Is NYC Considered A Coastal City?

New York City, well-known as the “City of Dreams”, is situated in the Southern area of New York with around 8.8 million residents. It is full of buzz, and there seems to be no rest for its citizenry. The city usually has warm, sunny days that you can enjoy at one of their beaches. Having said that, is NYC considered a coastal city?

NYC is considered a coastal city because where the Hudson River and the Atlantic Ocean meet is a naturally sheltered harbor. It has a couple of ports located on the East coast for seafaring and ocean-going vessels. Staten Island, Queens, and Brooklyn have acres on the beachfront. 

Now that we know NYC is a coastal city, what feature makes a city coastal, and how does the ocean influence the temperature in coastal towns? Let’s have a look into this beach city, its famous port, and its top-rated shores.

Is NYC Considered A Coastal City?

NYC is positioned on the coast of the North-eastern United States at the Hudson River in South-eastern New York state. New York City is categorized as a coastal city because it is located on the transition areas at land and sea together with large inland lakes.

It has gateways to the sea through ports. The ports give ocean-going vessels like cargo ships, bulk carriers, container ships, and seafaring access.

The Hudson River and the Atlantic Ocean intersect in a naturally sheltered harbor, and Staten Island, Queens, and Brooklyn all have land on the beachfront in New York.

Coastal cities are known for their high humidity due to air absorbing moisture from the sea. They have hot summers and cool winters with little to no hard freezes. The approximate annual high temperature is 77 degrees, but temperatures in the 90’s are not uncommon throughout the peak of summer.

Port Of New York And New Jersey

The Red Hook Terminal is a facility that allows intermodal freight transport. It includes a container terminal situated on the Upper New York Bay in the Port of New York and New Jersey. The Red Hook part of Brooklyn, New York, operates bulk cargo and container ships.

This port is a portal to the most affluent consumer markets in North America. The Port of New York and New Jersey surround the area within, more or less, a 25-mile radius of the Statue of Liberty.

What Makes A City A Coastal City?

Coastal cities are situated on the transition parts in the middle of land and sea. They have access to the sea through ports or rivers. Coastal areas are close to a coastline, where water and land surface border.

New York adjoin the Atlantic Ocean and the Great Lakes. In the Atlantic coastal plain, the Southern area of the state consists of Long Island and other smaller islands. The Hudson River and New York City form part of these islands.

The Top Five Beaches To Visit In NYC

NYC has 14 miles of public beaches located along the 520-mile coastline. The beaches are open to everyone, and it is easy to travel to and fro. Usually, beaches in New York open on the Memorial Day weekend (in May) throughout the year and close on September 12th.

Numerous beaches surround the lively city, but here are the top five best beaches to visit in New York City:

Coney Island Beach, Brooklyn

Coney Island Beach is one of New York’s favored attractions. It is situated in the Southwestern part of Brooklyn. You can enjoy a family day by going to the beach’s amusement parks, namely Luna Park and Deno’s Wonder Wheel.

Brighton Beach, Brooklyn

Located in the southern part of Brooklyn, Brighton Beach is a little less crowded than Coney Island Beach, but you will find locals playing a volleyball game or families enjoying a picnic.

Near Brighton Beach is a well-known, secluded park known as Manhattan Beach Park. It is on the east end of the Brooklyn Peninsula. The joyful park has a lovely range of activities for family and friends to have fun, such as baseball fields, basketball, handball, and tennis courts. You can watch movies shown for free in the parking lot too.

Jones Beach State Park, Long Island

Jones Beach State Park is in southern Nassau County in Long Island. It is best known for its two-mile-long boardwalk, various fun activities, and bathhouses. The ideal time to go to this beach is mornings and evenings around sunset. Concerts are hosted as well as the liked Bethpage Air Show.

Long Beach, Long Island

Long Beach is under an hour away from Manhattan, and you can quickly visit it by taking a train ride on the Long Island Rail Road. You can even rent some umbrellas and chairs from outfitters! Personally, this beach is more of a sunny resort.

It features a 2.2 mile Long Beach Boardwalk. However, day passes are required ($12) to visit the beach. Non-residents pay $15 for a day pass. Even though there is an “entry fee”, you can view free concerts, go shopping at the farmers market, join in on the arts festival, and take up surfing lessons at Skudin Surf Long Beach.

Cooper’s Beach, Southampton

Ever wanted to visit Cooper’s Beach in the Hamptons? It is ranked among the best beaches in America. It is a relaxing beach and makes for a fun outing where you can build sandcastles and listen to the peaceful waves hitting the shore.

You can hit the beachside shower facilities before heading home. Overall, Cooper’s Beach is the perfect destination to relax with family and friends.

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I believe traveling to New York should be on everyone’s bucket list. For a good reason too. It has numerous attractions, and if you enjoy bathing in the summer sunshine, then the impressive beaches in NYC are just what you need! This high-spirited U.S state is a beautiful coastal city.

The Hudson River and the Atlantic Ocean border in a naturally sheltered harbor, and Staten Island, Queens, and Brooklyn all have land on the beachfront in New York. Their ports are entryways for ocean-going vessels and seafaring. Their well-known port is the gateway to the most affluent consumer markets in North America.