7 Reasons To Rent A Beach House Instead Of Hotel

Planning a holiday can become a daunting task, especially if you are the one that is left with making all the travel arrangements. There was a debate between renting a beach house and a hotel. I had made up my decision, but some family members needed some convincing; hence I had to put together some information on 7 Reasons To Rent A Beach House Instead Of Hotel.

Value for money, peace, tranquility, flexibility, location, more space, opportunity to travel with fur babies, and the home away from home experience are 7 of the most important reasons to rent a beach house instead of a hotel. After all, is holidays not more about making memories?

Many people spend years saving for a holiday; why spend all your money on a hotel when you hardly spend time in the hotel room. If you too need some convincing as to why to rent a beach house instead of a hotel. Join me as I share a deeper insight on the reasons why.

Reasons Why You Should Rent A Beach House Instead of Hotel

Waking up each morning to the view of the ocean, sitting on a deck watching the children and fur babies playing around is reason enough for me to want to choose a beach house over a hotel. Here are more reasons that would help convince you that renting a beach house is a  more viable option than a hotel;

Beach House Rentals Offer Value For Money

For me, holidays are when I can gather the family together and take a well-deserved family vacation. Often taking kids along can be quite an expensive expedition; I would have to rent 2 to 3 rooms for a family of 6 in a hotel room; most hotels do not have 6 sleepers.

I have also found that my family tends to eat more while on vacation. So you have to deal with the cost of the accommodation and that of the food. Hotel restaurants can be really expensive, apart from the beverages.

I even tried comparing the all-inclusive packages at the hotel with renting a beach house, and I saved almost 70% of my budget by opting for a beach house rental. This cost-saving doesn’t even include the other related travel costs. Try traveling with teenagers, then you outlaying costs for Wi-Fi, entertainment, activities, and then there’s the cost of laundry.

Beach House Rentals Are More Spacious

There is something restrictive about hotel rooms; perhaps I hate being confined to a small space. I love the space that beach house rentals offer.

As much as you travel together as a family, there are moments where we need that alone time, even on holiday. With the kids running around, they have open spaces in a beach house, to either opt to run around on the beach playing while I watch from the deck or retreat to the lounge, kitchenette, or dining areas.

Beach House Rentals Offers Flexibility

When booking a beach house, I look for one that comes standard with a kitchenette, dining room, as well as a laundry. It gives me the flexibility to purchase my groceries at a local store and prepare my meals.

Especially with the ever-increasing health issues that our country has faced, I can be guaranteed that my meals are being prepared by myself with the ingredients I opt for. Most hotels exercise extreme hygiene when preparing their meals, but the ingredients I prefer might not always be on the menu.

It also gives me the flexibility not to just be restricted to hotel food or what is on their menu. I love the flexibility of choosing if I would like to have a family home-cook out. In a hotel, we never have access to a kitchen; very few hotels offer this option, and we are forced to adhere to the meal times, so if I am hungry after the kitchen closes, I cannot just walk into the kitchen for a snack.

Also, when we travel, there is often a huge amount of laundry that needs to be done; it would be dreadful to tend to the laundry when we return home. Hotels charge per item of clothing for laundry service. If I had to pay for laundry at the hotel for my entire family, it would probably be equivalent to the cost of another holiday.

The beach house rentals have a washing machine and dryer, which allows me to do the laundry at my convenience without costing an arm and a leg.

Beach House Rentals Offer Peace And Tranquility

We often take a family vacation once a year, after a long year of the hustle and bustle of city life. When we take a holiday, we want to leave all the stresses of city life behind and enjoy some peace and tranquility.

Often, hotels are fully booked at that time of the year, and even obtaining a pool lounger at the pool area is a mission. There is often so much noise from tourists around the hotel pool area that I have found myself choosing to retreat to my room for some peace.

The beach house rental gives me the ability to lay down when I want where I want; often, the beach houses have ample space from each other, so we are not exposed to too much noise, allowing me to enjoy the sound of the ocean waves and the laughter of my kids playing with our fur babies.

After all, I have wanted to escape the city’s noise, why would I want to be exposed to more noise when I am on holiday?

7 Reasons To Rent A Beach House Instead Of Hotel 01

Beach House Rentals Allow Our Fur Baby To Travel With

There are very few pet-friendly hotels, and even if they are, there are a lot of restrictions. A pet is a member of our family, so there is no reason why they should not also enjoy some vacation time. Besides, having to deal with getting a pet sitter or placing my pet in a kennel is an added cost that I have to budget for.

So it makes more sense to take them along, and beach house rentals are often not restrictive to pets’ travel. 

Beach House Rentals Offer A Home Away From Home Experience

Beach Houses offer a home-away home experience, where our family can enjoy some much-needed family time playing board games while dad is busy tending to a barbeque.

Beach House Rentals Have Ideal Locations

Apart from being concerned about the price of a hotel near the beach, a beach house is less inexpensive in comparison. Most beach rental properties are situated a stone’s throw away from the beach. I can thus enjoy late nights sitting on my deck sipping cocktails without worrying about any hotels’ curfew or restrictions.


I am sure that you have gathered by now that renting a beach house is by far a more suitable option than hotel accommodation, especially if you are traveling with a family. While hotel accommodation does offer some benefits, in my opinion, and from personal experience, once you go beach rental, you will never want to vacation any other way. 

The next time you are planning a vacation, try this option. You will be pleasantly surprised. The best part was that after perusing through my research,  the members of my family that had some reservations were convinced that beach house rental was the only way to go.