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Does Sand Corrode Wood?

Living on Planet Earth, we encounter sand at just about every turn. While it is fun to play at the beach, for people living on the coast, this plentiful material causes corrosion in wood, metal, and glass and can easily …

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Which Type Of Foundation Is Best For Sandy Soil?

Even though it is a cliché, it is still true that you should build your house on a solid foundation, particularly the cornerstone, for the easiest and most durable building. Sometimes circumstances are forced on the potential owner builder, and …

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Can You Live In A Beach Hut?

Previously known as bathing huts, beach huts date back to the 1800s when beach vacations became popular. They are usually designed for day visits but can be altered to accommodate more extended stays. Alterations may need to cover issues ranging …

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Are Jute Rugs Good For Beach House?

Choosing the right rug for your beach house is crucial to get the proper relaxed holiday feel and has some practical considerations. With its natural, outdoorsy vibe, jute rugs come to mind and beg the question: are jute rugs good …

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Can You Build A House In Big Sur?

Big Sur will be your Achilles heel if you are awed by stunning views, forests, beaches, and recreational excursions within nature that are mostly untouched. It is the longest and most scenic undeveloped coastline in the United States. Although certain …

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Does Wicker Furniture Make Noise?

Wicker furniture is well-known for its unique styles and natural comfort. Flexible plant fibers are weaved together in various patterns, styles, and forms to construct wicker furniture. These furniture-making techniques originated in ancient Egypt and are still used to create …

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What Is A Beach House?

To many people, the possibility of a holiday at the sea, enjoying the natural beauty of the seaside and relaxing in a beautiful home, is appealing. There are various options available to those looking for time away from home, with …

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Best Doormat For Beach Sand

It’s difficult to envision a drawback to going to the beach, but if there is one, it’s undoubtedly having sand caught in everything. So despite our love of beach hair, beachy drinks, and creating a beach house ambiance at home, …

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Can You Replace Part Of A Door Frame?

Broken, warped, or rotted door frames can ruin a great door. They might even be preventing your door from opening or closing properly. If the problem area is confined to just one of the tall side jambs, or the shorter …

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Can You Put Tile On Sand?

Homeowners dream of a tiled patio at a vacation home. Laying tiles outdoors is a rewarding do-it-yourself project. The tools are simple: a rake, plank or professional straightedge, a spirit level, measuring tape, and a rubber mallet. The surface needs …

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