Are you planning to go to Houston for a three-day weekend?

Houston is a remarkable city to explore since it is known for being the world’s most significant space exploration, the capital of air conditioning, the world’s most enormous petroleum exploration, and the world capital for the international energy industry. 

This city offers you great history, is located right close to the Gulf of Mexico, and it is one major city within reach of waters in Galveston this 3-day itinerary in Houston is the perfect guide to make the most of your vacation.

With Houston being a large city, there are many things to do and see. 

Let’s discover this 3-day itinerary so that you can save a lot of time and experience the best that Houston has to offer. 

When to Go to Houston 

Most people say the best time to go to Houston is in the spring, but each season brings its own unique events and attractions. Houston is a city you can explore anytime throughout the year. 

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How to Get There

In Houston, two major airports are Intercontinental (IAH) and Hobby (HOB). If you already live in Texas, you can get to Houston by Mega Bus or Vonalane since both offer bus service. If you live close to Texas, you could also drive there in your car. 

How to Get Around Houston 

It can be challenging to get around Houston if you don’t have a car. However, it is possible if you plan accordingly. If you stay downtown, you can explore many things just by walking. However, if you want to see other places outside of downtown, you can rent a car for a day. 

There is also a METRORail system that connects downtown to the Medical Center, and the day pass is only $3, which is extremely cheap. 

Where to Stay

To save some money, you want to use the METRORail to its fullest. To use this as much as possible, you will want to stay downtown. The best hotels in downtown Houston are the Club Quarters Hotel and the Sam Houston Hotel, priced between $100-180. 

If you want to go to museums, the best place to stay is at the Hotel ZaZa Museum District since you can walk to many places from this hotel. 


The best way to see the city at a reasonable price is to get the CityPass. You can visit the Space Center Houston, the Downtown Aquarium, the Houston Museum of Natural Science, the Houston Zoo or Museum of Fine Arts, and the Kemah Boardwalk or Children’s Museum Houston with the CityPass. It is a great pass to see many attractions for around $64.

3-Day Itinerary Houston

Day 1

park and water with city skyline in background
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On the first day in Houston, you should see Buffalo Bayou Park and either Market Square Park or Discovery Green. 

Buffalo Bayou Park is one of the main attractions that many people see due to its massive area. Since Buffalo Bayou Park is so large, you might want to bring your breakfast and some snacks to explore this area. You could even have a nice morning picnic at the park.

The park has a lot of green space to walk and bike to get in some fresh air and nature. You could also rent a canoe or kayak and paddle on Buffalo Bayou if you want. Unfortunately, Buffalo Bayou is a vast park, and you will not be able to walk the entire place in one day. 

In the afternoon, choose between visiting Market Square Park or Discovery Green. For lunch, head to Flying Idlis, a delicious Indian place that serves mainly vegetarian food.

If that is not to your liking, you can eat at Niko Niko Greeks & American Cafe, already at Market Square Park, if you plan to spend the afternoon there. The Market Square Park is a public place for entertainment, dining, public art, and green space. 

If you prefer to explore Discovery Green, have lunch at The Grove. The Grove is a modern and rustic place that serves Texas cuisine like salads, sandwiches, and steak. After lunch, you can explore Discovery Green, a modern park with many activities and things to see. For example, you can see the Synchronicity of Color, Kinder Lake, Mistress, and Dr. Seuss Experience. 

You can eat at Hearsay Market Square restaurant for dinner, across from Market Square Park. The Hearsay Market Square serves amazing American-inspired sandwiches, salads, entrees, and innovative drinks. The Hearsay Market is a place you don’t want to miss. 

After dinner, you should take a stroll and explore the city lights and skyscrapers to end your first day in Houston. 

Day 2 

animal display in museum on a 3 day itinerary in houston
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On day 2, you want to explore the heart of Houston, which is the Houston Museum District. A lot of museums and activities are all in that one location. You could also use the METRORail and the CityPass to explore the museums. 

Since it might be a busy day, you might want to eat breakfast at the hotel or near the Houston Museum District, depending on how much you want to see today.

A great breakfast place is the MFA Cafe, a cozy cafe that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a Northern Italian accent. It is an inexpensive and beautiful place to start the day. 

After breakfast, you can explore the tourist attractions by using your CityPass. Since the Houston Museum District is a large area, you can’t go to all the places in one day. You should pick your top two—however, the Houston Museum of Natural Science should be on your top two since it is the most visited museum in Houston.

It is a museum founded in 1909 and has a planetarium, butterfly pavilion, and large screen for IMAX movies. It is a family-friendly place to see.  

There is a lovely contemporary Mediterranean place called Fadi’s Eatery, which serves Mediterranean salads, pizzas, wraps, and classic dishes for lunch. It serves healthy and good food that will not disappoint you.

After lunch, you can go to a different museum on your CityPass or to Hermann Park. The park is so huge that it takes a day to explore. 

For dinner, how about French cuisine? There is a delicious French restaurant near Hermann Park. It is a modern French restaurant that serves refined chicken and seafood plates. The interior, atmosphere, and food will surely give you the best dining experience. 

Day 3 

nasa space museum in houston
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On Day 3, you might want to rent a car to go to the NASA Johnson Space Center and the Kemah Boardwalk. You want to end the last day in Houston with an incredible experience. 

You can get something typical to eat for breakfast since you might have a busy day driving to the Nasa Johnson Space Center. NASA trains the astronauts for their missions at Johnson Space Center. So you get to see a massive collection of space artifacts, from old spacesuits to moon rocks. 

About 10-15 minutes away from the Space Center is the Kemah Boardwalk. This area has a roller coaster, dozens of restaurants, stores, and carnival games. It’s a huge attraction that you don’t want to miss. Also, since you are going here near lunchtime, you can find many restaurants. 

You can dine at Laundry’s and the Flying Dutchman, which serves seafood. This place is expensive, but it offers a great view and experience you don’t want to miss on your last day. They serve a variety of cajun food like gumbo, oysters, and hush puppies.

The best part is the view of the Kemah canal and Galveston Bay. After eating, you should spend the entire day exploring the area with food, games, and shopping at the Kemah Boardwalk. It is the perfect place to spend your last day in Houston.

What a great last day to end your amazing 3-day trip before returning home, right?

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Final Thoughts

Houston is a large and fun city you don’t want to miss on your travel list. There are always things to see and do daily. With this three-day itinerary, you can experience the best of what Houston offers. 

If you plan to take a trip to Houston for a few days, you could also check what other events are happening. You can also customize the trip based on your interests and where you want to go.

Whether you are looking for exploration or adventure, you will find a lot of entertaining activities that will make you want to return to Houston again and again. 

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