car auto insurance

6 Ways To Reduce the Cost of Your Auto Insurance

If you drive, then getting auto insurance for your car, van or truck is not only a legal requirement, but it will also ensure that you are financially protected in the event of an accident on the road.

Man studying stock market

Penny Stock Investing: Can It Really Make You Rich?

Penny Stock Investing is no different than other types of stocks or investments in general. There are ups and downs, risk and reward — it’s all there! Investing in penny stocks has booms busts which can be great for quick profits, but it’s not a “get rich quick” scheme by any means.

Birthday party

Frugal 21st Birthday Ideas

Just because you want to party and get to work on your first hangover doesn’t mean you’ll need to break the bank. Luckily for you, drinking responsibly can be fit into most activities these days. So when thinking of 21st birthday ideas, why not think frugally?

Excited business man student reading postal mail letter overjoyed by great news, happy male winner holding paper bill with loan approval celebrate taxes refund receive salary rise payment sit at desk

35000 a Year Is How Much an Hour? Full Financial Analysis

When most of us look at our salaries, we like to know exactly how much we make a year, month, week, day, or even per hour. This can help us figure out our best possible budget and uses for our money.

If you make a salary of $35,000, you might wonder, 35000 a year is how much an hour? You could use a calculator, or read on to find out the answer to the hourly, per paycheck, per month, and even per day breakdown. 

Young woman in a medical mask looks shocked at a paper check in a grocery supermarket holding a paper bag with groceries, price increase and inflation

7 Top Ways To Save Money on Groceries

We all have to eat. We also all know that one of the best ways to save money on food is to make our own meals, but that doesn’t mean we can’t also save money on groceries while we’re at …

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businessman holding one rouble coin

Where To Get Quarters in 2023: 15 Easy Ways To Find Quarters

Over the years, the need for quarters and other coins has slowly diminished. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any uses for them and reason you’d need to know where to get quarters. Quarters, in particular, have always been more useful than the dime, nickel, or penny.