Best Portable Beach Table

Everyone needs a regular dose of Vitamin-Sea, and having the right equipment can make ordinary trips to the beach feel even more special. We have compiled a list of outstanding portable tables that are lightweight, convenient and durable enough to be your perfect seaside sidekick at the beach this summer. Taking along a table will keep your food and other essentials out of the sand and keep everything within comfortable reach while you’re relaxing.

The top 9 best portable beach tables include:

  1. WEJOY Portable Outdoor Beach Table
  2. AMMSUN Umbrella Tray Table
  3. Rio Personal Beach Folding Table
  4. THEAN Compact Portable Aluminum Mini Table
  5. NiceC Folding Table with Built-in Cooler
  6. Bamboo Sandstand
  7. Short Table Wood Portable Table
  8. Winado Portable Picnic Table
  9. Rock Cloud Portable Folding Table

Not all portable tables are created equal, so it is important to know what to look for while shopping. Unless you make an informed selection may find yourself lugging a clunky piece of furniture down the beach, or even worse, realize that your new portable table was only good for one outing before it rusts to pieces.

Best Portable Beach Table

You may be wondering what makes a portable beach table different from any other portable table. You may already have a folding table for camping or picnics. The truth is that the beach is a unique environment. Unless your equipment is extremely durable, it won’t last long after a trip to the sea.

It is a much better idea to invest in a portable table suitable to use at the beach, as it can also be used in other settings. However, a folding table made specifically for camping may rust or be too heavy to use comfortably on beach outings.

Fortunately, most portable beach tables are affordable, and you usually don’t require a large table surface. However, that is just one of the important variables you must consider when buying a portable beach table.

10 Things To Consider When Choosing A Portable Beach Table

Before we start our countdown, let’s check out some of the things you must keep in mind when purchasing the best beach table for your situation:

  • Durability – This is being listed first because any steel parts on your table will rust very quickly when exposed to salty sea air. Besides not lasting very long, rusty equipment will quickly look unsightly. The table should also be waterproof, so if you opt for a wooden type, ensure it is properly sealed to protect the wood.
  • Weight – You may not be able to park close to where you want to set up along the shoreline. Also, keep in mind that you will probably also be carrying a beach chair, umbrella, cooler and other essentials, so your beach table should be as lightweight as possible.
  • Suitability – Match your beach table to fit with your beach chair. You won’t be comfortable if you have an ultra-low-format beach chair and need to reach up every time you want a sip of your drink. Match the height of your portable beach table to suit the height and design of your beach chairs.
  • Folding mechanism – Your beach stable should fold out easily and snap securely into position so you can get on with enjoying the waves. There must be no loose parts that can get lost in the sand. 
  • Stability – The longer the legs, the less stable your table will be in sand. This same principle is the reason that beach chairs are usually lower than standard chairs. Lower tables will also be more wind resistant than higher ones. Keep the table’s height and stability in mind when making your selection.
  • Versatility – Choose a table you can use at the beach and in other settings. A beach table is specifically made of durable materials to cope with sea air, but it should be adaptable enough for different applications.
  • Size – The surface area of beach tables varies greatly. You may only need a tiny tabletop surface to hold your phone and a drink for yourself while sunbathing, or need your table to be big enough to lay out a romantic dinner for two. Shop with your specific requirements in mind.
  • Cup Holders – The beach can get windy at times, and having a recessed cup holder built into the surface of your beach table may be a feature you would like to have.
  • Cost – Most of us live on a set budget, so the beach table you choose should be the best value for money that you can afford. Fortunately, plenty of excellent options are available that don’t cost a lot.
  • Appearance – Although function, portability, and durability should be your primary concerns in a great beach table, some designs are, well, just clunky and unappealing. While broad, colorful plastic folding legs may be a sensible choice if you have young kids, it doesn’t lend itself to romantic evenings on the beach sipping chilled wine. Get a portable beach table to match your style.

Top 10 Portable Beach Tables

Once you have an idea of your beach table requirements, you will be able to shop confidently. Let’s work through our top 9 picks, from the smallest, most functional, to classic wooden tables and everything in between!

1. WEJOY Portable Outdoor Beach Table

This no-slip table top may be ideal if you just need a teeny-tiny one-person stand to keep your drink off the sand. The tabletop is held in place by a single spike that is anchored in the sand. The leg detaches and breaks down into two pieces, so the entire table can easily fit into a beach bag or backpack.

The little tabletop can be set up quickly, and the spike is made from an electroplated steel tube, so it is light and resistant to corrosion. The design’s simplicity makes it a handy little gadget to pop in next to your beach chair. Some reviewers of this table have found the WEJOY handy when taking their dogs to the beach as it works well as a pet bowl stand.

The WEJOY is super tiny, but it can be used independently and doesn’t need to be fitted onto a support like an umbrella or beach chair. However, it is not recommended for kids as it’s not very stable and has a pointy end if it is pulled out of the sand.

Check it out on Amazon below.

