What Type Of Dress Should You Wear On The Beach?

Deciding on a swimsuit that fits perfectly can be challenging, but choosing what type of dress you should wear on the beach can be just as tricky. There are so many styles of dresses in all different lengths, which are made from a range of fabrics which makes your options endless when it comes to choosing a beach dress.

There are many styles of dresses that you can wear on the beach, including mini dresses, maxi dresses, and a crochet dress. When choosing a beach dress, you’ll want a dress that is comfortable and suitable for the beach. In addition, your beach dress needs to be well designed to let you show off your swimsuit.

Beach dresses are generally straightforward in their design and can go from complete cover-up to being very daring. Some wear beach dresses over their swimsuit, while others wear beach dresses to the beach to get a tan and relax next to the waves. Whatever your reasons for searching for a beach dress, beach dresses can upgrade your beach look and enhance your swimsuit look.

Types Of Dresses You Should Wear On The Beach

There are a few different types of dresses you can wear on the beach. Most of these won’t go out of fashion and will remain relevant and trendy. However, beach dresses are not always form-fitted, and the designs can vary between light and flowy and slightly contoured to your body.

Button Up Shirt Dress

A button-up shirt dress is a loosely fitted cover-up dress that goes over your swimsuit. Most are made of pure cotton or rayon, a synthetic fabric similar to silk. A button-up shirt dress has buttons that run down the middle of the dress, which is either sewed closed or can open. The sleeves are long or ¾ in length, and this dress’s design resembles a shirt.

Some varieties have no buttons but a simple v-neck shape. The button-up shirt dress is perfect for the beach because it is lightweight and casual and can be used as a beach outfit or a cover-up for your swimsuit.

If you’re looking for a comfy button-up shirt dress as a cover-up, there are various soft button-up shirt dresses to choose from on Amazon. For example, you could opt for this lightweight white dress (Available on Amazon below)

or this cute dress-shaped button-up shirt dress (Available on Amazon below) with pockets.

Hollow Out Dress

A hollow-out dress can be a bit more revealing than other beach dresses. Hollow-out dresses have small holes or have been designed to show off your body through tiny holes in the dress. These are extremely popular not only for wearing on the beach but for wearing to parties, festivals, and daily wear.

Hollow-out dresses are best suited to wear to the beach if you wear a swimsuit. Most of the time, these dresses are crochet or knitted dresses, and their design can be long or short; they are primarily tight-fitted but can be worn loose as well.

Some great hollow-out dress designs are the Sexycherry dress (Available on Amazon below)

and the Ekouaer Crochet dress (Available on Amazon below).

Printed Cover-Up Dress

The printed cover-up beach dress usually has bold patterns and is very colorful and eye-catching. These dresses come in designs with paisley, florals, and cheetah print. In addition, the printed cover-up dress can range from long to short and be ultimately see-through, semi-see-through, or solid.

This dress is made from lightweight fabric and can be worn with or without a swimsuit. The shape of the printed cover-up dress is very flattering on any body shape and size.

If you’re looking for an above-the-knee-length printed cover-up dress, the Halife printed tassel dress is a great option. If you’re looking for a feminine dress with a bohemian look, the Zesica wrap v-neck dress (Available on Amazon below) is a fabulous longer-length beach dress.

Standard Beach Dress

A standard beach dress is any dress designed as a cover-up dress for the beach. These include off-the-shoulder, floral spaghetti strap, wrap, and one-shoulder asymmetrical dresses.

Most dresses can be worn to the beach, but if it’s really hot, you’ll want to go for a fabric that keeps you cool and a dress that is easy to take off and put on before and after swimming in the ocean.

Maxi Dress

A maxi dress reaches your ankles or the floor. It is fitted at the top and flowing at the bottom. Maxi dresses are informal dresses and can be worn for different occasions. Maxi dresses can also be sleeveless or have a sleeve with lots of detail.

Because maxi dresses are so versatile, they are a great option to wear to the beach. Maxi dresses are made from different fabric types, ranging from cotton to wool and velvet. The Grecerelle maxi dress (Available on Amazon below) is a casual dress with pockets and is perfect for the beach.

Strapless Dress

Strapless dresses can be casual and formal. They can be fitted or adorned with details like ruffles and beading or have a simple design with a bright pattern. Strapless dresses can be worn anywhere, including the beach. These dresses may have a built-in bra for extra support, as there are no straps to provide support.

Strapless dresses are always in style and can easily be worn at the beach. If you’re looking for a floral print strapless dress for the beach, the Chicgal summer dress (Available on Amazon below) is perfect.

The Rosemia tie-dye (Available on Amazon below) strapless dress is also a good option if you want something casual and comfortable.

Mini Dress

A mini dress is a short dress and usually sits about 5 inches above the knee. Mini dresses are sexy and playful and are a staple in many wardrobes. Mini dresses can are fabulous for most occasions, including to the beach.

Some cute mini dresses are a bodycon dress, a kimono dress, and a babydoll mini dress. The LCNBA bodycon mini dress (Available on Amazon below) is simple and casual, perfect for a day at the beach.

For a dress that is a bit more colorful and unique to wear to the beach, the Angie v-neck kimono dress (Available on Amazon below) is a great option.

