Are There Sandy Beaches On Capri?

Capri is a fantastic island in Italy and a great tourist attraction. First, you might think of beaches as far as the eye can see, but if you do your research, you might notice that there are no photos of these beaches you imagine. Are there sandy beaches on Capri?

Volcanic rock mainly covers the surfaces of Capri, and all the beaches and coves that do have a slight stretch of sand, are covered with pebbles. Capri is not an island with white sandy beaches that you can stroll without shoes. The only two beaches that qualify as a beach are Marina Grande and Marina Piccola.

There are many named beaches in Capri, but this doesn’t mean you can take a long walk on the sand. Some have artificial sand, and others are only swimming spots or pristine viewing points.

What Is The Closest Thing To A Sandy Beach Op Capri?

Only two of the beaches can qualify as a beach as we know them. These are Marina Grande and Marina Piccola. Even though they are called a “beach” on Capri, they do not give the same feel as we might think.

Marina Grande Beach On Capri

Marina Grande is the favorite beach on Capri if you are looking for a beachy vibe. On Capri, beach clubs own each beach, control the beach and its surrounding attractions, and ask for an entrance fee to enjoy their beach. In Marina Grande, there is the public beach and then two holiday clubs named Le Ondine and Lo Smeraldo.

The public beach caters to those that would like to swim and spend time sunbathing on the beach. The swim area is pretty straightforward, even though it is close to the port. The water goes deeper gradually, making it perfect for families with kids to enjoy a swim.

 The sand area is relatively small, and not your usual long stretched, white sandy beaches but rather sand scattered with pebbles.

Restaurants and shops surround the beach area, making this quite a tourist attraction. Because the small beach area sometimes gets a bit too crowded, the time the sun is shining on the beach is also limited as the sun hides behind the mountain in late afternoons.

One of the private beaches is Bagni di Tiberio which guests can reach via boat shuttle. It is the beach most loved by children, and here you can taste the island’s traditional cuisine in style while enjoying a beautiful view of the whole Bay of Naples.

Marina Piccola Beach On Capri

Marina Piccola is the second part of Capri that tourists can classify as “beach material.” The benefit of this beach is that it is almost always warm here because the beach is on the island’s sunnier side and covered by rock, which makes it quite secluded and even pleasant in wintertime.

Here are also two public beaches and three private beaches. Here, public beaches are next to each other, giving you the “stroll on the beach” vibe, but with shoes, as pebbles line these beaches.

The sun also sets behind the unique signature rock formation surrounding this beach, and would it be best to plan your beach day not later than 4 pm.

The first private beach on Marina Piccola is da Gioia. It is one of the few Capri beaches where you can enjoy a bit of a beach experience. A lovely seafood restaurant is also on the bay and is open for lunch and dinner during the high season.

The second private beach La Canzone del Mare. This one has been part of the history of Capri since the 1950s. It has a perfect outlook on the Faraglioni and has been an exclusive spot in Capri.

Although there is no “beach” part here, you can still enjoy the sun and the ocean views on beach chairs, and there is a Jacuzzi and a pool. The area is perfect for a function as well. There are cabins to rent and a sundeck with a snack bar, making this one of the places you would like to experience for yourself.

The third private beach is Torre Saracena. A family owns this beach club, and you can feel the vibe on this beach—beautiful views of the Faraglioni and a cove to swim in and enjoy the sun. A fantastic restaurant is also open for lunch every day, serving Mediterranean-style foods that are part of the history of this island.

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Things To Do On Capri Rather Than Go To The Beach

Even though this island does not offer the usual white sandy beaches most islands do, there is a majestic feel to the vibe surrounding this beautiful place. There are many other things to draw your attention to than sunbathing on the beach.

A Dip In The Baths Of Queen Giovanna Of Capri

Here you can find a beautiful natural pool formed between limestone and a natural arch in the rock, leading water from the sea to create this picturesque place. Snorkel, swim, or enjoy the sun in this one-of-a-kind pool.

A Trip Through The Blue Grotto Of Capri

Although there are a few “blue grottos” worldwide, Capri’s are the most famous ones. With the most beautiful blue aquamarine water, this is a must-see when in Capri. The best way is to go on a boat tour and enter the caves to see this fantastic place.

A Stroll In The Giardini di Augustus Of Capri

Here you can enjoy the natural aspects as you explore the abundant flora of Capri. You start with a small set of stairs entering the gardens, whereafter breathtakingly beautiful views of the ocean, flowers and plants, and statues greet you. The entrance is also not expensive at all.

A Hike On The Via Del Pizzolungo In Capri

A hiking trail worth taking when you are in Capri. Hikers can expect to see beautiful sights and architecture while taking in the fresh air. Depending on which side you start, you might have to climb a flight of stairs, so ask the guides which is the best way if this doesn’t cover your fitness level.

Shopping On Via Camerella In Capri

This street will give you designer shopping in traditional island style. The architecture is beautifully fit for an island vibe, but the clothing and retail are everything but ordinary. Shoppers can find the top Italian designers’ clothing on this street. You might even do window shopping if the price tag doesn’t fit your budget.


You might not find any sandy beaches on Capri, but this should not stop you from visiting the exquisite island and taking in the beauty and history. With so much to do on Capri, you won’t even miss a long stroll on a white beach.