Best Walking Beaches In The Caribbean

Many visitors are drawn to the Caribbean islands each year for their holiday retreat. These islands offer the tourist beautiful tropical weather with glorious blue skies, glamorous resorts, and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. People from all over the globe look forward to swimming in these warm turquoise waters and walking along the pristine sandy shores.

Travelers frequent the Caribbean for its magnificent landscapes, unforgettable scenery, cuisine, and water sports as they relax and unwind under the warmth of the sun. Many holidaymakers will search for wide beaches to take long walks as they soak up the magnificent ambiance of these spectacular islands. But where are these beaches? 

Here is a list of the 10 best walking beaches in the Caribbean.

1. Grace Bay Beach, Providenciales, Turks, And Caicos

A sparkling blue ocean and a pristine coastline stretches for miles along the famous Grace Bay Beach situated on the northeast coast of the Providenciales Islands. It is a famous and award-winning beach for its clear waters and soft white sand with no rocks, seaweed, or pollution. This magnificent beach stretches 4.8km and is a dream to walk.

The ocean at the beach is safe and calm, protected from the swells of the Atlantic Ocean by a vast barrier reef located 1.6km offshore. If you walk toward the east from Grace Bay Beach, you will merge onto Leeward Beach, and toward the east, it becomes Bright Beach. 

As you walk along this beach, you will encounter many tourists enjoying the different water sports like parasailing, kayaking, and paddleboarding. Many chartered boats can also be seen on the turquoise water. There are many resorts, restaurants, shops, a casino, and pubs along the way if you need some refreshments and rest from your beach walk.

The best time to walk along this stretch of magnificent beach is early morning when it is cool and calm with not much people activity. The sunrise over the ocean is breathtaking, and the hard-packed sand at the waterline is perfect for walking. Grace Bay Beach is a true gem of the Caribbean.

2. Playa Rincón, Las Galeras, Dominican Republic

The small town of Las Galeras, located on the Samaná Peninsula on the eastern end of the Dominican Republic, is home to the beautiful Rincón Beach. This gorgeous beach stretches for 7km, comprises 7 beaches, and is perfect for walking. You can walk along the shore’s edge on clean sand as the cool water laps around your feet.

The main beach is protected from the waves by a small cove, making it perfect for swimming so you can take a quick dip in the ocean on your walk. Many visitors and locals frequent this beach, so you will encounter lots of activity and the sounds of the soft rhythm made by the authentic Dominican merengue or bachata musical instruments.

Street vendors will be plentiful along your journey, offering sarongs, hats, and seashell jewelry. If you need refreshments, you can try the delicious coconut bread or grilled lobster from these vendors. Or stop at one of the great beach bars and enjoy refreshing drinks.

One of the great attractions near the beach is the Salto del Limón waterfall. Hidden away under lush vegetation, you can swim under the waterfall and see the caves found there. Rincón Beach is a treasure of the Dominican Republic and an excellent beach for taking a long, leisurely walk.

3. Pierhead Beach, Barbados

Situated on the northern end of Barbados, Pierhead Beach, with its soft white sand and warm azure waters, are nature at its most beautiful. You can walk along the water’s edge, swim in the ocean along the way, and continue walking until you reach the Barbados Yacht Club.

Pierhead Beach is in the capital city of Bridgetown. Along your walk, you can stop off at pubs, restaurants, and some local eateries for some refreshments. You can stroll around the city for some sightseeing and shopping before continuing your walk to the yacht club. Be sure to visit the historic Garrison Museum.

The best time to take your walk on Pierhead beach is early morning. Early on your walk, you might see the famous racehorses in Barbados taking their ritual morning sea bath. Pierhead beach is also the nearest cruise port beach, so you will see cruise ships on the horizon as you walk along this delightful sandy beach. 

4. Sandy Point Beach, St. Croix, U.S Virgin Islands

Sandy Point Beach is a natural wildlife refuge and is the nesting ground of leatherback and other sea turtles. Located southwest of St. Croix and south of Frederiksted, this beautiful 4.8km beach is the longest in the Virgin Islands. The beach has a wide area of soft sand as the vegetation is pushed further back from the water than other beaches. 

This beach is only accessible from a dirt road. It is only open on Saturdays and Sundays during the winter. It is closed during summer for turtle nesting. You can consult their website for more information regarding open times. If you are a keen walker and lover of nature, this pristine beach with its clear blue ocean should be on your bucket list. 

There are no shops in the area, so be sure to bring refreshments, a hat, and a tube of sunscreen as there is little shade. You can take a rest on your walk by sitting on the sand and admiring the gorgeous view or swimming in the calm ocean. Sandy Point Beach is a beautiful natural beach you won’t find anywhere else!

5. Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman Islands

Seven Mile Beach is situated on the western side of the Grand Cayman Islands and has coral sands and sparkling waters. This magnificent beach is why many tourists choose the Cayman Islands as their holiday destination. You can walk the entire length (10km) of this beautiful shoreline and find many attractions along the way.

