Fastest Growing Cities In Europe

10 Fastest Growing Cities In Europe In 2023

Europe is a great place to live, work, and explore. With an ever-growing population, it is no surprise that some of the fastest growing cities in Europe are thriving. The fastest-growing city in the entire Europe continent is Berlin In …

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Belarus Economy Facts

Belarus Economy In Europe 2023 [Facts & History]

Belarus has a diversified economy with high per capita income. Most attempts at privatization were rebuffed in Belarus, a post-Soviet transition economy, in favor of maintaining strong state control over the country’s economy and politics. The Belarusian economy is highly …

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North Macedonia Economy Facts

North Macedonia Economy In Europe 2023 [Facts & History]

Since declaring independence from Yugoslavia in 1991, when the country lost its important protected markets and the significant transfer payments from Belgrade, North Macedonia’s economy has been more liberalized, with an improved business environment. North Macedonia was the poorest republic …

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Albania Economy Facts

Albania Economy In Europe 2023 [Facts & History]

Albania’s economic system underwent a shift from central planning to a market economy based on free-market principles. The primary drivers of the Albanian economy are the service sector (54.1%), followed by agriculture (21.7%), and then industry (24.2%). Some natural resources …

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Moldova Economy Facts

Moldova Economy In Europe 2023 [Facts & History]

Moldova is still one of Europe’s poorest countries, despite its strong economic performance during the past two decades. High growth and decreased poverty have resulted from a growth model based on remittance-induced consumption, however, this model has become less sustainable …

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Kosovo Economy Facts

Kosovo Economy In Europe 2023 [Facts & History]

Kosovo’s economy has grown faster than its neighbors over the past decade, and that growth has been broadly shared. However, it has not been enough to considerably reduce the country’s high unemployment rates or create enough formal jobs, especially for …

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Georgia Economy Facts

Georgia Economy In Europe 2023 [Facts & History]

In the last decade, Georgia has made significant progress attributable to sound economic management. Between 2011 and 2021, the economy grew by an annual average of 4%. According to the worldwide upper-middle-income threshold (US$6.85 per capita per day, 2017 PPP), …

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List of poorest European countries

21 Poorest European Countries By GDP 2023

You may wonder to know the richest and the poorest countries in Europe today, based on the ranking, the poorest European country is Ukraine with an annual GDP per capita of $3,727 while the richest country in Europe remains …

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