Which Is Better, Manhattan Beach Or Hermosa Beach?

California beaches have a reputation for having Summers that are comfortable, arid, and clear, and Winters that are long, cool, wet, and partly cloudy. The beaches cover long stretches of sandy shoreline and are suitable for swimming, boogie boarding, and surfing.

Both beaches are very similar because they join up with each other at 1st Avenue. Manhattan Beach is positioned as a little more upmarket than Hermosa beach. While Manhattan Beach has many retail shops and restaurants, the venues at Hermosa are geared toward a more vibrant nightlife.

The consensus is that both beaches have excellent facilities, and no one will make a mistake choosing to stay at one or the other. In this article, we discuss each beach, its features, and facilities for the prospective visitor.

Where Are The Manhattan And Hermosa Beaches?

The beaches butt against each other along the Pacific coastline. Both cities share the same stretch of coastline and the same ocean, so the surf conditions are identical.

Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach is l19 miles South West of downtown Los Angeles on the southerly end of Santa Monica Bay.

The beach stretches for 2.1 miles and covers 40 acres of the recreational beach area.

Manhattan Beach has a pier that stretches 928 feet at the end of Manhattan Beach Boulevard.

The beach is big and very picturesque with lots of activity, especially beach volleyball. It is kept in excellent condition and very clean, and the bike paths and walking paths are well maintained.

Fishing is permitted all year round, and a fishing license is not required when it is done from Manhattan Beach pier jetties and breakwaters.

The manhattan beach sand is internationally acclaimed, and some were exported in barges to Waikiki Beach in Hawaii during the 1920s and 1930s.

No pets can be taken onto the beach or the pier; if they are walked along the Strand, they must be on a leash, and the poop bag stations must be used.

Hermosa Beach

In Spanish, Hermosa is translated into English as “Beautiful.”

Hermosa Beach is located 21miles southwest of downtown Los Angeles and is situated alongside Manhattan Beach. It starts at King Harbor Marina at Redondo Beach and continues north nearly two miles to 1st Street, which is the dividing line between Manhattan Beach.

The beach is 1.8 miles long and covers an area of 36.5 acres.

Whether a dog or other animal is leashed or unleashed, they are prohibited on the beach at all times, and the only exception to this rule is for service animals.

How Do The Beaches Compare?

What are the beaches like and how do they compare with each other.

Manhattan Beach

What Do People Do At Each Beach?

Both beach towns offer a vast assortment of different leisure activities, including

  1. The Walt Disney Studio and Disney World.
  2. The battleship Iowa museum.
  3. Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood.
  4. Hollywood Sightseeing and Celebrity Homes Tour by Open-Top Bus.
  5. Universal Studios Hollywood.
  6. Aquarium of the Pacific.
  7. Catalina Express Round-Trip Ferry Service.
  8. Walk to the Hollywood Sign on this LA Tour.
  9. The Marvin Braude Coastal Bike Trail is at the back of Hermosa Beach and connects to Santa Monica and Torrance, a total of 22 miles end to end.
  10. The Strand runs the length of the beach cities. Locals are out walking, and it’s very casual and relaxed. Just below that is the 22-mile bike path.

Both beach towns have various restaurants, bars, and simple food/coffee shops.

Manhattan BeachHermosa Beach
Number of restaurants1920
Number of bars1410
Number of coffee shops1410

The facilities available at each beach include volleyball courts set up with nets along their lengths.

Surfing lessons are available at both beaches.

Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach is considered slightly more upscale.

Manhattan also has a higher caliber of retail shops and great dining spots near the pier; however, it does also have more straightforward and casual places to dine.

There is more to photograph in Manhattan Beach, and the pier is the most beautiful and photographed in all lighting, from early morning to the time the sun sets.

Activities that you can enjoy at Manhattan beach include.

Roll Down A 100-Foot Sand Dune

Sand Dune park got its name from the 100-foot-high sand dune in the middle of the park.

