7 Best Beach Clubs In Mallorca

As one of the utmost popular tourist destinations in the world, Mallorca Spain is a Mediterranean paradise for lovers of coastal living, exotic foods, sundowners, and partying. So which are the seven best beach clubs in Mallorca to take advantage of this?

The seven best beach clubs in Mallorca, Spain (in no particular order) are:

  1. Gran Folies, Cala Llamp
  2. Nikki Beach, Magaluf
  3. Puro Beach Club, Palma
  4. Mood Beach Club, Portals
  5. Zhero Beach Club, Palma
  6. Zhero Boathouse, Magaluf
  7. Balneario, Illetas

Mallorca, with over 262 beaches and a coastline extending 50km, means making a definitive, objective list of the best beach clubs an impossible task; however, the following seven clubs should present a variety of options to satisfy any tourist or local!

1. Gran Folies, Cala Llamp  

Situated in the upmarket district of Cala Llamp, this beach bar offers laid-back views of the coastline in the South Western tip of Mallorca, with both the bar and restraint of the establishment having formed among the erosion of the rocks caused by the natural movement of the sea.

With a world dining menu, a wide variety of cocktails, and the ease of access to either the sea or the swimming pool, Gran Folies prides itself on striking a balance between luxury and natural beauty to allow for the full Mediterranean experience.

2. Nikki Beach, Magaluf

Opened in 2012, Nikki Beach is one of the most famous and successful beach clubs in one of Mallorca’s most popular party districts, Magaluf.

As the epitome of everything chic, glamorous, and fun-loving, Nikki Beach has been dubbed by some as “the sexiest place on Earth,” encompassing more a way of life for tourists looking to have a good time, rather than just another coastal establishment.

Situated on one of Mallorca’s best white sand beaches, Nikki Beach sports:

  • A beach club and swimming pool,
  • Indoor and outdoor dining options (including cocktail bars),
  • The Nikki Beach Lifestyle boutique,
  • Beachside beauty salon and spa, and
  • A yacht pick-up service.

The décor, like the vibe of Nikki Beach itself, seeks to strike a balance between comfort and elegance, with the restaurant holding up to 230 people with ample sunbeds, double beds, and opium beds.

Outside of fantastic food and a world-class location, Nikki Beach is famed for its themed parties and year-round calendar events!

3. Puro Beach Club, Palma

Located in Palma de Mallorca, the Puro Beach Club is situated on a mini-peninsula providing a 180-degree view of the Mediterranean Ocean; this exclusive corner of the Mallorca coast offers the following services and features:

  • Yachting and boat services,
  • A lifestyle center,
  • A swimming pool made of black volcanic stone,
  • Spa services,
  • The Puro Beach Nomad Lodge,
  • A restaurant, and
  • A shop with exclusive Puro Beach merchandise.

 Famous for daily events with world-class DJs, food, and cocktail bars, the Puro Beach Club is a must-visit.

4. Mood Beach Club, Portals

Unlike many other beach clubs in Mallorca, the Mood Beach Club is open twelve months of the year, sporting special events throughout the week and Sunday lunches with a view for those lazy Mediterranean weekends. 

During the day, the Mood Beach Clubs offers guests Bali beds to lounge by the sparkling swimming pool and easy walks to the beach between drinks and food prepared by world-class catering staff.

During the evenings, guests can attend either the Crystal Deck restaurant or the Lounge Bar to mingle with friends, grab some drinks, meet new people, or dance the night away to some of the most well-known and established DJs in the world!

7 Best Beach Clubs In Mallorca 01

5. Zhero Beach Club, Palma

As one of the smaller clubs in Mallorca, Zhero Beach Club offers a more intimate space with just 20 sunbeds around a sparkling pool and jostled by an equally luxurious and comfortable restaurant. 

Offering a smaller space with a reduced party atmosphere and the need to follow by-laws as a result of residential spaces near the club, the Zhero Beach Club presents a more laid back option for those looking to focus more on relaxation in contrast to the raucous nightlife offered by the majority of beach clubs on this list.

6. Zhero Boathouse, Magaluf

Established on the beachfront of Magaluf in 2015, the Zhero Boathouse is the sister club to the Zhero Beach Club in Palma. Similar to the Zhero Beach Club, the Zhero Boathouse favors smaller, intimate spaces in contrast to large, party atmospheres.

Although sporting a smaller pool, the close proximity of the club to the beach allows for easy access, and without the need for restrictions of the volume of music, it is not uncommon for a party atmosphere to spill out onto the beach when the mood suits it!

The club sports a very upmarket and elegant appearance while looking to provide world-class food service in the form of international, Mediterranean, and Japanese cuisine and cocktails.

Consequently, in contrast to the bustling party atmosphere typically associated with Magaluf, the Zhero Boathouse allows guests to take a break, slow down, and enjoy the Mediterranean sun.

7. Balneario, Illetas

Since the 1950s in Illetas, beach bars, clubs, and restaurants have been permanent fixtures and popular destinations for tourists and locals alike, the Balneario capitalizes on this popularity and reputation in the form of a super club.

The Balneario features:

  • A complex that covers over 9 000 square meters,
  • Seating and sunbeds in excess of 500,
  • A world-class restaurant featuring the very best of Mediterranean cuisine,
  • A dedicated cocktail bar, and
  • A boutique wellness center on the beach.

As one of the largest and most famous beach clubs in Mallorca, the Balneario continues Illetas’ reputation as a must-visit-destination for beachgoers and party animals alike!


Mallorca provides ample places to wine, dine, and party the night away while also presenting coastal and Mediterranean lifestyles second-to-none.

Although the above list should not be seen as definitive, it hopefully presents a snippet of the diversity of beach clubs, bars, and restaurants available to all people wanting to experience the island in its full glory!