What Material Is Best For A Beach Bag?

Beach bags are a must, especially if you live near a beach or spend all your free time on the shore. However, using a standard, everyday tote bag won’t make the cut, as they might not serve you for as long as you’d hope. What material is best for a beach bag?

Fabric such as cotton is the most popular and durable material for a beach bag. Straw beach bags with proper lining along with any synthetic materials are also some of the best materials for a beach bag. They provide users with comfort on the beach while receiving excellent quality and durability.

When it comes to beach bags, you need to be aware of each material’s characteristics and properties. Continue reading as we discuss these three popular fabrics and which one is the right fit for you!

The 3 Types Of Best Material For A Beach Bag

The material is the number one feature you should look for in a potential beach bag. It would be best if you keep in mind that there isn’t one perfect choice for everyone, as it ultimately depends on your specific needs and wants, and what would suit them best.

Sunbathing is much different than lounging aside the pool or exploring some beach caves.

Let’s take a look below at the three most common beach bag materials:


Straw is one of the most classic materials for making the perfect beach bag. Straw also looks very chic and creates a timeless image.

These days, we won’t ideally use straw bags for shopping a the farmer’s market but rather for decorative and style purposes.

Firstly, you should know that straw bags won’t take the rough conditions of a day at the beach very well.

A woven straw beach bag can break easily if caught on something, and the sun and saltwater can weaken the fibers over extended periods.

Secondly, a straw beach bag might also be challenging to keep clean. Sand can quickly get into the tiny holes in the staw weave and is hard to shake out afterward.

Straw beach bags also need a gentle cleaning process, which can become time-consuming. You should never throw a straw bag in your washing machine.

Synthetic Fabrics

Synthetic materials are the most practical choice for spending a day at the beach.

For example, mesh beach bags are usually manufactured out of polyester or nylon, making them thin and lightweight yet strong.

Synthetic materials are also water-resistant and can be cleaned easily, as the sand just falls through, and you can dry the bag.

Different types of polymers, such as plastic and rubber, are often used due to their waterproof and lightweight properties. However, these materials might not feel good on your bare skin, and they tend to heat up quite quickly when they are left in the sun. They also tend to look less stylish than natural materials.


Natural cotton is probably one of the most popular materials for beach bags. Cotton is soft and won’t chafe any exposed skin when it rubs against you.

Cotton also dries quickly while being lightweight and machine-washable. This results in cotton having the most extended lifespan when it comes to material, and you won’t have to worry about sand or mold getting in the way of having fun at the beach.

With a 100% cotton interior, shaking off any dirt or sand is easy, and it feels great on your skin. However, a natural cotton beach bag may require some care to maintain the vibrancy of its colors.

Therefore, when you decide your cotton beach bag is in need of a wash, avoid hard detergents and chemicals such as detergents and chlorine, as it may result in their colors fading and the fibers fraying.

Always Keep A Beach Bag’s Material Properties In Mind

As you already know, not all beach bags are created equal. Below are the two most important features you should look for when you are deciding on the best beach bag for you:


Cheap and poorly made beach bags and tote bags are found everywhere. These bags may last you for maybe one or two seasons at the beach if you are fortunate, as the construction and the materials of these items are of lower quality and will be quick to fall apart.

If you are somebody that enjoys going to the beach quite often, this cheap material’s lifespan would be even shorter.

This is especially the case when it comes to family vacations!

Therefore, a high-quality beach bag with solid handles and reinforced stitching is a must-have for you if you’re looking for something that won’t only look great but will last you for several family vacations to come!

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The comfort factor is something that is overlooked most of the time when it comes to beach bags, but it can significantly affect how you experience the day at the beach.

When you’re heading out for a swim, you will wear a bathing suit and shorts, and maybe pair them with a t-shirt or a tank top.

This means most of your skin is exposed. Now, imagine throwing a heavy beach bag made of plastic or some other rough material over your shoulder, only to find out it causes great irritation and discomfort.

You will most likely also be carrying different things, such as a cooler bag or a beach chair, making you sweaty.

Your bag will be hanging from your wrist or shoulder without having any extra support.

Therefore, when you look for a beach bag, try to find one with soft straps that are wide yet strong enough to withstand the weight of your things without causing you any pain or irritation.

Remember never to buy your beach bags online, no matter how much you like them. The material could be deceiving online, and you would much rather like to feel the material yourself before making the purchase.


Now that you know exactly what materials to look for when you’re on the search for your perfect beach bag, you can rest assured you’ll make the best choice! Durability and comfortability are what it’s all about, so make sure you keep that in mind!