MaterialPolypropylene and alloy steel
Tabletop HeightAdjustable – Spike is inserted into the sand
Folding / PortabilityTwo-piece rod easily attaches to the base of the tabletop
Beverage HolderNo
Table Size9.6″ x 9.1″
Special FeaturesNo-slip surface, ultra-small and lightweight

2. AMMSUN Umbrella Tray Table

If you are taking a beach umbrella and just need a tiny table to keep your drinks and snacks out of the sand, a plastic umbrella table may be just what you need. These lightweight, durable plastic tables can fit onto any pole diameter.

This tiny umbrella-fitted table is perfect for use at the beach or pool. Because the shelf screws onto the umbrella pole, it is height adjustable and can be used with low beach chairs or patio-style pool chairs. So long as you have a sturdy, upright umbrella pole, you can use this table.

The plastic shelf has cup holders and two recessed tray spots that will prevent small items like your sunglasses and phone from falling into the sand. Since it is made from ABS plastic, cleaning it is as simple as running it under a tap and letting it dry.

The only downside of using an umbrella tray is that you need to always have an umbrella with you on your beach trips, and it must stay in an upright position for this table to work. So it is not a good option if you’re a die-hard beach goer and a stiff breeze comes up, or you want to enjoy sunset drinks.

Check it out on Amazon below.

MaterialABS plastic
Tabletop HeightAdjustable on the umbrella pole
Folding / PortabilityVery lightweight. Does not fold.
Beverage HolderYes. Two cup holders and two trays
Table SizeRound shape – 13-inch diameter
Weight12.3 ounces
Special FeaturesFits onto any umbrella pole.

3. Rio Personal Beach Folding Table

The Rio Portable Beach table is one of the sturdiest options available. Its ultra-wide legs fold out to create a solid platform that will keep your belongings safely off the sand. It can hold up to 30lbs, so it is also perfect for holding your cooler.

The Rio has a very functional, beachy appearance. The blue and white table is constructed from plastic, so it is completely waterproof, and there is no chance of it rusting. In addition, it is lightweight and folds flat, so transporting it and setting it up is a snap.

The wide design legs can be set at two heights, with the highest setting being 10 inches. It is small, compact, and fits into a handy bag that has a carry strap on one side. This table does not have any cup holders or raised edges. It is a flat tabletop surface.

Check it out on Amazon below.

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Tabletop HeightThe full height is 10″. The table legs can be folded in half if you need a shorter height.
Folding / PortabilityFolds flat. It comes with a case that includes a carry strap.
Beverage HolderNo. Flat tabletop surface.
Table Size14″ x 16″
Weight3 pounds
Special FeaturesVery easy to fold and unfold without any tools

4. THEAN Compact Portable Aluminum Mini Table

This compact mini-table is one of the lightest options you will find in a free-standing beach table. It is manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminum, so it is not only durable but extremely strong. The tiny platform can hold up to 50 pounds without buckling.

While it may not have a lot of bells and whistles, the THEAN mini table is perfect for anyone who just wants to unwind on the beach and keep their stuff off the sand. It is only 5.1 inches high and can’t be made any higher, but other sizes are available if you need a slightly taller version of this table.

This 11 x15″ version is an excellent option as a personal side table alongside a beach chair while relaxing on the shoreline. It folds down flat and comes in a neat drawstring bag so that you can pop it into your beach bag. It is so lightweight you will hardly remember that it’s in there.

The only downside of this versatile and lightweight little table is that it only comes in a red and black color scheme. While this may be perfect for camping, the black surface may get a little hot at the sea unless you are under an umbrella. However, it is waterproof, light, easy to fold, and has a 5-star review rating on Amazon, so definitely a little mini-table to consider for your next beach excursion.

Check it out on Amazon below.

Tabletop Height5.1 inches
Folding / PortabilityFolds flat. It comes in a drawstring carry case
Beverage HolderNo. Flat tabletop surface.
Table Size15.75″ x 11.42″
Weight1.98 pounds
Special FeaturesExtremely lightweight and can hold up to 50lbs

5. Bamboo Sandstand

The classic appearance of a quality wooden item meets eco-friendly living in this finely crafted beach table. The table is made from bamboo, a renewable natural resource that offers incredible strength and beautiful good looks.

The design is simple and perfect for anyone who loves beautifully made wooden items. A sturdy wooden dowel screws into the table’s base to form a spike that can anchor the table in the sand. A handle is cut into the wooden surface, making the table highly portable.

Two drinks holders on either side of the wooden tabletop make it perfect between two beach chairs. This item is a little more expensive than some of the other options, but it is a timeless piece and can also make an excellent gift.

The Sandstand features handy loop hangers where you can hook on your sunglasses and has a clever bottle opener on the underside. This is a top-class product you will look forward to using for many years.

Check it out on

Tabletop HeightThe dowel is 15.5 inches – height depends on the depth it is inserted in the sand
Folding / PortabilityFolds flat. Threaded wooden dowel stand clips onto the base
Beverage HolderYes, two. One on each side
Table Size16″ x 11.25
Weight4 pounds, 6 ounces
Special FeaturesEco-friendly, finely crafted, and elegant

6. NiceC Folding Table with Built-in Cooler

If you like spider frame folding equipment, look no further than the NiceC folding table for your next trip to the beach. This nifty folding table features a built-in cooler compartment under the table section, so it is ideal for family beach trips as drinks, stays cool, and accessible to everyone.

