Swimwear To Hide Tummy And Thighs

One of the greatest things about living in the modern era is that there is swimwear available that will flatter every body shape. There is no need to avoid the beach or wear old-fashioned frumpy styles even if you don’t have a flat tummy or toned thighs. A selection of styles are available that will shape, disguise, and control even the toughest areas so you can confidently enjoy the waves and love every minute of your time at the beach.

To hide your tummy and thighs, choose swimwear designs that cover and control those areas. Wear a lighter color on your top section, keep your tummy and thighs under wraps with a boyleg style, or wear a sarong or board shorts. Divert the focus by using plunging necklines and thick shoulder straps.

Most of us don’t have Baywatch-perfect bodies, so slipping into a bathing suit can be a scary experience if you have a few extra bulges around the middle. Luckily, we know all the tricks when it comes to fitting swimwear. If you choose correctly, your bathing suit may become your new favorite outfit!

Best Swimwear To Hide Tummy And Thighs

Choosing swimwear is more complicated than selecting most other clothing. Everything from the fabric to the print and design greatly affects the overall result. There are a lot of elements all packed into one tiny skin-tight garment!

The secret to choosing a bathing suit that hides your tummy or thighs is knowing what to look for and what to avoid. Hiding your problem areas may be as simple as emphasizing another feature! Let’s go through some basics of choosing swimwear that will flatter your shape.

  • Take control and start with the right attitude – Even if you have recently given birth, or hit the dreaded middle-age spread, be excited about shopping for your new swimsuit. Modern designs and fabrics make it possible to look cute and trendy. Don’t let a flabby tummy or thighs get in the middle of you enjoying the warm weather.
  • Divert the focus – There is swimwear available that features detailed bust lines, plunging scoop-necks, and sexy low-cut backs. The print of the fabric can also draw the focus away from your middle area. A muted tone over the problem areas and a colorful top section work well for this.
  • Make sure your swimsuit fits perfectly – When it comes to swimsuits, a perfect fit is essential. Too big and it won’t offer enough control for those problem areas – too small, and a swimsuit can resemble a sausage casing.
  • Use strategic cover-ups – Tummies and thighs have been a challenge for swimsuit wearers since forever. This means that designers have had plenty of time to come up with some cunning strategies to keep these areas under wraps. Choose a bathing suit with ruching over the tummy or built-in shapewear that will smooth out tricky areas.
  • Select an appropriate style – One-piece bathing suits often hide more faults than bikinis. Tummy control panels are frequently built into designs to streamline the whole effect. However, it’s a great time to be alive, and fabulous high-waisted bikini bottoms are now available. Choosing a bikini doesn’t have to be about sporting a muffin top belly over a teeny-tiny bikini bottom. Sexy two-piece styles are available that provide excellent coverage and control.
  • Cover your bottom – It may seem unrelated, but full coverage over your bottom helps to balance and hide imperfections around the tummy and thighs.

8 Swimwear Hacks To Hide Tummy And Thighs

Finding the perfect bathing suit has never been easier. Whether you have a post-baby belly or want a more modest cover-up around your hips, there are plenty of ways to hide areas, even with a garment as tiny as a swimsuit.

1. Choose Contrasting Top And Bottom Colors

Dark colors look smaller than lighter ones, so opting for a black or navy bottom half on a swimsuit will instantly make that area appear smaller than the lighter color top piece. It is an optical illusion that you can use to your advantage to hide your tummy and thighs.

Here are some effective tummy control dark–light swimwear options we love.

B2prity One-piece with V-neck (Available on Amazon below) – This bestselling swimsuit is specifically designed to hide flabby post-partum tummies. It includes tummy control support, so any loose skin stays neatly and comfortably in place. The lighter top part of this bathing suit features optimized bust support. So, in addition to cleverly attracting attention away from your middle area, you can show off your other assets perfectly.

MolyBell Front Cross Cutout Monokini Swimwear (Available on Amazon below) – The design of this bathing suit combines several of the recommended tummy-hiding techniques. The top is lighter, there is great use of diagonal angles, and the tummy section is ruched, which cleverly hides loose skin. This style is an excellent choice if your tummy is your main concern.

2. Balance Your Shape With Frills And Ruffles

Opt for tiered layers of ruffles that start at the bust and fall softly on each other. The style is gorgeous and feminine, and best of all, the ruffles completely hide any extra lumps or bumps you may have on your belly. This style comes in one and two-piece options.

MAXMODA Ruffle One-piece Swimsuit (Available on Amazon below) – This design is available in a range of colors. The ruffles add a holiday vibe, so this bathing suit is also perfect outside the water, for beach parties, or lounging next to your pool. What we love about the ruffles on this bathing suit is that the back is still figure-hugging. The cute ruffle detail is only on the front, so it looks tailored and elegant.

3. Mix And Match

There is no rule that says the top and bottom of your swimsuit must be from a matching set. If you have experienced minor seasonal bulges around your thighs or belly, there is no need to discard all your cute bikini tops!

Hiding your pear shape section has never been easier since bikini bottoms can be purchased separately. Instead of being stuck with a teensy weeny item, modern, sexy high-waisted swimwear bottoms make it easy to conceal those parts you aren’t confident about showing off or need a little control for.

