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Can You See Oahu From Maui?

Hawaii is an archipelago of islands. Oahu, Maui, Hawai, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, Niihau, and Kahoolawe are the eight islands that make up Hawaii. For the most part, the islands are visible from one to the other, but there is a …

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Hawaii Vs. Mexico

Most of us long for a warm getaway to escape the brutal winter weather and what better place than the coast? Few destinations compare to Hawaii, as this tourist hotspot boasts incredible beaches, scenery, and cultural experiences. However, have you …

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Can You Bring A Beach Chair To A Public Park?

A beach chair at a public park can provide a comfortable place to sit and enjoy the scenery. Most beach chairs these days are made of lightweight materials, like aluminum or plastic and has a reclining backrest. Some beach chairs …

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Is Honolulu The Same As Oahu?

Hawaii is not just a popular tourist destination but has a mild tropical climate, ideal for vacationing. There are eight islands in Hawaii, and getting to know the names of the islands and cities can be pretty confusing. A frequently …

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How Much Is Milk In Hawaii?

Milk is a grocery staple for many, but the cost of milk varies depending on where you buy it. Hawaii is one of the most expensive places to buy milk out of all the US states, at approximately double the …

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A beautiful young woman relaxes on a SUP board in the sea near the island. Standup paddleboarding on Hawaii.

12 Beaches With the Clearest Water in Hawaii

Hey there, fellow beach lover! Ready for a trip to paradise? Buckle up because we’re heading out to find the clearest water in Hawaii. These aren’t just any beachside escapes; they are the kind of place where the water is …

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Which Hawaiian Island Is Cheapest?

If you are planning a visit to Hawaii and are on a tight budget, you might be wondering what island is the cheapest. We researched all Hawaiian Islands to find the least expensive one to visit. Let’s find out which …

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