Sit on the sand while soaking up the sun and watching the visitors windsurf and paddleboard out on the blue ocean. Or take a swim in the clear water before continuing your walk. There are many restaurants at the resorts and several beach bars if you need refreshments. The seafood is excellent and a favorite cuisine of the island.

You can wander around the Seven Mile shops, and if you want to visit George Town, the capital city, you can take the bus. Look out for the numerous birds that visit the beach throughout the year. Seven Mile beach faces due west, so the sunsets are spectacular, so be sure to end your day on this magnificent stretch of powdery white sand.

6. Les Salines Beach, Sainte Anne, Martinique

A beautiful 1.5 km strip of white sand and turquoise water. Les Salines is known for its lovely coconut trees and as the most beautiful beach in Martinique. You will find this is a very popular and busy beach, but it will get quieter as you stroll along the water’s edge. A good time to visit is during weekdays when there are fewer visitors.

You can shop for souvenirs from the beach vendors, take a break from your walk, and stop for refreshments. There are some restaurants and local snack bars where you could eat. Or pack your own picnic lunch and sit at the tables placed under the shaded beach areas.

Continue your beach walk along the stretch of sand until you come to the end of the beach, where you will find a large, protected area, the pond of Salines. Here you can walk along a pathway and admire the magnitude of small crabs, fish, and shrimp. If you happen to be there during the last quarter of the year, you will see many migratory birds on their way to South America.

7. Pinney’s Beach, Nevis Island, St. Kitts And Nevis

The 4.8km Pinney’s Beach is situated north of the island’s capital, Charlestown. The untouched shore and brilliantly clear water are a walker’s dream. Take a break and sit on the warm sand to admire the extraordinary beauty of the ocean. Or sample the local cuisine from the snack huts posted along the sand.

Swim in the calm ocean and admire the beautiful view of Mt. Nevis as you emerge from the water. Strolling along the shore, you will not find this beach too busy. At the end of your walk, you will have reached Cades Bay and the “Sea Bridge” ferry location, which will take visitors to St. Kitts. You would have to turn around and stroll back along the water’s edge or take a walk to Charlestown.

From Cades Bay, you can walk another 800m to the center of Charlestown. But, you will have to walk along the main road. You can visit the art gallery and the Museum of Nevis History. Or stroll along the cobbled streets and view the cheerfully painted wooden buildings featuring Georgian and Victorian architecture.

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8. Palm Beach, Aruba

The beautiful powdery sandy beach sits on the west side of the island. It stretches for 2km along the lines of many hotels and resorts. Palm Beach is ideal for taking long walks or jogging along the stunning shore. Many tourists and locals will swim and snorkel in the calm waters.   There are various beach bars and restaurants for refreshing drinks and some tasty meals. 

As you walk on the soft sand, look out for the beautiful pelicans flying above you in search of food. You will be amazed at their exceptional flying techniques, and their nose dives into the water when they find their meal. If you walk toward the south, you will connect with Eagle Beach and the north with beach de Hadicurari, famous for kitesurfing.

End your day on the sand by watching the sunset over the ocean, or take an evening boat ride on a happy hour sunset cruise departing from the lovely Palm Beach.

9. Anse Des Sables Beach, St. Lucia

Also known as Sandy Beach, the Anse Des Sables Beach is situated near the main airport of St. Lucia. The ocean is quite choppy from the strong wind on the Atlantic coast, but you can still enjoy wading in the reef-enclosed shallow bay surrounded by lush hills. The soft sand stretches for 1.6km and is ideal for walking along this lovely beach.

Walking along the beach, you will have a good view of kiteboarders and windsurfers as they take to the waves in the cool breeze. Take a break on your journey and sit in the shade under the palms or enjoy refreshments from nearby cafés or simple dishes prepared by street vendors.

The Maria Islands Nature Reserve is just under 2km away should you want to visit; it’s a 20-minute trip by boat. Or visit the charming and historic town of Vieux Fort, which is within walking distance from the beach. The town also offers accommodation for tourists who frequent the picturesque Anse Des Sables Beach.

10. Princess Margaret Beach, Bequia, The Grenadines

Backed by a wall of lush green vegetation, this lovely stretch of beach is lapped by the beautiful blue Caribbean waters of St Vincent and the Grenadines islands. You can walk to this beach from Port Elizabeth, the nearest town. Walk along the waterfront path lined with restaurants and shops to the Belmont Coastal Trail, which leads you onto Princess Margaret Beach’s white sands. 

There are many shady trees for you to sit under and admire the fantastic view. Or you can buy refreshments from the stalls selling food, drinks, and souvenirs. Swim in the clear water or enjoy snorkeling in the calm waters. You will see cruise ships and boats along the shoreline that have moored close to the harbor.

You can reach the harbor on foot from the beach by taking the cliff side trail. Spend some time admiring the yachts and ferries on the water at Admiralty Harbor. Take a slow stroll back to the beach, or you could take a water taxi from the harbor. Enjoy your walk on Princess Margaret Beach under the blue skies of the lovely island of St Vincent and the Grenadines.