How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Beach House For A Week?

Beautiful beaches, fun in the sun, and the soft sea breeze against your skin. Who would say no to that? You can rent a beach house with your family for a week to experience pure bliss. It sounds idyllic, especially if you want privacy. It’s time to take a break and recharge your proverbial batteries!

Renting a beach house can be costly or cost-effective, depending on the beach house location, the demand, and the season. Rentals can vary from $450 – $1200 per week, while luxury rentals can cost upwards of $4000 per week. A little research helps to find a beach house rental that suits your budget.

The US coastline is one of the most beautiful and popular holiday destinations globally. Finding beach house accommodation at a reasonable cost can be a daunting proposition, given the available choices. How do you know if your beach house rental is fair or overpriced? We have some tips to make sure you can have that beach house experience without going over budget!

What Is The Average Cost Of Renting A Beach House?

Renting a beach house is the best option for planning a family getaway! Prices range from $450 to $1200 per week. Luxury rentals can cost up to $4000 per week.

You have a wide range of options, and having such a wide range can get confusing! Especially if you look at all the beautiful destinations. Do your research before grabbing the first offer you see.

Where Can I Rent A Beach House?

You have a lot of locations to choose from when you decide to rent a beach house. When planning your dream holiday with your family, consider different factors. These include prices, pet-friendly locations, and activities to enjoy.

Below is a list of popular locations to rent a beach house in the USA.

  • San Diego, California – San Diego has every one of the conveniences of an a-list city. It’s a roaring town where beach house rentals are on or exceptionally close to the ocean side.
  • Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – This lovely destination is the part point of the southern Atlantic Coast and the home of oceanside music. Myrtle Beach is lively and vibrant. An excellent location for an exciting holiday.
  • Fort Myers, Florida – A beautiful place with a wide range of seaside rentals. Relax and enjoy every moment! Take long beach walks, do some shelling and get a feel of your surroundings.
  • Orange Beach, Alabama – This beach town is in the Alabama Gulf Shores region. If you’re looking for a laid-back southern vibe, this is the place!
  • Miami Beach, Florida – Miami Beach would be at the top of your list for a luxurious holiday destination. It has a wide variety of beach houses along its coastline and is home to America’s rich and famous. You can enjoy endless activities from water sports to fine art.

What Amenities Should Your Beach House Rental Have?

If you rent a beach house for a week, you want to be comfortable. Here’s is a list of the most popular amenities.

  • Easy access to the beach – There is nothing more relaxing than taking a stroll on the beach first thing in the morning.
  • Outdoor space will include a grill area, patio, and an inviting fire pit to enjoy some cocktails.
  • A comfortable kitchen – This part of your beach house is essential. It must be a comfortable space where you can cook food and enjoy it at a dining table.
  • Beach extras will include a pool table, a pool, a jacuzzi, and different water activities such as deep-sea diving.
  • The best local experience – Mingling with the locals can be fun and informative. They will tell you more about their town and refer you to the best restaurants and locations to visit.

The finer details can make your holiday a memorable one. If you want to take your beloved pet with you, there are numerous pet-friendly beach houses you can rent. These pet-friendly beach houses are available at every location.

What Will The Weekly Cost Of Popular Beach Houses Be?

The location of your beach house is what makes the difference! Let’s look below at the prices of beach house rentals during peak season.

  • San Diego, California – Smaller family-friendly beach houses in this area have an average cost of $1260 per week. The more spacious beach houses with more amenities will cost you about $2900 per week.
  • Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – The average beach house rentals in this area cost between $750 and $3500 per week. You can decide which beach house and amenities you want based on the price.
  • Fort Myers, Florida – At Fort Myers, you will find a variety of beach houses. The price range is from $850 to $3500 per week.
  • Orange Beach, Alabama – Orange Beach is a popular holiday destination. Beach house rental prices range from $660 to $3800 per week.
  • Miami Beach, Florida – No holiday destination list is complete without Miami Beach’s ever-popular beaches! Beach house rentals are relatively reasonable, depending on which amenities you want. Beach house rentals start at an average of $660 to $1750 per week. If you choose the more luxurious route, rental prices can soar up to $4500 per week.

It is pivotal to look at the time of the year when you make your booking for your beach house rental. The time of year will cause a slight difference in your rental price. You might be lucky enough to get a discount!

Which Other Holiday Locations Are There In The USA?

The USA has beautiful beaches and famous landmarks visited by millions of people each year. Besides the popular locations, there are smaller beach towns along the coast.

These towns are small and are ideal for those individuals seeking tranquility. Below is a list of smaller beach towns and beach house rental offers.

  • Cannon Beach, Oregon – If you want to be surrounded by breathtaking beaches, Cannon Beach, should be on your list! It’s affordable and trendy among travelers. The average price to rent a beach house at this location is about $490 per week.
  • Rehoboth Beach, Delaware – This holiday location has dreamy white sandy beaches, and it’s a tranquil place that costs about $700 per week. Most of the beach house rentals in this area have all the amenities you and your family will need.
  • Morro Beach, California – Morro Beach is a picturesque beach town with cheaper beach house rentals. The average price for a beach house rental per week is only $450.
  • Bodega Beach, Sanoma County – With a population of only 1000 people, Bodega Beach, is an ideal destination for travelers that seek some peace. It’s far away from the hustle and bustle of cities. At $600, you can rent a beach house at this destination for an entire week.
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Book your airplane tickets, book your beach house at your chosen holiday destination, pack your bags and enjoy an exciting holiday along the US coastline. You will love all the activities, beach strolls, and just the overall sense of calm and peace.

Have some seafood, visit the best wineries, and enjoy time with your family. You have a wide variety of destinations to choose from, each unique. It’s time to enjoy your dream holiday. Rent the perfect beach house for you and your family and have some fun for a week!