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Do Water Shoes Keep Sand Out?

As the name suggests, water shoes are used during activities in and around water. They allow water to flow through the shoe, so it remains lightweight and dries easily. But, if they are designed to let water flow into the …

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Do You Tan Better Wet Or Dry?

Anyone (especially the ladies) will agree that you look healthier and more radiant when tanned. There is, however, the dispute about whether you tan better when wet or dry, and with so many different opinions, it is enough to confuse …

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What Do You Buy At The Beach?

Planning a trip to the seaside, but wondering what you buy at the beach to take the hassle out of packing all the items you or your family might need? Do you find the mere thought of carting an armful …

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Does Salt Water Help You Tan?

The picture on travel brochures of toned brown bodies in revealing bikinis or speedos looks wonderful and is very enticing. Unfortunately, it does not represent reality- at least not in the long term, where the results of exposure to the …

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Do All Hats Block UV Rays?

After seeing how skin cancer ravages its victims, it is surprising that more people don’t pay more attention to how they protect their skin against UV rays. While it is essential that the whole body is protected, wearing a hat …

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Do You Tan Faster In Water Or Laying Out?

Nothing says summer more than laying in the sun and achieving a golden brown tan! Whether you’re getting ready for your tropical holiday or just spending your time at home, tanning could be one of the best ways to boost …

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What Food Is Good At A Beach Party?

Nothing says “party” than the beach. You don’t have to think about decorations or activities to keep your guests busy, and no venue fees – a bonus. The one thing to consider is the food. What food is good to …

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Is A Wool Blanket Good For The Beach?

Nothing is more exciting than waking up Saturday morning and getting everything ready for a day at the beach. Choosing the right blanket is not always what comes to mind with many things needed. If you have a wool blanket …

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Can You Use A Bath Towel As A Beach Towel?

When summertime rolls in and the days get hot enough that you need to cool off from the blazing heat, nothing beats packing up and heading to the beach for a day spent along the ocean shore. But before you grab …

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Is It Good To Live In A Beach House?

Most people dream about living in a beachfront house, but have you considered the advantages or disadvantages? We look at beachfront living in this article to determine the benefits. Read on to find out! Living in a beach house is …

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