What To Wear To The Beach If You’re Not Swimming

Somedays you want to go to the beach just to enjoy the lovely sunshine but don’t want to swim, what type of outfits should you wear? Can you enjoy the beach without swimming? Yes, you can! This article looks at outfits that go beyond swimwear, perfect for a day on the beach. Let’s find out!

If you are not sure what to wear to the beach when you don’t want to swim, these beachwear ideas are perfect to wear for a fun day at the beach. A-line dress, cotton shorts, cotton skirt & crop top, jumpsuit, Palazzo pants, summer dresses, and wraparound dresses are perfect for the beach.

Suppose you just feel like spending a relaxing day on the beach reading a book, having a picnic, or enjoying the ocean without getting wet. But you don’t know what to wear. Here you can find all the answers to that dilemma; we recommend beach wear that is fashionable and comfortable in this article.

Beach Outfits Beyond Swimwear

With so many casual beach cover-up options to choose from when you don’t feel like swimming, it can be hard to decide what to wear. Finding the right outfit can be challenging, but don’t worry; we’ve put together a list of the cutest beach outfits to wear when you are not swimming.

A-Line Beach Dresses

A-line dresses are a favorite for the beach when you want to look stylish. A-line dresses are flattering to any body type. An A-line dress describes a dress that has a wider hem than the shoulders. An A-line dress fits above your hips and flares out in a flowing fashion. A-line dresses are perfect for the beach when you are not swimming because they are light, cool, and colorful.

Cotton Beach Dresses

Wearing a comfortable cotton beach dress is the best way to enjoy the beach under an umbrella without swimming. A flowing beach dress is a great way to enjoy the warm sunshine. Beach dresses are not only perfect to wear to the beach but also excellent to wear around the holiday resort while enjoying a tropical cocktail or a light bite to eat.

Cotton Shorts

When the temperatures rise sometimes, you just want to wear something extremely comfortable like cotton shorts to the beach. A pair of lightweight cotton shorts are perfect to wear to the beach when you don’t feel like swimming.

Pair your comfy shorts with a colorful crop top and a sun hat for a fashionable beach style. Shorts are great to wear any time of the day from the beach, restaurant, or city trip.

Board Shorts

If you are an active woman, wearing board shorts is perfect for a beach trip. Board shorts are super comfortable with an elastic waistband that is easy to wear.

Boards shorts are typically made from stretchy material for women who love jogging, hiking, and watersports.

Board shorts were initially designed for surfers who wanted their swim shorts to stay on their bodies when catching waves.

Board shorts are quick-drying, and the best part about boardshorts is the endless number of fun and colorful designs.

Cotton Maxi Skirt & Crop Top

Switch up your beach style with a maxi skirt and crop top set; the flowy floral design will make you look fabulous with its elasticated waist. The bohemian maxi skirt with floral print can easily be worn on the beach, restaurant, or bar.

 You will quickly fall in love with a bohemian maxi skirt and crop top set with its lovely ruffles and floral design, perfect for the beach. Bohemian maxi skirts and crop tops are an excellent option for the summer beach, keeping cool and looking fashionable while you enjoy a cold drink.

Floral Jumpsuits

At the beach, jumpsuits are a comfortable choice to wear for a day on the beach without getting in the water.

Jumpsuits are comfortable to wear and convenient because they are flexible and lightweight. Floral jumpsuits are vibrant and trendy, and paired with comfy sandals can take you from the beach to the restaurant in no time. Jumpsuits are available in many different styles, colors, and fabrics for unmatched chic on the beach.

Linen jumpsuits with flowing wide legs bottom elasticated waists fit anybody are easy to wear, and offer a classic fun beach style.

Summer Beach Playsuits

Playsuits are excellent for the beach; regardless of your body shape, they fit everyone well. Cool and comfortable while looking great! Playsuits are the one clothing item we recommend that can enhance your style on the beach. They are easy to wear and available in various colors and designs, and just like the jumpsuit, playsuits will fit your beach lifestyle perfectly.

Palazzo Pants

A pair of Palazzo pants are wide-legged pants that are super comfortable and lovely to wear anywhere. Pair them with a soft cotton blouse, and you will look fantastic for your day on the beach in your flowing Palazzo pants. 

Palazzo pants are great for summer, incredibly flattering, and available in many styles, from cotton and linen to silky fabrics. Palazzo pants are extremely popular as summer beach wear because they are loose-fitting and flattering to any body shape.

Palazzo pants fit with everything; pair them with a tucked-in t-shirt, fitted tank, cropped or silky camisole, or crop shirt for a stylish look.

Summer Beach Dresses

Flowing bright-colored beach dresses are a great way to dress when you want to spend the day on the beach without swimming. Summer beach dresses are stylish and perfect for a day on the beach. These lovely dresses are available in many colors, prints, and designs perfect for any body shape.

