What Is The Biggest Beach In Rhode Island?

Few things can top a sunny day at the beach, especially when it comes to Rhode Island. With over 400 miles of beach activity, there’s no short supply of natural beauty to indulge in, guaranteeing its spot as one of the best places for beach-goers in the US. A bigger beach means more space and fewer people, right? So, what is the biggest beach in Rhode Island?

The biggest beach in Rhode Island is Misquamicut Beach. It’s a 3-mile long beach that stretches westerly along Atlantic Avenue. You can swim, surf, and boogie board. It’s open all year and is famous for amenities like public restrooms, playgrounds, lifeguard towers, and EV charging stations.

Rhode Island’s Misquamicut Beach has a lot to offer singles, couples, and entire families. Whether you want to sunbathe, spend the day swimming, building sandcastles, or surfing, this beach has it all. Let’s explore the temperatures, the best times to visit, and what else it has to offer so that you can start planning your trip!

What is the biggest beach in Rhode Island?

Rhode Island presents itself as the Ocean State, with over 400 miles of beaches lining its shores. Misquamicut Beach, in particular, stands above the rest as the largest beach, boasting 3 miles of sunny sands, refreshing water, and family-friendly amenities that keep beach-goers coming back for another visit.

Misquamicut Beach in Westerly stretches along Atlantic Avenue. It’s ideal for a stroll down along the water’s edge, where you can listen to the waves lapping against your toes. The beach is immaculate with plenty of parking space, and although it’s generally not very crowded, that does change on weekends.  

What Can You Do At Misquamicut Beach?

If you’re looking for a fun-filled day in the sun, you can opt for swimming,  boogie boarding, and body surfing – these are all popular activities at this coastal destination – it’s easy to see why it’s so popular! Plus, you can expect a moderate surfing experience with decent-sized waves that make playing in the ocean fun for all ages.

When you have precious young ones, it’s normal to be concerned, so you’ll be relieved to learn that lifeguards are on duty at the state park from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. seasonally to guarantee that safety is the top priority for visitors and their children.

Misquamicut is a location where you can do whatever you want with it. What’s terrific about Misquamicut is that there’s much to do besides go to the beach if you don’t want to bring a lot of food. There are bars to visit, as well as activities for children. Even if you have a state parking pass, you should arrive early on weekends or catch the afternoon wave of departures.

There’s also a little playground on the beach where kids, or parents who are still kids at heart, can get away from the waves. Kids like digging holes on the soft, white sand or making sandcastles.

It’s only natural to grow hungry when you’re building a castle and a kingdom, so have a picnic or stop by the state park’s concession shop for a bite to eat. Afterward, slather on some sunscreen and grab your towel for some sunbathing or a refreshing plunge in the ocean.

If you feel like some time away from the beach, adjacent Atlantic Beach Park has everything from an arcade to a carousel and a snack shop that kids will adore. Finish with food and a beverage at the park’s Windjammer Surf Bar, which has live music on the terrace most evenings and a kids’ movie night on Tuesdays.

Does Misquamicut Beach Have Big Waves For Surfing?

Throughout the year, Misquamicut State Beach provides excellent surfing conditions. The north-northwesterly winds blow off the coast. Furthermore, the quality of the waves is unaffected by the tide. The waves can approximate height between 1.5 and 4 feet tall.

Spring, and most commonly the month of September, are the most extraordinary times of year for surfing Misquamicut State Beach with continuous clean waves (rideable waves with light, offshore breezes).

In September, clean surfable waves exist 28 percent of the time, whereas 54 percent are blown-out waves (poorer quality surfing waves due to cross-shore winds, but fantastic for kitesurfing). Most surfers consider it too tiny for the remaining 18% of the time; however, it may be suitable for novices and groms at times.

When Does Misquamicut Beach Have The Best Beach Water Temperatures?

An unpleasant water temperature can make or break a beach experience when you want to take a dip in the ocean, especially on a windy day. So, what kind of temperatures can you expect at Misquamicut Beach?

The warmest water at Misquamicut Beach was recorded in 2012 at 44.6°F, while the lowest was reported in 2015 at 35.2°F, based on historical data over ten years. Within ten days, the seawater temperature in Misquamicut can dip or rise by 4 – 6°F. The average water temperature at Misquamicut in March 2022 is 39.9°F, with a low of 33.6°F and a maximum of 50.4°F.

Misquamicut’s swimming season runs from July through September. During those months, the water temperature at Misquamicut does not dip below 68°F, making it ideal for swimming. During winter, the average water temperature in Misquamicut is 44.6°F, in the spring, 44.6°F, in the summer, 66.2°F, and the fall is 62.6°F.

What Amenities Can You Expect At Misquamicut Beach?

The right amenities can help make a good beach experience into a greatone. Misquamicut Beach does not hold back and offers a myriad of options for your convenience.

Throughout every season, you can expect a big parking area, outdoor showers, souvenir booths, wheelchair accessibility, public restrooms, composting toilets, a playground, food, a lifeguard tower, and shaded gazebos to beat the hot summer sun.

While on the beach, electric car charging outlets are accessible for a maximum of 4 hours. On busy days, the EV station cannot guarantee a spot, and when the beach charges a cost, a parking fee is necessary.

Are There Any Restrictions Involving Misquamicut Beach?

In order to make the safety of beach-goers a top priority, there are certain restrictions. Alcohol is strictly forbidden, as are any glass containers or objects, because many people and children walk without shoes. Furthermore, it’s also worth noting that fewer accidents on the beach mean lifeguards can focus their attention on keeping swimmers safe.

Unfortunately, your canine companions must also stay at home, as well as any other pets that are in your care. Smoking is also prohibited, as is RV or tent camping; Misquamicut State Beach is a day-use only location.

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Misquamicut Beach takes the number one spot as the biggest beach in Rhode Island. You can expect warm waters during the swimming months and amenities like public bathrooms, concession stands, and wheelchair-accessible facilities – to change an experience from a good one to a great one!