Which Hawaii Island Has The Best White Sand Beaches?

Hawaii is arguably one of the most popular and desired tourist destinations to visit. The group of islands is rich with history, culture, and exceptional sites to see. The beaches throughout Hawaii are some of the most interesting ones in the world.

Kauai arguably has the best white sand beaches to visit. Polihale Beach is one of the best white sand beaches to visit and can be found on Kauai island. Along with Haena Beach, Poipu Beach and Kee Beach. Kauai has the largest stretch of white sand beaches to see, and they all feature beautiful views.

When choosing which Island to visit in Hawaii, it’s essential to consider what activities you’d like to experience. Some beaches you aren’t able to swim at due to the dangerous conditions. Kauai is more remote and worth the trip to see the island’s beautiful features.

Kauai Island

Kauai Island has a total of 50 miles worth of white sand beaches. It is surrounded by incredible cliffs, rainforests, and canyons. It is ideal to find a beach to relax on or do exciting activities.

There are countless beaches you can choose to visit, and during the summer months, most of the beaches found in Kauai are known for their calm waters, making them ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and spending a relaxing day in the sun.

The wildlife found at Kauai makes the trip to the Island well worth it. The white sand beaches found here are picturesque and host stunning views.

Polihale Beach

Polihale Beach is one of the most extensive white sand beaches within Hawaii. It is found at the end of Highway 50. The beach is over 17 miles long and can reach up to 300 feet in width during the summer.

The sand dunes across Polihale Beach reach up to 100 feet tall. The Polihale State park is 57 hectares in total. The area is almost entirely secluded, and there are few ways to access it. The roads are unpaved, and many rental car companies strictly prohibit driving along the streets to reach Polihale Beach as it causes damage to their cars.

It’s important to remember to take an umbrella as there is little shade, and your own food and drinks. There is little access to amenities on Polihale Beach. The secluded beach is an exceptional place to visit, largely untouched by society.

You can camp at Polihale Beach by permit only, and some limited facilities are available. It is safe to swim,bodyboard, snorkel and surf at the beach during calm tides. It is also a popular beach to fish, canoe and kayak at.

Haena Beach Park

Kauai has a total of 50 miles of white sand beaches for you to enjoy. Haena Beach Park can also be found on the north shore of Kauai and is an exceptional white sand beach. Being surrounded by tropical jungles and Mount Makana makes it a picturesque location to visit.

The summer is the best time to visit Haena Beach Park as the waters are calmer and friendlier to swim, canoe, kayak, and snorkel. The Maniniholo dry cave is nearby and open to visitors.

Anini Beach

The Anini Beach is considered to be one of the safer white beaches in Kauai despite there not being a lifeguard post. The calm waves are ideal for activities such as snorkeling, fishing, and swimming.

There are facilities available at Anini Beach, such as toilets, showers, and picnic tables. Outside of the protective reef, the water currents are powerful, and it is best to stay within the calm waters.

Camping is only allowed at Anini Beach with a permit, and it is a popular campsite to stay in. It is a less crowded beach and great to visit after a relaxing day. 

Kee Beach

Being one of the few Kauai beaches with a lifeguard, Kee Beach is one of the safest beaches in Kauai to visit. It is located by the trailhead for Napali Coast Kalalau trail, which makes it a great beach to visit for hikers.

It is found on the north shore of Kauai and is one of the best snorkeling destinations. The waters are calmest during the summer months and perfect to spend the day relaxing next to. There are bathrooms and showers available.

As it is one of the most popular beaches, you need to reserve your spot to access it, and the parking spots fill up quickly. It is nearby to local hotels and accommodation.

Poipu Beach

Poipu Beach is found on the southern shore of Kauai and is one of the most beautiful beaches to visit. Across the beach, there is a surf shop and local restaurants to enjoy. Hawaiian monk seals frequent Poipu Beach, and they spend time enjoying the sunny spots the beach offers.

The shallow waters make the beach a family-friendly place to visit and are perfect for children to play in. The beach is protected by reefs, contributing to the calm waters. It is located within a 5-minute drive away from stores and an array of dining options.

The Marriot’s Waiohai Beach Club is located at Poipu Beach and offers family-friendly suites with pools, games rooms, and a kids club for guests to take advantage of.

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Tunnels Beach

Also known as Makua Beach, Tunnels Beach is one of the favorite destinations for snorkelers and divers during the summer months. Lifeguards are only on duty during peak hours, and the calm waters provide the perfect opportunity to spend time in the sun and sea.

There is no parking available, and in order to find a parking spot on the street, visitors should aim to get there early.

The beautiful bay is crescent-shaped and surrounded by jungles and mountains, making it a coveted beach. There are picnic tables, and the volcano lava tunnels underground form a mystical underwater world to explore.

You can find Tunnels Beach on the north shore of Kauai.

In Conclusion

Although almost all of Hawaii’s beaches are breathtaking, Kauai is said to have the best white sand beaches. Polihale Beach and State Park is the longest white beach throughout Hawaii. The tides throughout the beaches in Kauai tend to remain calm during the summer months.

Most beaches in Kauai don’t have a lifeguard, but Anini Beach is considered one of the safest beaches to spend time swimming. Some of the beaches are secluded, and they are less populated. Kauai isn’t the only Island with exceptional white sand beaches, the Big Island and Oahu additionally have white sand beaches worth visiting.