Can You See Oahu From Maui?

Hawaii is an archipelago of islands. Oahu, Maui, Hawai, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, Niihau, and Kahoolawe are the eight islands that make up Hawaii. For the most part, the islands are visible from one to the other, but there is a dispute as to whether Oahu is visible from Maui.

You can see Oahu from Maui on a clear day, only in the distance. The best place to view Oahu is from the Lahaina side of Maui, where you’ll catch a glimpse of it between the Lanai and Molokai islands. Alternately, if you climb Haleakala, the highest point on Maui, you should see Oahu.

Hawaii is in the Central Pacific Ocean, and island hopping is one of the popular things to do when visiting Hawaii. It is also a treat to see other islands in the archipelago, but people disagree on which islands are visible and from where; it’s an ongoing debate.

Opinions Vary As To Whether You Can See Oahu From Maui

Many locals and tourists think that you cannot see Oahu from Maui. On the other hand, many people confirm that Oahu is visible far in the distance on a clear day. One large island, Molokai, separates the two and obscures the view from Maui to Oahu. The distance between the two islands is 116 miles.

Haleakala is the highest point on Maui and has a hiking trail, although it isn’t for the faint-hearted. Some say that Oahu is visible from Haleakala. However, not that many make the trip to the top. If you summit Haleakala, the highest point of Oahu, Ka’ala is visible on a good day.

It’s an eleven-hour, strenuous hike, but the views are spectacular if you manage to do it, though altitude sickness is a possibility for some hikers.

The Debate Is Based Centered Around The Islands’ Geography

It doesn’t necessarily make sense why it would be essential to see Oahu from Maui; however, seeing one island from the other is a treat.

The geography of Hawaii is fascinating. Think of Hawaii, and the topic of volcanoes comes to mind. Hawaii evolved from a hot spot in the Pacific Ocean that created volcanoes. As the Pacific plate moved over lava, it formed the chain of islands.

With all the islands grouped around each other, opinions vary on whether other islands obscure certain isles. It is an interesting debate because of the geography of the islands.

Looking at the layout of the islands from South to North and moving in a westerly direction, the islands appear in the following order:

Hawaii Is The Most Southern Island

This island is known as the Big Island, 6482 square miles. Its highest point is 13795 feet tall, and Kilauea is an active volcano in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Maui Is Directly In Front Of Hawaii Island

Maui is the second largest Hawaii island, with 727 square miles. Its highest elevation is 10023 feet. Halelaka, the highest point, is a volcanic mountain, and volcanic lava protects the island from strong currents. Conde Nast Traveler Readers Choice has voted Maui the world’s top island for 25 years.

Kahoolawe Is To The West Of Maui

The smallest island is Kahoolawe, and it is only 11 miles long. It isn’t a very mountainous island, and 1483 feet is its highest point. Kahoolawe is a sacred island and a place for the revitalization of ancient Hawaiian practices.

Lanai Is To The West Of Maui

Known as the pineapple island, Lanai once produced 75% of the world’s pineapples. Lanai is 1450 square miles with an elevation of 3366 feet. It is separated from Maui by the Au’au Channel to the east. It’s through this channel that Oahu is visible from Maui.

Molokai Is North Of Maui

Molokai is the island that geographically obscures Oahu from Maui. Molokai Islands’ highest point is Kamakou at 4961 feet, which makes it considerably lower than Maui but has the highest sea cliffs in the world. The longest fringing coral reef and white beach are in Molokai.

Oahu Is Further North

Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii, is on Oahu, you, and its highest elevation is at Ka’ala at 4025feett. It’s the—third biggest island covering 596,7 square miles. Oahu is also home to the famous Waikiki beach and Pearl Harbour.

Kauai Is The NorthernmosI island

Kauai is known as Garden Island because of its lush rainforest vegetation, waterfalls, hiking trails, and outdoor adventures. It is 562.3 square miles, and its highest point is Kawaikini at 5243 feet. The Waimea Canyon is on Kauai, as is the Coconut coast.

Niihau Is To The West Of Kauai.

Niihau is owned privately and is known as the forbidden island. It has a square meter surface of 111,71 miles.

From a purely geographical perspective, Oahu should not be visible from Maui. However, the slight channel between Molokai and Lanai, as well as the mountainous terrain of the islands, makes it possible to catch a glimpse of Oahu from Maui. It’s this that lets the debate continue.

It is, however, a reality that on a clear day, if you are on the Lahaina side of Maui, you will see Oahu if you focus between the Lanai and Molokai islands.

Maui Is Visible From Oahu

Although Molokai is right in front of Maui, it’s a small island, making it possible to see Maui if you strain into the distance. The most likely sight you will see is Haleakala mountain if you look from the east of Honolulu or Halona Blowhole.

Take A Trip From Maui To Oahu

Irrespective of whether you see from Maui to Oahu, it is worth your while to take a trip to Oahu. A ferry runs between the island five times daily, and the ride takes roughly 90 minutes.

There are also flights from Maui to Oahu. A flight is quicker and takes 40 minutes. If you leave on the earliest flight and return on the last flight, you will have most of a day to explore Oahu with its many tourist attractions.

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You can see Oahu from Maui on a clear day between Molokai and Lanai Islands. The debate continues about whether this is possible based on the island’s geography. It is; however, you will need to strain into the distance and will most likely see Oahu’s highest point, Ka’ala.

The best place to spot Oahu is from the island’s west side in the Lahaina area. You will probably see the top of Ka’ala. A hike to the top of Haleakala Mountain will give you a view of Oahu on a clear day, but it’s a steep climb and takes roughly eleven hours to complete.