Best Backpack Beach Chairs

Although a day at the beach is great fun, the outdoors get much more exciting when you add a little backpacking into the mix! While I agree that a beach chair is ideal, having one you can also take backpacking is the dream. I like to grab a few friends and make a day of backpacking and relax at the beach afterward. So, what are the best backpack beach chairs?

The best backpack beach chairs are:

  • Tommy Bahama (SC592TBBP-105C-1)
  • Songmics Portable (777GCB62JW)
  • Sunnyfeel Lightweight (‎B-ch-AC1238)
  • GCI Waterside (66183)
  • Tommy Bahama Striped (2000998) 
  • Nice C Ultralight (NCSTY1111)
  • Kamui Lightweight (52892) 
  • SunVilla Portable (B09TV4RGXW)

Beach backpacking chairs must be lightweight, comfortable to carry, and of course, they come with all the essential features! Let’s look at some great options and compare facts like material, size, sustainability, and design to see which would suit your beach and backpacking needs. Steel or aluminum? Flexibility or reliability? Let’s find out! 

1. Tommy Bahama Backpack Beach Chair (SC592TBBP-105C-1)

Tommy Bahama beach chairs are definitely up there with quality, convenience, and customizability. This chair can adjust to five seating positions, making it ideal for when you want to take a sip of your beverage, read a book, or stay more aware to watch the kids. In addition, there’s a flat option too if you want to catch a tan or snooze lying down.

The Tommy Bahama chair comes integrated with safe-adjust technology in the armrests so that you don’t get your hands or fingers caught while reclining the chair. If you like to come prepared, you’ll be pleased to know this chair comes with a lot of storage. You can expect a cooler and a big storage pouch to house six cans or four water bottles.

There is also more than enough space if you need to store your mobile phone, keys, wallet, snacks, or other small accessories. Included is a towel bar on the back and an insulated cup holder for a refreshing beverage! Overall, it’s an excellent choice for a day at the beach or a thrilling backpacking adventure where supplies will be a welcoming addition.

This backpack beach chair weighs 7 lbs, supports 250 lbs, and measures 25.25 x 23 x 31.5 inches. The frame has an aluminum design that makes it highly resistant to rust and corrosion, durable and lightweight, plus scratches and insects won’t be a concern. Furthermore, the open-front seating design ensures more than enough legroom, especially for taller people.

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2. Songmics Portable Beach Chair (777GCB62JW)

This Songmics portable beach chair is surprisingly sturdy, considering its lightweight design. It comes equipped with 600D Oxford fabric, making it exceptionally durable and comfortable despite the temperature. Its headrest is detachable, and it can assume four adjustable reclining positions up to 180 degrees. As such, it even makes for a reliable sunbed!

Feeling a bit parched? The side pocket is great for housing an icy-cold bottled beverage, plus there is enough space for a mobile phone and sunscreen to ensure you can quickly grab and reapply your sunscreen or answer your mobile.

Thanks to its aluminum frame, this portal beach chair is surprisingly lightweight and highly resistant to the moisture and salt in the air that causes rust and corrosion. If you’re planning to go backpacking after a stay at the beach, you can easily fold the chair and sling it over both shoulders like a backpack – ready to transport at a moment’s notice!

The Songmics backpack beach chair weighs 6.9 lbs, supports 330 lbs, and measures 26.7 x 24.8 x 29.5 inches. These dimensions make it ideal for taking to the ocean, plus it’s also suitable for fishing, painting, and camping.  

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3. Sunnyfeel Lightweight Beach Chair (‎B-ch-AC1238)

This Sunnyfeel beach chair has a multitude of features that make it great for both beaches and backpacking. Its design permits five reclining positions, while the low seating position makes for comfortable seating by maximizing legroom.

It can recline to a completely flat position for when you want to catch a tan on your back or front. Of course, it works well, too, if you enjoy having the sound of the ocean waves carry you away to a pleasant afternoon nap.

This chair’s clever design means you can set it up within seconds and without the need for additional tools or an extra pair of hands. Other features include an integrated towel bar that folds away neatly when you don’t need it, a bottle opener for impressing your friends, and a handy cup and phone holder for convenient storage.

It also comes with an integrated foam pill that is super-soft and one of the most comfortable beach chair pillows available. Although it’s not detachable, you can flip it out of the way if you prefer to laze about without a headrest.

The amount of available storage on this chair makes it ideal not only for the beach and backpacking but also for traveling and sporting events! Thanks to its aluminum frame, it’s an excellent choice for coastal areas where salty air and moisture are in abundance – rust and corrosion won’t be an issue!

This Sunnyfeel backpacking beach chair weighs 11 lbs, supports 300 lbs, and measures 28 x 26 x 29.5 inches. Furthermore, this flexible chair is also an excellent option for hiking, road trips, concerts, fishing, camping, and other outdoor activities. It also fits in the trunk of a truck, car, and campervan, with a folded size of 28 x 4 x 29 inches.

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4. GCI Waterside Beach Chair (66183)

One of the features that set this GCI beach chair apart from the competition is its collapsible UPF-50 sunshade headcover that is also adjustable from front to back. It can adjust to four reclining positions and comes equipped with a breathable mesh backrest, and stays cool in the hot sun. There’s also a pillow rest if you want an afternoon snooze!