This folding table is the ultimate for convenient snacking while enjoying the beach. There is space for four drinks, and a large holder in the middle can safely hold snacks or beach items like sun cream, keys, sunglasses, or your favorite book. The design is lightweight, collapsible, and easy to fold. The table slides into a carry bag in the same way as camping chairs.

The NiceC is an excellent choice for anyone with families, but it may not be ideal if you prefer sipping a long stem glass of wine as you watch the sunset over the ocean since the tabletop is made of canvas. The drinks holders are perfect for large cups or cans but may be awkward if you have more delicate glasses.

Check it out on Amazon below.

MaterialAluminum and waterproof canvas
Tabletop Height24 inches
Folding / PortabilitySpider frame table. It comes in a drawstring carry case
Beverage HolderYes. Four cup holders and a center snack holder.
Table Size21.3″ x 21.3″
Weight3.43 pounds
Special FeaturesBuilt-in cooler section under the tabletop

7. Short Table Wood Portable Table

If you prefer a classic table that would be perfect for a romantic date on the beach or a low table in your tent when camping, this 10″ high is perfect. It is portable and strong and pairs the timeless elegance of wood with practical folding functionality.

Although this table may be a little heavier than some of the plastic types, it’s a solid little tabletop. So if you know that you won’t need to walk far to set up, it is a sturdy, elegant tabletop that will match any beach chairs. It’s a solid investment in wood that you can take anywhere, camping, picnics, or any outings where you may need to keep your belongings off the ground.

The design is really clever, and the table folds neatly in half. The best part is that it forms its own carry handle, so you don’t have to wrestle your beach table into a bag when you’re ready to go home. Just fold it in half and pick it up by the handle.

Check it out on Amazon below.

Tabletop Height10 inches
Folding / PortabilityThe table top folds in half and forms a carry handle
Beverage HolderNo. There is a slated or flat top version available but no drinks holders.  
Table Size20″ x 18.5″
Weight5.5 pounds
Special FeaturesVery durable and sturdy. Classic wooden looks.

8. Winado Folding Camping Table

If you need a table that is a bit more substantial and would like the kids to have a place to sit down under the shade of an umbrella to eat, the Winado folding table with seats is perfect. Although it is a slightly heavier table than some other options, you won’t need to carry extra seating, and the entire unit folds down flat to make moving it comfortable.

The Winado folding table is made to be versatile. Whether your outing is to the beach, camping, or a picnic in the woods, the sturdy aluminum alloy frame will hold its own on any surface.

A great feature of this table is that although it is considerably larger than some of the others in this review, the unfolding and clip mechanism is straightforward to use. There are no loose parts, so set up and take down are simple, and you won’t be scrounging about for lost fittings.

There is a beach umbrella hole in the center of the table, so your table can always look welcoming and shaded under a colorful umbrella. The entire unit folds down flat, so it’s easy to transport and store.

Check it out on

MaterialAluminum alloy
Tabletop Height26.57″
Folding / PortabilityFolds Flat
Beverage HolderNo. It has a flat tabletop
Table Size33.74 x 25.87″
Special FeaturesThe table folds out with 4 seats. It features a hole in the center of the table for an umbrella.

9. Rock Cloud Portable Folding Table

The Rock Cloud is a neat, attractive, and sensible portable beach table option. It offers the appearance of a classic wooden slatted tabletop surface. The top is, however, made from a durable aluminum alloy, so this table is available in a selection of colors – perfect to match up with your beach chairs and umbrella!

A practical storage bag is cleverly situated between the corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy frame legs. This provides a nifty storage space, so your items are always close at hand. Different sized versions of the Rock Cloud are available, so if you plan to use it with your current beach chair, choose a model of the correct height.

The table comes in a drawstring carry case, and setup is quick and easy. Simply open the base and attach the storage bag with the velcro fittings along the top edges. Then unfold the tabletop and snap it into place before settling down for a day listening to the waves.

Check it out on Amazon below.

MaterialAluminum alloy
Tabletop Height11.5″ 
Folding / PortabilitySpider frame with a sturdy aluminum alloy slatted top that folds up
Beverage HolderNo. It has a flat, slatted tabletop
Table Size14″x16″
Special FeaturesIt has a handy storage bag fitting under the tabletop.
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Beach tables come in all shapes and sizes. It is up to the beachgoer to decide how much tabletop space they require while enjoying the sea air. All of the tables featured in this list will fold quickly and compactly. There is some variation in their weight, which is an important consideration if you need to set up a distance from your vehicle.

Our overall choice for the best portable beach table is the Bamboo Sandstand. Its elegant, clever, classy, and eco-friendly all in one. It ticks all the boxes and will be your partner for many magical beach trips for years to come.