What Is The Safest Beach Town In New Jersey?

With fun activities, white sandy beaches, busy boardwalks, and lively nightlife, beach towns around New Jersey are the most popular destination during the summer. This article looks at beach towns that are the safest to visit.

New Jersey’s coastline stretches 130 magnificent miles, with golden shores, boardwalks, and boutique shops. The beach towns in New Jersey that are the safest are Beach Haven, Barnegat Light (L.B.I.), Cape May, Loch Arbour, Margate, Ocean City, Sea Isle City, Spring Lake, Stone Harbor, and Tuckerton.

Some New Jersey beach towns are famous as holiday destinations, while others cherish their safe, family-friendly reputations. The Jersey Shore is lined with more than 40 beach towns, each with a different vibe, character, and flavor. Let’s discover these lovely New Jersey beach towns to find out which ones are the safest and best for a visit.

Safest Beach Towns in New Jersey 

On television and in the movies, New Jersey is perceived as the home of organized crime and the mob, but that is more theater than reality. Recent crime studies show New Jersey may be one of the safest states in the U.S.

Many beach towns have low crime rates in New Jersey; however, thieves are ever-present everywhere, and no town is entirely without crime. We look at the beach towns considered the safest perfect for family holidays. 

Beach Haven is in Ocean County, New Jersey, and is one of the safest beach towns situated on the scenic Long Beach Island. Beach Haven has a low crime rate with a very small population, making it a favorite family destination.

Beach Haven offers visitors everything that is needed for a perfect beach holiday. It features several Bed and Breakfasts, boutique hotels, an amusement park, mini-golf, biking, and music venues near the beach. Beach Haven is well known as one of New Jersey’s most picturesque coastal towns.

Plenty of restaurants and cafés line the picturesque boardwalk. Many retirees live in Beach Haven because it is such a safe place. Long Beach Island is home to several beach towns, and Beach Haven is one of the favorites. 

Barnegat Light is one of Long Beach Island’s famous beach towns and is located on the most northern tip with some of the most expansive beaches in the area. Old Barney is the area’s iconic lighthouse known worldwide. Quaint Barnegat measures only 1 square mile and is far from heavy beach traffic. To get to Barnegat, you must drive through several small beach towns throughout scenic Long Beach Island. 

Barnegat features quiet streets and spacious sidewalks excellent for walking and bicycling. Feel free to leave your car in the driveway when you are in Barnegat.

This safe, family-oriented New Jersey beach town offers something to everyone, open beaches, bay fishing, crabbing and surf fishing, and several recreation areas are available. Barnegat has a dog park, basketball, tennis, skateboarding, parasailing, and paragliding.  

Barnegat town gets its name for the Barnegat Lighthouse State Park, which is its favorite tourist spot. The Barnegat Lighthouse State Park is ideal for fishing, picnicking, and climbing up the lighthouse to enjoy the spectacular view of Island Beach, Long Beach Island, and Barnegat Bay.

To get up to the historic lighthouse, you must climb 217 stairs because there is no elevator. The lighthouse features an information center where you can learn about this historic lighthouse.

Barnegat also offers a .2-mile maritime forest path that takes you on a scenic route around the rock jetty to the beach.

In 2009 when Barnegat turned 150, the 1859 Lighthouse was lit up for the first time since 1927. Tourists wanting to visit Barnegat Light can feel assured it is safe enough to visit any time of the year. 

Cape May

Cape May is famous for its lovely beaches, quaint homes and Victorian architecture, restaurants, ice cream parlors, boutique shops, and cafes. This beautiful beach town is situated at the southern point of New Jersey’s coastline.

The streets in Cape May feature some of the island’s most affectionately preserved Victorian buildings. The ones that are not privately owned are now used as bed and breakfasts or hotels.

The 203-year-old stately Congress Hall turned hotel in the center of town attracts many tourists with its beautiful furnishings. The Brown Room, a Prohibition-era cocktail bar, is a perfect place to experience the glamour of Congress Hall even without being a guest.

Cape May has been a beach holiday destination since the 1800s and has a reputation as one of the safest beach towns in the state.

Cape May Island, which consists of Cape May Point, Cape May proper, West Cape May, and North Cape May, is famous for preserving Victorian architecture. Cape May is one of the most beautiful beach towns in New Jersey.

Cape May takes you back into the past with its cobblestone streets, where horses and carriages still trot past the brightly colored gingerbread Victorian homes.

Cape May is one of the safest beach towns in New Jersey that features a wide selection of outdoor activities throughout the year.

Visitors can enjoy outdoor activities like sailing, boating, wine tasting at the Willow Creek Winery, golf at the Cape May National Golf Club, the Cape May County Zoo, or Cape May Lighthouse, to name a few. 

Loch Arbour

Loch Arbour was established in 1957. The small beach town on the Jersey Shore is tiny, and you might not even notice it at first as you drive around the island. It borders Allenhurst on the north and the City of Asbury Park on the south. 

Loch Arbour is just one-tenth of a square mile and undeniably the smallest beach town in New Jersey, with a population of fewer than 194 persons.

This quaint beach town has one of the safest records in the state. Loch Arbour has a few businesses and, unfortunately, no school. The local speed limit is lower than neighboring towns, and local police are always looking for speeding cars. The small beach town is considered a village rather than a town.


Margate is a famous beach town that attracts many tourists with a wide variety of activities to do in Margate. Rent a boat for the day from Bay Cats or book an overnight charter with O-Beth Charters for sport anglers who want to get to the open water. Most waterfront sailing charters offer sailing lessons or guided kayak tours around the area.