Halter Neck Dress

A halter neck dress has straps from the front of the dress and leaves the upper back uncovered. The halter neck dress is a timeless dress that is easy to wear for the beach. Halter neck dresses aren’t usually used as cover-ups. The Ouges off-the-shoulder casual dress (Available on Amazon below) is a cute and simple dress for the beach.

Crochet Dress

Crochet dresses for the beach are the perfect balance between style and elegance and are a bit risqué. Crochet cover-up dresses are great for wearing over a swimsuit, and many are designed so you can see a swimsuit through the dress. They are a popular option to wear to the beach and come in many designs and colors.

The Bsubseach crochet dress (Available on Amazon below) is ankle length and comes in various designs and patterns depending on your style preference.

How To Pick The Best Type Of Dress For The Beach

When dressing for the beach, you don’t just want to show up in a bikini but want to choose a dress that compliments your style and is currently trending. When selecting the ideal dress for the beach, there are a few considerations to be made. These include:

  • Choosing a dress with suitable fabric. Beach dresses should be lightweight and made from materials that are suitable for the beach. Fleece and wools should be avoided; they can cause sand to stick to them and will be heavy when wet.
  • Beach dresses should be good quality. Some dresses are made very cheap, are unlikely to last long, and may have cheap stitching. There’s nothing wrong with a budget-friendly dress, but make sure to check the stitching and buttons are secure. If you can get a good quality dress on sale, that’s even better.
  • A beach dress needs to be easy to take off and put on. You’ll want to avoid zippers, ribbons, and elaborate dresses to put on instead of a dress that you can slip on and off.
  • Pick a dress that offers some sun protection. A dress that provides some protection from the sun is better than a dress that offers no protection from harsh UV rays. Also, lighter colors are better for reflecting sunlight.
  • Choose a dress that is the correct length. A dress that is too long may get caught under your feet and cause you to trip. On the other hand, a dress that is too short may be too revealing and not easy to wear on the beach.
  • Beach dresses with bold prints may be fun, but finding accessories that match can also be challenging. So instead, find a dress with a versatile pattern that will remain trendy for a couple of years. Sometimes the latest fashion trends may not be in forever, and your beach dress will be placed at the back of your closet and not worn again.
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What Are The Most Flattering Beach Dresses?

Can’t decide which style of dress to wear to the beach? There are a few styles that, when wearing them, you can’t go wrong. These include:

  1. Tie-dye beach dresses. The tie-dye beach dress is fun, in fashion, and comfortable. The boldness of the tie-dye design is sure to make you stand out from the crowd and grab attention. In addition, Tie-dye is flattering on any figure, making it the perfect choice to wear to the beach.
  2. Maxi dress. Bold and bright maxi dresses are elegant and comfortable. They are simple, but with a good pair of sunglasses and a stylish sunhat, you can elevate the look of your maxi dress.
  3. Floral dress. Floral dresses are bold and dainty. They can be long or short but are ideal for wearing to the beach. Lots of summer dresses have a floral pattern, and floral never goes out of fashion.
  4. Striped dress. Striped dresses are funky and can be worn with any body shape. If you are more petite, go for a design that has wider stripes, and the stripes should be horizontal. If you are curvy, pick a dress with thinner stripes that are vertical. Striped navy and white dresses also have a nautical feel, making them an excellent option for a day at the beach.
  5. Polkadot dress. Polkadot dresses are iconic and associated with pin-up models and the 50s. Polkadot dresses are playful and whimsical and work well as beach dresses. You can accessorize with a few simple jewelry pieces and retro sunglasses to complete your look.
  6. Sheer dresses. Sheer dresses leave little to the imagination but are ideal when used as a cover-up over a swimsuit. Sheer dresses can be made with shimmer material to give you an extra glow and make you feel like a goddess.
  7. Cut out dress. Cut-out dresses are stylish and are currently the trendiest dresses you can buy. These dresses are statement pieces and are fabulous dresses to wear to the beach. Cut-out dresses in black or white can work well with a colorful swimsuit. Cut-out dresses in neon colors can be beautiful too.

Can Any Dress Be Worn To The Beach?

Most dresses can be worn to the beach. For example, all summer dresses are usually perfect for the beach. In addition, there are dresses which are called cover-ups that are designed to be worn at the beach. Therefore, if deciding to wear a dress to the beach, it’s essential to consider the design of the dress and if it will be comfortable to wear on the beach.

If your dress is too long, it may get wet when you walk along the shore. Longer dresses are also more likely to bring sand when walking on the beach. On the other hand, if your dress is too short and very lightweight and it’s a very windy day, you may have a problem keeping it down.

Your dress should also offer some form of sun protection. Darker colors attract the sun, while lighter colors reflect sunlight and are more likely to keep you cool. Dresses that are complex to take off and put on may make it challenging to get ready to swim.

Dresses with lots of tassels and embellishments can get hooked onto something and may get destroyed. So these types of dresses should be avoided.

The best dresses to wear to the beach are easy to wear and functional.


There are so many options when choosing a dress for the beach. Most beach dresses are comfortable and stylish and can be worn to the beach and for other informal occasions. Beach dresses can also be used as cover-ups and worn over your swimsuit. Whichever type of dress you decide to wear to the beach, it should be timeless and not something that may go out of fashion.