The Belize Collection – resorts in Belize

Top Resorts in Belize You’ll Never Want to Leave

When you plan an island getaway, finding the best spot to check all the boxes is challenging. Belize is a getaway that does not disappoint. It has everything from stunning white sand beaches and turquoise waters to its mysterious rainforests …

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waterfall in costa rica

Pura Vida Costa Rican Charm in Guanacaste

How many times have you heard someone say, “Just got back from Costa Rica, and man, was it awesome!” Subsequently, when searching the internet for places to travel, Costa Rica consistently comes up on peoples’ bucket lists. Whether it’s divine …

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man and woman sitting on salt flats in bolivia

16 Amazing Places to Visit in South America

Are you interested in a unique travel experience that is guaranteed to scratch any adventure enthusiast’s itch? Then this list of the best places to visit in South America is for you! Not only is this area of the world cheap …

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Tourist Visa For Bolivia

[Full Guide] How To Obtain A Tourist Visa For Bolivia 2023

Bolivia is a South American country blessed with rich natural resources and beautiful landscapes and rich culture. The country attracts annually lots of tourists who visit the country around the year. However, if you desire to visit the country as …

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