What Color Sunglasses Are Best For Beach?

Wearing sunglasses to the beach isn’t only an accessory; it’s a necessity! Sunglasses can help you to take full advantage of the summer without your eyes becoming strained or tired. How much protection a pair of sunglasses will offer depends largely on the lens color and should be carefully considered. What color sunglasses are best for wearing to the beach?

The best color sunglasses for the beach is red, yellow, blue, brown, and gray. Every color offers different benefits, depending on your activities. Red improves depth perception, while yellow is best in low-light conditions. Blue is best for enhanced vision, and brown is best for beach sports.

If you require a new pair of sunglasses for the summer, you want to make the best and most practical choice based on your needs. Let’s talk you through some of the best color lenses for beach sunglasses and when they will be most functional!

The Importance Of Wearing Sunglasses At The Beach

Studies have shown that while most Americans remember to take sunglasses to the beach, only about 31% of them wear them.

One short day at the beach without wearing sunglasses has the potential to cause photokeratitis, which is very similar to a painful and red sunburn in your eyes.

In the long term, the harmful UV rays could cause harm to your vision, increasing your risk of developing cataracts and macular degeneration.

Wearing the correct color sunglasses is an easy way to prevent these uncomfortable and dangerous eye problems, but it doesn’t stop there.

Make sure the color lenses you choose can provide complete UV protection, which would be stated on the label as “100% UV protection” or “UV400.” Ideally, the frame of your sunglasses should cover as much as your eyes and the areas around your eyes. This is mainly due to sun rays entering from all sides.

Lastly, you would want to opt for a pair of polarized lenses, as they can help block out even the most powerful rays, creating clearer vision and eliminating glare.

Best Color Sunglasses For The Beach

Sunglasses come in all sorts of colors, but only a few of these lens colors are suitable for the beach and beach activities. Let’s look at the following:

Red Lenses For Increased Depth Perception

Red sunglasses are not only a statement piece for lying on the beach, but they have many benefits! Red sunglasses will increase your depth of field, allowing for enhanced vision.

If you’re going to the beach to watch the relaxing waves hit the sand, you’re probably already sold on this one.

Because of red lenses’ soothing qualities, they provide longer wearability. Compared to other tinted sunglasses, a wearer will remain comfortable for longer.

Keep in mind that if you want a color similar to red that will still provide you with all these astonishing benefits, pink lenses are a good choice!

Yellow Lenses For Low-Light Conditions

Yellow sunglasses are prized by early bird beachgoers, as these lenses provide uncompromised clarity in low light conditions and fog.

If you tend to visit the beach for early morning jogs or walking your dog, you will benefit most from yellow sunglasses, as they not only provide greater clarity but also help filter out blue light that could cause any strain on your eyes.

Blue Lenses For Improving Visibility

As the name may suggest, blue sunglasses will suit you best if you’re in an environment with strong blue hues, like at the beach! Blue lenses provide excellent visibility due to their mirroring effect, reflecting any blue light rays from the water.

Blue sunglasses won’t only look fashionable but are most practical for the everyday beachgoer who requires UV protection. While the blue tint of the lenses will enhance the contours around objects while improving the glare, it has a relaxing effect on the eyes.

This makes blue sunglasses the ideal choice for local beachgoers when you need to judge water sports or spend time surfing in the water!

Keep in mind that if you’re not particularly fond of blue sunglasses, you can always opt for a purple lens instead. Purple has many similar benefits to blue sunglasses, providing you with improved contrast and visibility.

Brown Lenses For Water Sports

If you feel like blue lenses just might not offer you enough, next on our list is brown lenses. Copper and brown lenses are high-contract, and as such, are the best choice if your goal is to identify the finest details at the beach, such as tracking or spotting fish located close to the shore or kayaking in shallow water.

Brown and copper lenses provide you with all of their high contrast properties without the lenses becoming too dark or tinted in lower light conditions. Therefore, they offer the wearer a smooth transition from sunny days at the beach to more hazy and cloudy conditions.

On top of all these benefits, brown lenses also provide optimal protection from harmful UV rays. If you usually participate in beach sports such as volleyball or soccer, a brown lens will be the perfect fit, as their comforting qualities allow for extended wear and perfect judgment!

Gray Sunglasses For All-Purpose Beach Sunglasses

Gray sunglasses are one of the most popular tints of sunglasses as they are ideal for sunny and cloudy days, offering anti-fatigue benefits to the wearer and protection from glare. This includes glare shining off the water and wet surfaces.

They are one of the best choices for your beach activities, whether sports, cycling, or fishing. Gray sunglasses also allow natural colors, such as the waves, the beach sand, and the beautiful scenery in their purest forms.

Grey sunglasses will be ideal for you if you’re only an occasional beachgoer who will only spend a fraction of your time on the beach. You can use grey sunglasses for many other outdoor activities, including nature walks, sightseeing, and any other daily activities!

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Finding the right color sunglasses that best complement your personality could be difficult, but it’s well worth it when you find your perfect match! Remember to ensure the color lens you choose has sufficient UV protection and will fit your beach requirements in every way!