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Take a Trip of a Lifetime in One of These 11 Relaxing Getaway Destinations With the Clearest Waters on Earth

The beauty of the ocean is undeniably mesmerizing, and nothing compares to the feeling of standing on a sandy beach with nothing but clear waters stretching out to the horizon. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach vacation, a romantic island …

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11 Unique Traveler Rituals for Every New Country Experience

Are there travel rituals you can relate to? While every country calls for something different, travel rituals help us go with the flow no matter where we land. There are countless opportunities to immerse yourself in a new culture! Here …

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20 Life-Threatening US Theme Parks That Are Not For The Faint Of Heart

Theme parks bring out the kids in us all, from the delicious cotton candy to the thrilling rollercoaster rides. But sometimes a seemingly innocent ride can turn into a nightmare. From roller coasters with too much G-force for riders to …

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Totally Worth the Splurge: 12 Luxury All-Inclusive Resorts That Will Make You Feel Like Royalty

Offering unbeatable luxury, world-class service, and a wide range of activities and amenities, all-inclusive resorts are the perfect getaway for those looking to truly unwind and escape from it all. Whether you’re seeking a secluded retreat in the Caribbean or …

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15 Overrated Destinations To Avoid for Your Next Vacation

Traveling can be a wonderful experience. Getting to see historical places, ticking off bucket list spots, and marveling at the most notable wonders on Earth are all reasons people decide to travel. But what about all those popular sites people …

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Female solo hiker looking across Badlands National Park, South Dakota, USA

Discover the Wonderful South Dakota National Parks

South Dakota is renowned for its beautiful landscapes, rich American history, and iconic destinations. Its most famous attraction, Mount Rushmore, often gets all the attention. You may be surprised to hear the state houses seven national park sites. We will …

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Top 10 Things To Do in Anaheim During Your Disneyland Vacation

The City of Anaheim, located in the beautiful Orange County, California, is an extremely popular destination for family vacations. There are plenty of things to do in Anaheim, including a variety of theme parks, dining locations, and more!  While Disneyland …

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Confident happy beautiful young hipster African American woman wearing denim jacket looking up standing on city street outdoors dreaming, thinking or good future on urban buildings background.

11 Biggest Reasons Why Immigrants Chose To Call America Their New Home

The volume of immigrants to the United States has been on a steady increase over the past few decades, and for good reason. America is a land of opportunity with immense potential—immigrants worldwide have come here in search of a …

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Portrait Of Girl Outside Family Home Holding American Flags

11 Popular, Long-Lived American Traditions That Just Don’t Happen Anymore

As much as we love to look back on the past, some of our once-beloved American traditions, along with their respective customs and practices, have become all but forgotten. From the days of writing letters to your loved ones to …

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Happy couple having fun at amusement park in London - Portrait of young couple in love enjoying time at funfair with rollercoaster on background

Forget Disney: 11 Amusing Theme Park Alternatives To Avoid Blowing Your Travel Budget

While Disney World is undoubtedly the happiest place on Earth, it can also be one of the most expensive. A family of four can easily spend around $4,000 for a three-day trip. If you’re looking for an equally fun and …

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Start Your Trip Right: 11 Critical Pre-Travel Tips When Booking for Your Next Flight

Planning for a trip, whether it’s a quick weekend getaway or an extended stay abroad, is one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking parts of travel. From booking flights, finding the right accommodations, and deciding which activities to do, there’s …

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Airport Terminal: Woman Waits for Flight, Uses Smartphone, Browse Internet, Social Media, Online Shopping. Traveling Female Remote Work Online on Mobile Phone in a Boarding Lounge of Airline Hub

12 Finest Airport Restaurants in the Country to Feast on Before You Take Off

The typical pre-flight experience for most travelers involves a rushed, chaotic dash to the security checkpoint, followed by a hurried, unsatisfying snack or meal from one of the many overpriced airport restaurants. But airports have come a long way since …

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Discovering 11 Underrated Gems for Your Next Getaway

Traveling is a costly endeavor when seen on a grand scale. For domestic travel, Americans spend $1.1 trillion annually. International travel depends mainly on where you go and what you plan to do there. Because of these statistics, there are …

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Woman saying no with crossed arms

Worst US Cities to Avoid At All Costs

In the United States, you can find awe-inspiring natural wonders alongside cities grappling with poverty, homelessness, and rising crime rates. While there are numerous safe towns and cities in the country, an online discussion about the worst cities to live …

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Traveller showing thumbs down

Don’t Fall for the Hype: 11 Iconic Landmarks in the World That Aren’t as Amazing as We Thought

There’s a certain allure to the world’s most renowned landmarks, and for good reason. They are monumental testaments to the creativity and ingenuity of human beings, standing as proud symbols of our history, culture, and achievements. But just because something …

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Photo of nervous scared woman grabs face and looks with worried expression at camera, sees phobia, afraids of speaking, wears orange jumper

11 Unexpected Experiences and Observations of Southerners Visiting the North

The classic cultural differences between North and South are often a source of jokes and stereotypes, from the North vs. South civil war to the East Coast vs. West Coast hip-hop rivalry. But for those who have lived in the …

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Millions Stuck at Low-Wage Jobs in 2023: 11 Startling Reasons Why Minimum Wages Keep Falling Behind Living Expenses

A crucial issue facing millions of workers in the United States is the ever-increasing gap between minimum wages and living expenses. With skyrocketing rents, medical costs, and food prices across the country, low-wage jobs are failing to keep up with …

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Young brunette traveler woman confused, feels doubtful and unsure.

12 Strangest Things and Practices Mistakenly Identified as “Authentically American” in Foreign Countries

Through the years, the United States has become a cultural melting pot of sorts as people from all over the world have come to call it their home. As such, many weird yet wonderful things have been labeled as “authentically …

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Woman tourist

11 Solid Travel Tips and Hacks That Most People Intentionally Skip

There‘s nothing more exciting than planning a trip and getting ready to take off on an adventure. In just a click, dozens of tips and tricks are right at our fingertips to make our travels more enjoyable, affordable, and stress–free. …

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Woman traveling in train

Indulging in the Art of Slow Travel: 10 Serene European Train Rides

If given one transport method to enjoy the rest of my life, I would favor the train over anything. For me, trains deliver a haven of relaxation that no other vehicle allows. Here are ten slow-moving train rides you can …

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