Hawaii Beach

How Much Is a Trip to Hawaii for a Family of 4?

Aloha! Hawaii is always an ideal vacation location, evidenced by the 1.7 million people visiting each year. So whether it’s summer, spring, winter or fall where you are, it’s always a great time to go to the islands. The weather …

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Molokai island Hawaii shore line

Hotel Molokai: Where to Stay in Molokai

If you are looking for an authentic Hawaiian getaway, Molokai is an excellent choice. Forget about skyscrapers and crowded resorts. Molokai is ideal for those who want to enjoy the peaceful beauty of an island holiday. There are only a …

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Kihei, HI, USA – November 9, 2016: Incidental people enjoying breakfast at Kihei Caffe across from Kalama Beach Park on the Hawaiian island of Maui, USA

Kihei Maui: Things To Do and Where To Eat

Are you one of three million people visiting Maui this year? Whether you’re staying in nearby Wailea or just starting your Hawaii travel planning, this guide of things to do in Kihei Maui is for you! We’ve been to Maui multiple times, …

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How Far Is Honolulu From Maui?

If you are planning your vacation to Hawaii and wondering how far Honolulu is from Maui, you have come to the right place. Knowing the distance between Honolulu and Maui before your trip starts will bring some peace of mind …

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Does Honolulu Have Sharks?

Does Honolulu have sharks? Honolulu is ideally situated to cater to all the water activities tourists demand when visiting Hawaii. The list is endless, from scuba diving to boat rides, surfing, and other activities. Shark attacks are often highly publicized, …

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Maui To Honolulu Ferry

Editorial credit: Theodore Trimmer / Shutterstock.com Are you organizing a trip to Hawaii and wondering if there’s an inter-island Maui to Honolulu ferry? While some ferries are operational between certain islands, if you intend to do some island hopping, it’s …

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Food In Honolulu Airport

Editorial credit: marchello74 / Shutterstock.com Ready to set off to a beautiful Hawaiian Island or fly home after your relaxing vacation from Honolulu’s Daniel K. Inouye International Airport? If you find yourself starving at the airport, you might need some …

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Is Maui Water Safe To Drink?

Maui island is easily one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Its stunning beaches, lush tropical forests, and majestic mountains make it easy to see why Maui is such a popular destination. Many tourists visit this island but …

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Is Honolulu Bike Friendly?

Editorial credit: 1000 Words / Shutterstock.com Honolulu, Hawaii, is a beautiful place to enjoy and experience nature at its best. It is the perfect location for a vacation. If you are considering going to Honolulu and love biking, you might …

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