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Is Honolulu Bike Friendly?

Editorial credit: 1000 Words / Honolulu, Hawaii, is a beautiful place to enjoy and experience nature at its best. It is the perfect location for a vacation. If you are considering going to Honolulu and love biking, you might …

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Hawaii Vs. Australia

Hawaii, The Aloha state of the U.S, is a paradise with its turquoise waters, lush mountain peaks, tropical weather, and friendly people. Australia is known as Oz or ‘The Land Down Under,’ and is a country that is part of …

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Hawaii Vs. Alaska

Are you planning a trip and struggling to decide between Hawaii and Alaska? Both Hawaii and Alaska are American states. However, apart from this, these two states differ significantly. What are the differences between Hawaii and Alaska, and which state …

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Hawaiian Words You Should Know

Aloha! Your magical Hawaiian vacation can start long before you get to the tropical islands. A great way to prepare for your trip to the beautiful island paradise, familiarize yourself with the culture, and show respect for the people of …

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Is Hawaii Water Warm?

The state of Hawaii is a beautiful part of the US and a very desirable tourist destination for beach holidays. Many tourists from America and other countries visit the islands throughout the year to indulge in time on the beach, …

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Is Hawaii Safe At Night?

Even though this tropical paradise with its sun-kissed beaches, luminous aqua-hued water, and outstanding natural beauty is one of the safest and most incredible destinations in the world,  some areas in Hawaii are not safe at night. Hawaii is generally …

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Hawaii Vs. Florida

Are you dreaming of a mid-winter vacation to somewhere warm, wishing you could go exploring or surfing? Or perhaps you’re planning a big move and want to relocate permanently. If you’re wondering whether you should pick Hawai’i or Florida, our …

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Hawaii Vs. Costa Rica

If you have spent hours endlessly searching for a tropical paradise and narrowed your options to Hawaii versus Costa Rica, then you’re halfway there! Although it’s important to note that they both have their benefits and disadvantages. Hawaii in North …

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Hawaii Vs. Caribbean

Few can resist the alluring site of endless snow-white beaches, luminous aqua oceans, and lush tropical jungles, so it’s only natural to feel conflicted about traveling to Hawaii versus the Caribbean as they both have significant benefits and downsides. Hawaii, …

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Hawaii Vs. Cancun

So, you’re planning on going on holiday. There are so many things you have to consider before making a choice! If you’ve landed on Hawaii and Cancun and cannot decide, let’s look at which place would make the perfect getaway …

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