Head out to a beach resort wearing one of these versatile summer dresses while looking fashionable and cool, or wear it to the beach while sipping a cocktail under the umbrella. These flowing beach dresses will keep you cool and looking great.

Wraparound Dresses

Wrap dresses are fashionable and not just a style trend but an essential must-have when you want to go to the beach. They are feminine and chic and suit any body shape.

Wraparound dresses offer high fashion, comfort, and style and are universally flattering. There are many colors and designs to choose a style that suits you.

A floral wrap dress is the best lightweight dress to wear during summer, perfect for the beach. Pair your warp dress with sandals for a timeless look. Wraparound dresses define your waist and provide an ultra-slimming effect enhancing your bust. Wraparound dresses are ideal for persons with a pear shape body.

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A Sarong

A beach Sarong is typically a long colorful soft, comfortable flowing piece of fabric that is wrapped around your waist as a beach cover-up.

Sarongs are made from lightweight materials that are incredibly comfortable to wear. When a Sarong is wrapped around your waist, it acts as a skirt, and when it is wrapped around your bust, it acts as a dress.

Sarongs can fold up small enough to be carried anywhere in a beach tote. Draped over your shoulders, a Sarong protects you from the sun. They are made in several eye-catching designs and colors. The lightweight fabric keeps you cool while ensuring you still look fashionable on the beach.

Sarongs are popular beach cover-ups for designer bikinis or worn as a dress or skirt when you don’t feel like swimming. Sarongs are generally made from chiffon, cotton, or polyester. They are also wrinkle-free and can be folded to fit any beach tote.

Beach Kimono

A beach Kimono is a suitable choice for a carefree day at the beach when you don’t feel like getting wet. A beach Kimono will keep you looking great and comfortable in the sun.

Kimonos are great for wearing over your swimwear or at the restaurant or bar. A beach Kimono protects against the sun while adding a stylish cover-up.

Beach Kimonos are flowing and lightweight, perfect for the beach, and a must-have accessory. A kimono can dress up any beach outfit instantaneously and add flair.

Kimonos are designed to have wide sleeves and an airy open design that can either be tied with a drawstring or leave it open.

Kimonos are typically made from a lightweight material that will allow your skin to cool down. Fabrics like chiffon, cotton, or polyester are popular and can be folded up easily into a beach bag. Kimonos generally are available in one-size-fits-all garments.

Additional details like lace or crochet are added to sleeves that add style and extra ventilation. Kimonos are available in several colorful designs and fabric choices and are typically designed as a one-size-fits-all. When choosing to wear a Kimono to the beach, make sure it fits loosely so you stay comfortable and cool.

Beach Kaftan

Kaftans look great on every woman, no matter their body shape, and are very comfortable and loose-fitting to wear. Kaftans are available in several designs, materials, patterns, and colors. They are a great addition to any beach wear wardrobe. Kaftans are timeless, stylish, and fashionable and can even be worn to weddings if you choose.

Kaftans are a favorite beach cover-up worn by many women and instantly elevate your beach style to a higher level. Kaftans are typically made from lightweight flowing fabric that keeps you cool and comfortable on the beach if you prefer not to get wet. 

Just choose the design and fabric you prefer and wear this timeless classic to the beach, restaurant or bar. Kaftans have earned their place in history and in every woman’s summer beach bag. Most kaftans are made from cotton, silk rayon, georgette, or satin, perfect for a breezy day on the beach.

Kaftans are loose-fitting and an excellent wardrobe choice for any occasion, not only as beachwear. Stay cool while wearing a Kaftan on the beach and look exceptionally stylish. For women who are a little self-conscious about their bodies, a kaftan will help them feel and look stunning while staying relaxed and comfortable.


There are several beach cover-ups to wear to the beach if you are not swimming.

A fashionable beach cover-up will have you looking fabulous and stylish the moment you step on the beach. These beachside garments like wraparound dresses, Kimonos, summer cotton dresses, maxi skirts, crop tops, loose linen shorts, oversized t-shirts, classic floral sarongs, board shorts, and Palazzo pants are perfect for a day on the beach without getting wet.

Choosing comfortable, lightweight garments like Kimonos, wraparound dresses, or floral jumpsuits is key to keeping things effortless when dressing for a dry day on the beach.

Take your beach look to the next level with an airy linen dress, sarong, or cotton shorts. These beach cover-ups elevate your beach style and pair with any bikini or a one-piece swimsuit.

Some of the favorites we recommend are Palazzo pants, floral beach dresses, boardshorts, and cotton or linen shorts. Whichever beach wear you choose, ensure it’s made from light, breathable fabric and fits your body well.

With colorful designs and patterns, these summer beach dresses, Kimonos, and cotton summer dresses have something for everyone’s taste. Choose any items in this article for the best summer beach wear to spice up your day on the beach.