10 Travel Tips for Tall Men: Avoid These Common Issues

Are you tired of being uncomfortable when you travel? Unfortunately, packed seats and tiny legroom are all too common for tall men when they travel. But what if I told you there was a way to avoid these problems?

10 Travel Tips for Tall Men

Being 6’7 (201cm) and 220lbs (100kg) has made air travel a little more difficult and a lot more uncomfortable for me. After traveling all over the world, I’ve found some tips and tricks that have helped make my journeys easier and more enjoyable than they previously were. Here are six ideas to help other tall people (and regular people, too) make travel a little less uncomfortable.

1. Pick the Right Seats

When you’re a tall guy, plane seating is always a problem. By using programs such as Seatguru or Seat Expert, you can find the best available seat on your specific flight. These apps provide detailed airplane seat maps and seating advice so that you can know exactly where exit rows are or which seats have broken armrests before you check in or choose your seat online.

2. Wear Comfortable Clothes

Airplane seats are already uncomfortable enough for tall men, so don’t make it any harder on yourselves by wearing jeans or a suit on a flight. Instead, be sure you are wearing a super comfortable outfit in which you can hopefully fall asleep.

My favorite outfit to wear on flights is a jogger sweatsuit with a tall tee underneath. This gives me a high level of comfort during the flight while also giving me some thermal versatility depending on the climate I’m leaving from and landing in.

Chances are you are taking off from a cold place and landing in a hot one. By wearing joggers with a sweatshirt or hoodie, you will be comfortable when you arrive for your departure flight early on a cold morning. Then when you arrive in the warm climate, you can remove the sweatshirt, tie it around your waist, and wear a nice breezy t-shirt with your comfortable joggers without feeling stuffy or hot.

3. Wear a Sleep Mask

If you’re having trouble falling asleep during long flights, wearing a sleep/eye mask will likely help significantly. Sleep masks block out all the light in your surrounding area, which makes it much easier to doze off during your travels.

One issue with sleep masks is that they are made for the “average-sized head,” which causes a problem for us tall guys since the circumference of our noggin is generally bigger, and it might feel like the straps are too tight. Find a sleep mask with adjustable straps, or find a sleep mask specifically made for men so that the fit will be a little more comfortable, allowing you to fall asleep quicker.

4. King Size Bed or a Hotel for Tall People

As a tall guy, whenever I book a hotel, I always pay extra attention to the size of the bed in the room I’m booking. You wouldn’t want to get off an international flight and check into your hotel only to find out that you’ll be spending the night on a single or double bed. Hotels charge more for their rooms with king-sized beds. By using apps like Priceline, you can book hotels at a great price while also knowing exactly what size bed the room has. When using Priceline to book hotels, try using their “Express Deals” feature, which will help you to save loads of money and find the best deals.

Some hotels, such as the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, also have rooms specifically designed for tall men. These rooms come with bigger beds, taller showers, and more space for all of you tall guys, 6’3 and up.

5. Use Travel Points To Upgrade

Sitting in economy class seating is an uncomfortable experience for almost anybody, especially tall people. Those little chairs and cramped spaces make long international flights an absolute nightmare for us tall men. So, what’s the solution?

While buying business class tickets on all your flights might not be a realistic option, you may be able to use rewards programs to upgrade your seat to get a better seat with more space. If you use the same airlines over and over, make sure to join their frequent flyers program, as this will bolster your case when trying to get upgraded for free.

6. Fly At Off-peak Times

The best way to have the least amount of people on your flight is by booking early morning or red-eye flights on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. If you are traveling during off-peak times, more empty seats will generally be available, and an increased chance for upgrading with free upgrades.

7. Protect Your Neck

If you’re tall, the backs of airplane seats aren’t high enough to lean your head against. The solution? We recommend investing in a neck pillow- it will make any flight more comfortable and help give support where needed.

8. Luggage Hand Extensions

If you don’t like lugging around heavy suitcases on your travels, then this is the product for you. Luggage Hand Extensions will allow taller people to comfortably use rolling luggage without having handles that are too short. No more back pain – just get some extensions, and you can easily roll your luggage.

9. Lumbar Support

Whether you are traveling by plane, train, or car – any form of transportation that involves sitting down for long periods can be uncomfortable. An inflatable lumbar support will ensure that your back is well-supported and in a healthy position throughout your mode of travel.

10. Stay Healthy

Make sure you eat light and healthy meals in your leadup to departure. Eating poorly can cause your body to feel bloated and uncomfortable and may also lead to unexpected trips to the airplane bathroom, which are never comfortable.

You should also consider doing 15 to 30 minutes of stretching before your flight so that you don’t get a sore back or neck mid-flight, making the trip seem even longer than it already is.

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