Furthermore, the backpacking chair comes with an integrated beverage holder so that a refreshing beverage is never far away. You can expect a large storage pocket at the back of the chair, ideal for any outdoor essentials like snacks, sunscreen, beach toys, a book, or a mobile phone.

This chair has an aluminum-steel hybrid frame that combines the strength & durability of steel with the rust & resistant attributes of aluminum. It also has a powdered coating that gives it additional protection against the elements and makes it more visually appealing.

In addition to beach trips, this GCI beach chair is excellent for backpacking trips, too, thanks to its sturdy backpack straps that make it easy to carry around. Furthermore, its also suitable for picnics, sporting events, and water sports. It weighs 10.2 lbs, supports 250 lbs, and measures 44.7 x 24.2 x 43.5 inches.

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5. Tommy Bahama Striped Backpack Beach Chair (2000998) 

The Tommy Bahama Striped beach chair has many excellent qualities that qualify it for the beach and backpacking. First, this package deal comes with two chairs – their colors are vibrant and does a great job of setting the mood for relaxing and doing as little as possible!

The aluminum frame ensures that the chairs remain rust-proof and corrosion-proof, so you don’t need to worry about salt or moisture from the ocean. Of course, aluminum frames are lightweight, too. The seat fabric consists of 600-Denier Polyester, a material used to produce many everyday items due to its fantastic quality and durability.

It comes equipped with an adjustable pillow, a rubber carry handle for easy mobility, and padded shoulder straps if you want to go backpacking after a few hours at the beach! You have the option of five reclining positions and a flat option if you plan to catch a tan or prefer sleeping on your back or stomach.

Additional features include a handy insulated beverage and storage pouch to house your essentials. You can keep your mobile phone, folded towel, and your favorite book at the ready for when you need them. A towel bar also folds out for drying your towel and folds neatly underneath the chair when not used.

This Tommy Bahama chair weighs 12 lbs, supports 300 lbs, and measures 25 x 24 x 30 inches.

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6. Nice C Ultralight Beach Chair (NCSTY1111)

Nice C’s ultralight beach chair is an excellent option for combining backpacking with a day at the beach. The chair sits low to the ground to leave enough legroom, and the mesh fabric seating material stays cool thanks to its porous nature.  

It also comes with arm cushions for resting your arm and ensuring that you don’t burn them when the metal becomes hot from the sun. Additional features include a handy cup holder for storing your drinks or essentials, making it an excellent pick for the beach, camping, hiking, and a day out at the park.

This backpacking beach chair is one of the sturdier chairs consisting of heavy-duty steel and industrial-grade Oxford 1000D Polyester mesh. Surprisingly, it remains lightweight and even comes with a carry case for easy transportation. It weighs 6.2 lbs, supports 300 lbs, and measures 23 x 21 x 23 inches.  

Furthermore, its design integrates anti-sink leg caps that give it more stability on the uneven beach sand, plus it means you can take a more comfortable nap! Setting it up is as easy as pulling the frame apart, and it slips back into its storage case with ease.

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7. Kamui Lightweight Beach Chair (52892)

The Kamui lightweight chair is highly flexible and an excellent pick for an outdoor enthusiast. It comes with an integrated side pocket for storing a bottle, book, mobile phone, or other essentials. The storage pocket is easy to reach, so you don’t need to get up or shift around.

Its unique design prevents you from sinking into your chair or having the chair sink into the sand. This feature makes it ideal for the day after a downpour or when you’re expecting a bit of rain.

The Kamui backpacking chair consists of 7075 aviation-grade metal, a special aluminum with the highest strength of all aluminum metals. While it won’t enable you to take to the skies, it will undoubtedly outlast any other backpacking beach chair.

It has a comfortable seating angle, perfect for lounging in the sun, picnics, or backpacking trips.

It also consists of 500 Denier Cordura fabric, lightweight nylon with impressive versatility. It weighs only 2 lbs, supports 220 lbs, and measures 14.9 x 6 x 5 inches. Despite having only one shoulder strap, its incredibly lightweight features make it easy to carry and possible to use even when you run or climb.

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8. SunVilla Portable Beach Chair (B09TV4RGXW)

Thanks to the aluminum core, this SunVilla beach chair has a fantastic rust-resistant body and lightweight design, making it a great portable option for beach days or backpacking adventures.

It has integrated pockets for extra storage suitable for beverages, snacks, toys, water bottles, and books. The five different reclining positions make it an ideal lounger and allow plenty of options when you want to doze off for a while. While it can recline to an almost flat position, it can’t quite make it all the way.

The Polyester back has excellent breathability for keeping you cool and dry after a dip in the ocean. This SunVilla chair supports 300 lbs of weight and measures 38.19 x 22.17 x 31.69 inches. In addition to beaches and backpacking, the total storage space and reclining flexibility make this chair ideal for camping, fishing, hunting, or exciting poolside activities.

Its premium wooden armrests give it a classic finish, plus it makes them customizable so that you can experience maximum comfort on your day out!

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When you want a backpacking beach chair, remember that it needs to be lightweight so that it doesn’t hurt your back but is still comfortable enough for a nap. A beverage holder and storage space are always appealing because your hands can stay free for longer, plus you can pull out a book if you feel like a bit of reading.