Hawaii Vs. Caribbean

Few can resist the alluring site of endless snow-white beaches, luminous aqua oceans, and lush tropical jungles, so it’s only natural to feel conflicted about traveling to Hawaii versus the Caribbean as they both have significant benefits and downsides.

Hawaii, situated in the Pacific Ocean, is expensive, but it has excellent outdoor activities, stunning beaches, and the world’s largest volcano. The Caribbean has 65 islands with a laid-back vibe, tropical beaches, rainforests, and savannahs with historical landscapes, great music, and cultural diversity.

While deciding between spending your precious vacation time in Hawaii versus the Caribbean might sound straightforward, there are several key considerations to factor in if you want great value for money. So, read on if you want the best travel destination that ticks all your boxes!

Traveling To Hawaii Vs. Caribbean

If you want to make the most of your precious vacation, travel times to Hawaii’s six islands or any of the 65 Caribbean islands might be the determining factor, depending on where you live.

So, if you reside in the Midwest, you can soak up the sun by noon on an idyllic Caribbean Island with an early morning direct flight.

Although it must be said that Hawaii might be ideal if you live on the West Coast as there are several direct flights to choose from, with far shorter travel times compared to the Caribbean.

Another critical consideration, if you are a US citizen, is that you won’t need a valid passport to travel to Hawaii, including certain Caribbean islands like the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, or Key West. However, a passport is required for other Caribbean travel destinations.

Moreover, if you are traveling to a US destination, you won’t have to contend with lengthy customs lines, declaration forms, and foreign currency conversions which can become tedious. So, in that instance, Hawaii is a convenient travel destination as it feels like a home away from home.

Most importantly, if you do tend to suffer from jet lag and observe Eastern Standard Time, a Caribbean island in the same time zone would be a better option than Hawaii, with its significant time difference.

Peak Travel Seasons: Hawaii Vs. Caribbean

Both the Caribbean and Hawaii have off-season periods when prices are generally far lower, and beaches are somewhat less crowded, so you don’t have to stand in endless queues at any of their main attractions.

While those are all great perks, there are significant downsides, especially during the Caribbean’s notorious hurricane season from June until November.

However, if you plan your vacation from March until April or during the winter holidays, you must be prepared to jostle for space in the Caribbean and Hawaii.

Although if you would prefer a more laidback vacation with fewer crowds, head to Hawaii during spring or be prepared to go in the fall when the region is far more peaceful and prices are generally lower.

Cultures In Hawaii Vs. Caribbean

Although Hawaii and the Caribbean are both tropical islands, they are vastly different from a cultural perspective, especially if you consider the significant cultural significance of their first people.

While Hawaii is an American state, it has a distinctly Polynesian culture that permeates every aspect of island life with traditional meals like pit-cooked pork, poke, and poi, tropical leis, hula dancers, and puka necklaces.

If you are fascinated by Hawaiian culture, visit the Honolulu Bishop Museum. This museum was created in honor of Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop in 1889 to showcase the island’s history and culture.

In stark contrast, Caribbean islands are vastly different due to the enslaved Africans that were brought to the various islands and made significant contributions to the region’s cuisine, language, and music.

Although, you will notice distinctly European cultural influences on certain Caribbean islands colonized by the Dutch, like the islands of Bonaire, Curacao, and Aruba, with their quintessentially European pastries, cheeses, and distinct navy blue and white pottery.

There are also significant French, British, and Spanish cultural influences in other Caribbean islands in their cuisine, languages, and music which further adds to their rich cultural heritage.  

Vacation Budgets: Hawaii Vs. Caribbean

Suppose you are on a shoestring travel budget. In that case, the Caribbean is an ideal travel destination, as you will get better value for money for transport, and accommodation, especially between June and November.

Although Hawaii and the Caribbean islands offer great resort package deals, the latter are far more budget-friendly, with all-inclusive deals that are more affordable than Hawaii. In Hawaii, you will have to consider the additional costs of everything that is not included, like pricey cocktails.

