What Is The Safest Beach In Hawaii?

Hawaii is one of the most desired tourist destinations in the world. People from all over flock to see its exceptional beaches and experience its profound culture. There are over 100 beaches in Hawaii to choose from across seven islands.

Lydgate Beach Park holds the position for the safest and most family-friendly beach in Hawaii. Vacationers can find the beach in Kauai on its eastern side. The beach is enclosed with rocks, creating shallow and calm pools of water as well as there is a lifeguard on duty. The shallow pools are perfect for children to swim.

Not all of Hawaii’s beaches have a lifeguard posting, but there are more than sufficient safe and family-friendly beaches to choose from. Families can enjoy endless hours in the sun, swimming with exotic fishes, and trying new beach activities such as learning to surf. Knowing which are the safest beaches to go to will lead to a more relaxing vacation.

Lydgate Beach Park

The safest beach in Hawaii is home to Kauai’s and is on the island’s eastern side. There is a lifeguard post and you will have access to amenities such as a restroom, showers, a playground, and picnic tables.

Two calm pools of water are created by rocks enclosing the ocean. The inner rock pool is safer for children and beginner swimmers as it is more shallow. The outer rock pool is suitable for stronger swimmers and water activities as the current is more intense.

The calm waters are the perfect place to snorkel, witness exotic fish, and spend a relaxing day in the warm waters.

Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Beach houses one of Oahu’s first hotels, which is still one of the main hotels on the island. It’s on the south shore of Honolulu and is known as the playground for Hawaiin royalty. Kalakaua Avenue’s main road has exceptional restaurants, luxury shops, entertainment, resorts, and activities.

Fondly nicknamed “The Gathering Place,” Waikiki Beach is great for surfing and water activities. There is a lifeguard on duty on all beaches except for Outrigger Canoe Club Beach and Greys. Restrooms, beach showers, and parking are available when visiting Waikiki Beach.

It is a family-friendly beach to visit with lots of attractions to see. The best time to visit is April to May, and October as this is when the beach is quiet, but the weather is still incredibly pleasant.

Poipu Beach

According to The Travel Channel, Poipu Beach is within the top ten beaches to visit in America. There are restrooms available and lifeguard stations at the beach. Poipu Beach is interesting as it is crescent-shaped, and you can see Hawaiin monk seals.

The beach is separated by Nukumoi Point, creating two bays to experience. There is parking available, and Poipu Beach is a brilliant beach to visit if you want to snorkel, swim, do dolphin watching, surf, and bodyboard.

The left side of Poipu Beach has shallow, calmer waters, and the right side is ideal for water sports as the seas have a stronger current.

Ka’anapali Beach

Ka’anapali Beach was once named America’s Best Beach, and as soon as you see the crystal clear waters, it’s easy to understand why. The first-ever planned resort in Hawaii was built at Ka’anapali Beach.

The deep history and beautiful beaches make Ka’anapali Beach a coveted place to see. It is 3 miles long, with 13 accommodations to stay at and 18 activities to do. There are lifeguard stations at some of the beaches in Ka’anapali Beach. However, the waters are calm and safe to swim in with precautions.

Ka’anapali Beach is on the Maui coast, and one of its main attractions is the daily cliff diving ceremonies on the northern cliffs.

Hapuna Beach

Hapuna Beach is found along the coast of Kohala Coast. It is the largest white sand beach in Hawaii and is an excellent beach for families to spend time together on. There is parking available for $5.

There are a variety of food vendors to choose from access to bathrooms, showers, and picnic areas. Hapuna Beach has held a spot in the top ten best international beaches to experience. The waters are crystal clear, and you can witness an incredible array of lava rocks.

Hapuna Beaches have grills and picnic stations, as well as bathrooms. Visitors can camp here, and there is an abundance of accommodations to choose between. Hapuna Beach is family-friendly and the perfect beach to spend the day.

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Hanauma Bay Beach Park

One of the most popular beaches to visit is the Hanauma Bay Beach Park. There are 300 parking bays available for $3 per day ($1 for locals), and security protects the parking lot. The beach is within a volcanic cove, and it is the perfect beach to snorkel at to witness exotic fish.

Hanauma Bay Beach is on the Oahu coast, and it was voted the number one beach in 2016 by Dr. Beaches. There are lockers available to rent for you to store your personal belongings securely, and there is a lifeguard station present.

There are picnic benches and food vendors available to get food at, as there are an endless amount of activities to choose between to keep yourself busy.

In Conclusion

Hawaii has several breathtaking beaches to see, but not all the beaches are safe to swim in. Finding the safest beaches in Hawaii is easy to do. Ensure that the beach you want to visit has a lifeguard, access to amenities, and a popular area.

It is best to swim at the beaches closest to resorts as these cater to tourists. Lydgate Beach is the safest beach in Hawaii as the waters are calm and peaceful.