It Looks In the Media?

I have a privileged perspective on this topic. I moved to New Mexico from the U.K. in 2011 and lived there for three years. My son was born in America, and I enjoyed everything it had to offer, including its …

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Amazed excited young Asian couple tourists in colorful yellow background

12 Hilarious One-Star Reviews Of Famous Tourist Destinations

Traveling to celebrated tourist destinations can be an exhilarating adventure, but not everyone is easily impressed. In fact, some visitors have left truly hilarious one-star reviews that will leave you in stitches. From iconic monuments to natural wonders, no attraction …

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Travel Insurance Master

10 Common Pieces of Travel Advice Do You Purposefully Ignore

Traveling is one of the best activities to engage in. It takes one to different places and helps them experience other cultures, cuisines, and sceneries. Despite the saying that it’s a small world, you’d be surprised to find how uniquely …

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Two women wearing bathrobe sitting at hotel room, making selfie and having fun a on bed in the best hyatt hotels in the world

10 Best Hyatt Hotels in the World Right Now

In terms of hospitality, Hyatt is one of the greatest brands in the world. It was started by Jay Pritzker in 1957 when he acquired the Hyatt House Motel next to Los Angeles International Airport. Jay Pritzker and his brother, …

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Young female tourist with swiss flag on the top of the tower in Zurich city. Woman having a great vacation in Switzerland

10 Places People Would Travel if They Had 2 Weeks Anywhere in the World

Where would you go if you had two weeks to explore the world? Would you choose to relax on an isolated beach, party in a city with a vibrant nightlife scene – or something in between? Experienced travelers discussed this …

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Woman walking in new york city using phone app for taxi ride hailing service or playing online game while commuting from work. Asian girl tourist searching for map directions on smartphone.

The 10 Safest States for Firearm Fatalities in the US

While firearm fatalities remain a pressing concern in the United States, certain states stand out for their comparatively lower rates of gun-related deaths. Here, we present a list of the ten safest states, highlighting their firearm fatality statistics and exploring …

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Happy young couple with a map in the car. Smiling man and woman using map on roadtrip.

Get Wrecked: Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities To Drive in the U.S.

Since the inception of the seatbelt in the ’60s, improvements in car safety, and more punitive measures for reckless driving, road accident fatalities have plummeted in America. However, with more people on the road than ever, some cities are becoming …

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