Hawaii is also far more expensive than most parts of the US, especially for transport, gas, and shopping.

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Safety: Hawaii Vs. Caribbean

Hawaii is ideal if you are looking for a safe travel destination, especially in non-touristy areas or resorts further afield.

Sadly, that is not the case on certain Caribbean islands, where some areas outside the tourist zones are potentially dangerous. Therefore, you must book excursions with reputable operators who can guarantee your safety.

Climates Hawaii Vs. Caribbean

Hawaii’s climate is far more stable than the Caribbean, with average daily temperatures in the 80s all year round and maximum temperatures reaching into the 90s.

Although Hawaii is sometimes humid, rainfall averages 156.79 inches yearly in Hilo, and it also has much drier areas like Kona with minimal rain.

Hawaii is one of those beautifully rare places where you can soak up the sun on the beach and see Big Island’s Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea’s snow-capped mountains in one day.

In stark contrast, Caribbean islands include savannas and rainforests, with varying climates ranging from humid and hot weather conditions to sudden bursts of rain, especially during their hurricane season from June until the end of October.

So, if you are planning to holiday in the Caribbean, do some research, as some islands are far more prone to severe hurricanes. Do a risk assessment, and ensure that you have comprehensive travel insurance.

Activities In Hawaii Vs. Caribbean

If you are still undecided between vacationing in Hawaii or the Caribbean, your personal interests might help you decide.

Therefore, should you want an action-packed vacation with several outdoor activities, Hawaii, with its spectacular landscapes, ocean parks, and greenways, is ideal, especially if you want to explore Mauna Loa, the largest active volcano in the world!

While the Caribbean does have volcanos in Guadeloupe and Martinique, nothing compares to the spectacular fiery volcanos in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, like the Instagram-worthy Kīlauea!

It goes without saying that Hawaii is a prime destination for surfing, with some of the best waves in the entire world, so it’s no wonder that kids can surf in Hawaii before they can even walk. Surfing is a firmly entrenched way of life.

Hawaii is also a hiker’s paradise, especially compared to the Caribbean islands, consisting of primarily flat terrains with its challenging yet spectacular Waimea Canyon rim paths and jungle-enclosed Waipoo Falls nature trails.

For a more laid-back vacation for some much-needed rest, with several fascinating historical landmarks, incredible architecture, serene places of worship, and other cultural excursions, head over to the Caribbean.

The Caribbean is a budding historian’s haven with some of the most ancient cities in the New World where you can explore the historic Santo Domingo’s Zona Colonial narrow cobbled streets in the Dominican Republic, and the legendary 17th-century pirate hideaways in the Bahamas, and Nassau.

Other architectural and historical gems in the Caribbean include the elegant, fluted columns, filigreed balconies of San Juan’s Spanish mansions in Puerto Rico, 18th-century plantation restaurants, monastery hotels, and overgrown colonial forts that make you step back in time.

However, the tranquil Caribbean Ocean, with its gentle breezes, is also ideal for sailing enthusiasts, so you can either hire a boat or conveniently join a boat cruise to explore the various islands in style.

The Caribbean islands are also well known as a prime vacation destination for music lovers, especially those who prefer the vibe, danceable rhythms, and beats of steel drums over the more laidback sound of a ukulele.

There is something magical about the toe-tapping, hip-shaking blend of Cuban salsa, ska, reggae, Bahamian goombay, Trinidad and Tobago calypso, and French West Indies Zouk music throughout the vibrant Caribbean Island communities. 

Although, if you want to make your decision based on the best beaches, it is impossible to choose between Hawaii and the Caribbean islands as they both have spectacular powdery white beaches and breathtaking turquoise-hued water that stretches for miles on end.

However, should you want kiddie-friendly beaches with shallow water and gentle waves, then the Caribbean would be your best option, compared to Hawaii, which is better suited to strong swimmers and surfers.


While deciding whether to spend your precious vacation time in Hawaii versus the Caribbean may be daunting, some key considerations include travel times and determining which island meets your needs regarding the climate, activities, local attractions, and, ultimately, your level of affordability.