Nip Tuck Swim High Waisted Brief – Tummy? What tummy? Look no further if you are a bikini fan but need a little support for a belly bulge. This textured bottom features soft body contouring mesh that comfortably holds everything in place while looking feminine and sexy.

Cute, elegant, and sexy, this bikini bottom will make you feel supremely confident. We absolutely love the ruched detailing on the front that is balanced by a fuller coverage over the butt. There are matching tops available as separates.

Luvamia High Waisted Swim Skirt (Available on Amazon below) – This one is perfect for anyone who needs to hide their upper thighs but still look a goddess at the beach. The side slit reveals just enough to be sexy but keeps any bumps under wraps. Team it up with one of your bikini tops for a cute, comfortable look.

4. Try A Cute Swimdress

I know what you’re thinking! Most of us associate the thick fabric skirt fitting over a bathing suit with the older generation. Those functional, uncomfortable-looking swimsuits have been updated to become adorable, soft, and flattering garments that will make you feel cute and confident without even thinking about your problem areas.

MiYang Tankini Swimdress Halterneck (Available on Amazon below) – It doesn’t get much cuter than this! This tankini swimdress features a feminine, irregularly hemmed floaty mesh skirt that will make you feel like a fairy while perfectly hiding any lumps or bumps around your tummy or thighs.

This is a two-piece swimsuit that looks like a one-piece! The mid-waist boy shorts bottom will keep any problem comfortable and cleverly disguised. We love the push-up padded bra section that features a bow knot detailing. There is a range of eye-catching colors and designs to choose from.

Wantdo Skirtini Bathing Suit (Available on Amazon below) – Show off your curves without the bulges in this ultra-gorgeous swim dress that features built-in tummy control. This is a one-piece that has built-in matching swim shorts. The wide straps and padded bra make it super comfortable so you can confidently participate in all beach activities without constantly readjusting your bathing suit.

5. Use Print To Hide Tummy And Thighs

Clever use of a fabric’s print can hide a lot of flaws when wearing swimwear. Tiny detailed, busy patterns and vertical lines can effectively take the focus away from the bulges they are covering. Avoid large horizontal stripes and light-colored fabrics over areas you want to hide.

Yonique High Waisted Leopard Print Bikini (Available on Amazon below) – This plus-size bikini not only has a rushed, high waist that will provide great tummy control, but the sexy leopard print distracts the eye.

6. Choose A Boyleg Design

The hottest new trend in beachwear is boyleg styles. This is an ideal option if you are not a fan of swimskirts but need to hide your upper thighs. It is comfortable, and you will be able to participate in all the summer beach fun without worrying about your bathing suit revealing too much in those areas you want to hide.

ROMWE Tie Dye One Piece (Available on Amazon below) – This super sexy bathing suit will cover both of your problem areas and highlight the upper half of your body. The flamboyant print is also eye-catching and will help to hide pesky bulges.

HGYCPP Black Boyleg One Piece – This bathing suit is the equivalent of your little black dress! Simple, sexy, and it perfectly covers both your thighs and tummy. The bra section has removable pads, so you can decide if you need them to provide additional support for your bust.

7. Emphasize Your Shoulders

Narrow shoulder straps on a full-cut style bathing suit tend to make it look bottom-heavy. If you are trying to hide a pear-shaped figure, a good trick is to balance the look with heavy straps or even sleeves. That way, you are turning the pear upside down and balancing the effect.

Poppy Top Tankini – While this tankini top from Geode Swimwear won’t hide your tummy and thighs, it will definitely take the focus away from them. We love the clever design that instantly makes your top section appear wider than your hips. Matching bikini bottoms are available, or team it up with a solid dark color boyleg bottom.

Aqua Eve (Available on Amazon below) – If you love surfing, swimming, or bodyboarding but are self-conscious about your body, this is the perfect swimsuit! The long sleeves create the illusion that your top section is wider than your hips, so it is a smart method to make your tummy and thighs appear thinner. The boyleg bottom will also keep you comfortable and free to enjoy watersports without worrying that they are riding up. This swimsuit is available in an assortment of colors.

8. Wear A Swimwear Cover Up

If you don’t want to splash out on entirely new swimwear to cover your tummy and thighs, invest in a slinky sarong or cute boardshorts, and voila, problem solved! You can even use a large scarf to drape around your waist and tie in an off-center knot. It can hang as high or as low as you’d like.

Holipick Sarong (Available on Amazon below) – This feminine, breathable sheer sarong cover-up is perfect for hiding your tummy and thighs without looking frumpish. The semi-sheer fabric offers enough coverage to keep problem areas under wraps while keeping your bathing suit visible.

For G and PL Beach Board Shorts With Pockets (Available on Amazon below) – What could be better than comfortable, attractive swimwear with handy pockets? These board shorts are quick drying and breathable, so you can swim in them without feeling weighed down. Pop them on over your existing bikini bottom to hide your tummy and thighs instantly. There is a wide range of prints and colors to choose from, so you can match them up with your current bikini tops.

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Make choosing the perfect swimsuit part of the fun of going to the beach! There is gorgeous swimwear available designed to flatter every shape and size. Don’t let a few tummy bulges ruin your summer fun.