Don’t miss a visit to the famous Lucy the Elephant building, located just off Margate’s iconic beach. The 65-foot historic elephant-shaped building was constructed in 1881 and is recognized as a National Historic Landmark in New Jersey.

The Elephant shaped building features a gift shop and a covered balcony with panoramic views of the beach. Margate has a low crime rate and is considered one of the safest beach towns in New Jersey.

Margate offers boutique stores, surf shops, cafes, and seafood restaurants. The thriving Farmers Market sells locally grown produce, handmade baked goods, locally grown produce, seafood, freshly cut flowers, specialty herbs, and small-batch roasted coffee.

Ocean City

Ocean City has a famous boardwalk frequented by many tourists, and with its arcades, amusement parks, and boutique shops, there are lots to do in Ocean City; you don’t even need to leave the boardwalk.

Ocean City’s boardwalk has several vendors selling delicious food from seafood, pizza, and the famous funnel cakes.

Ocean City is a safe, family-friendly town that caters to families and young children with no bars. This beach town is entirely alcohol-free. The absence of alcohol is one of the reasons this lovely beach town has a low crime rate and is considered highly safe for tourists.

Ocean City is New Jersey’s most famous family holiday destination, attracting thousands of families each year.

The famous two-and-a-half-mile boardwalk is lined with attractions like the Pirate Island and Medieval Fantasy-themed amusement parks. Johnson’s Popcorn has been serving hand-tossed kettle corn coated with a crispy layer of caramel since 1940.

Amusement parks like Playland’s Castaway Cove and Gillian’s Wonderland Pier light up the night with colored lights along the beach. The 144-foot Ferris wheel can be seen for miles.

In 2012 almost two-thirds of city residents voted against a ballot measure to allow B.Y.O.B. at city restaurants. There are no shops to buy alcohol within Ocean City’s limits.

Ocean City is a safe holiday destination with more than 8 miles of sandy beaches that offer a variety of water activities.

Sea Isle City

The beautiful beach town of Sea Isle City is a safe, family-friendly popular New Jersey beach town that attracts thousands of visitors each year.

Its popular 1.5-mile boardwalk features many seafood restaurants and music venues that host live music all summer. Sea Isle City’s friendly, safe atmosphere is perfect for children and young families.

Sea Isle City features an amusement park, mini-golf, shops, restaurants, cafes, and arcades with spectacular coastline views.

Take a walk to the Sea Isle City Historical Museum, or stroll along Townsend’s Inlet Waterfront Park, with its natural beauty.

Sea Isle City is a famous beach town with many families that visit each year. Its pristine beaches to explore and many outdoor watersport activities have lots to offer.

The Sea Isle’s outdoor Band Shell, located on the beachfront, offers free entertainment throughout the holiday season. Their weekly family dance events, concerts, and the Sea Isle City’s Got Talent and movie night under the stars are favorite events at Sea Isle City.

Stone Harbor

The lovely little town of Stone Harbor refers to itself as The Seashore at its Best and is located midway along the Jersey Cape with 30 miles of spectacular beaches.

Stone Harbor has been a favorite beach town destination for families for more than 75 years with its safe track record.
The quiet beach town features lovely, protected beaches, gourmet restaurants, and boutique shopping in a safe, relaxed atmosphere.

Stone Harbor beach town offers many outdoor activities for visitors like fishing, surfing, boating, beach volleyball, and tennis.

The Stone Harbor Art and Craft Show attract thousands of visitors each year. Many attractions like Boardwalk, Amusement pier, County Park and Zoo, and Historical Victorian buildings line the coastline around Stone Harbor.

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Tuckerton Beach town is situated on Tuckerton Creek, a quick ferry ride from Long Beach Island. Enjoy the spectacular views from the mile-long boardwalk. The shops are open year-round for those who want to visit during the off-season.

Tuckerton hosts the Tuckerton Beach Grille, famous for its mouthwatering food. Sports bars, music events, dance parties, and comedy shows are all hosted in this beautiful little beach town.

New Jersey’s rich maritime history can be discovered at the Tuckerton Seaport and Baymen’s Museum, located on the beachfront. Tuckerton beach town was once an active fishing port, but today, it is a living museum showcasing the town’s maritime history.

The 40-acre small beach town features 17 recreated historic buildings like a sea captain’s house, sawmill, and a decoy carving shop. Tuckerton has a reputation for being one of the safest towns in New Jersey.

Safety Concerns in New Jersey Beach Towns

Even though we listed these beach towns with outstanding safety records in this article, you should note that crime is found everywhere. For most parts, New Jersey is one of the safest states in the U.S. Some reports have shown an increase in crime in some areas of New Jersey, but generally, it is very safe.

Towns in New Jersey to avoid that have high crime rates are Camden, Newark, Trenton, and Patterson, where mugging is observed. More cars are stolen in Newark than in any other town in the U.S.

Another safety concern in New Jersey is scams directed at older residents. Most scams occur over the phone.

New Jersey has the lowest rape rate in the U.S. Women often travel to New Jersey alone. Any woman traveling alone should always take the proper safety measures to stay safe when alone out at night.


New Jersey ranks as the fifth safest state in the U.S. Even though there are crimes in every state, New Jersey beach towns have fewer violent crimes than other states. Always remain vigilant and protect your property and yourself when visiting New Jersey. The crime rate is extremely low in most beach towns, and the beaches are generally safe too.

According to law enforcement statistics, most New Jersey beach towns are safe. The high presence of law enforcement in most beach towns is a deterrent and reduces crime overall.

When you stay in New Jersey, there is little risk; you can feel safe enough to enjoy your well-earned beach holiday at leisure.