Instead of leveling it, the Manhattan board has kept the central feature of the three-acre park, which has child-friendly play equipment and shaded picnic facilities for approximately 20 people.

The main attraction is the 100-foot dune, allowing children of all ages to roll down it.

Shop At The Famers Market

Every Tuesday, a Farmers Market is held from 11 am to 3 pm.

It offers fresh, locally grown produce, meat, and fish from local ranchers and fishermen.

There are several craft stalls which include.

  1. Bread from local bakers, which includes the gluten-free Bread Blok.
  2. Chocolate-makers like Bar Au Chocolate.

Adventure Plex

Adventure plex is a unique child-friendly facility geared to their physical health. The complex is filled with.

  1. Mazes and tunnels.
  2. Rope courses.
  3. Outdoor rock climbing walls.
  4. An indoor gymnasium.
  5. A reading corner.
  6. A toddlers-only play zone.

Think of it as a very advanced and comprehensive gym that exercises the children’s bodies and minds.

Manhattan Beach Pier

The pier Manhattan Beach is 928 feet (283 m) long and is located at the end of Manhattan Beach Boulevard. It was completed in 1920, and it is the longest concrete pier on the west coast.

The pier provides such a wonderful angle from which to watch the waves and surfers.

From the end of the pier, you get a great sight of Manhattan Beach.

Inside there is a gallery of past winners of the Manhattan Beach Open beach volleyball tournament.

At the end, there is an aquarium which includes.

  • A shark tank
  • A tide pool “touch tank” which has animals common to Southern California contained inside.
  • Lobster tanks.
  • Tanks with juvenile sharks inside.
  • A tank containing non-native fish and invertebrates.

Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach is considered to have a better ‘nightlife vibe,’, especially in the area near the pier.

The nightlife at Hermosa beach includes.

  • The Comedy and Magic Club, which Jay Leno has performed at since 1978.
  • A West Coast Jazz venue is called the Lighthouse Café.
  • Free concerts entitled “the Hermosa Beach Sunset Concert” is held annually between July 31 and August 21.
  • Pier Avenue has bars, restaurants, live bands, and DJ sets.

From 12 noon to 4 pm each Friday, a farmers’ market is held on Valley Drive between 8th and 10th Streets.

It is possible to hire roller blades (for the adventurous) or bicycles for the day and take a bike ride along the entire length has volley courts and nets.

Surfing lessons are available.

Hermosa beach has been rated as having an A+ grade beach which is well maintained and kept immaculately clean.

Walking along the pier and fishing from it are very popular past times.

Hermosa Beach Pier

The first pier was built in 1904 and was constructed entirely of wood. It was swept away in 1913 and was replaced with the current pier. The Hermosa Beach pier was rebuilt with 1,000 feet (300 m) of concrete, is paved with asphalt, and extends from the Strand toward the Pacific Ocean.

At the entrance to Pier, there is a pedestrian-only area called Pier Plaza. It has several shops and restaurants, clean toilets, and drinking fountains.

A stroll to the end of the pier provides the visitor with a great view of the beach and surfers.

Fishing is permitted all year round, and a fishing license is not required when it is done from Hermosa Beach pier, jetties, and breakwaters.

Which Beaches Are More Crowded?

The residents favor both beaches, so they can get a little crowded on the weekends and during the holiday season.

Do Lifeguards Protect Manhattan Beach And Hermosa Beach?

Lifeguards protect both beaches during the beach season.

Manhattan Beach

Beaches are open from Memorial Day weekend ( Monday, May 29, 2022) until the close of the beach season on September 11, 2022.

While the beach season is active, there are fully trained lifeguards who are on duty daily, from 10:00 to 18:00.

Swimming is prohibited if lifeguards are not on duty or the area of the beach is closed.

When a section of the beach is closed, it is marked with signs and/or red flags.

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Air Quality At Each Beach

Air quality at both beaches varies and ranges between 12 AQI · Good and  24 AQI · Good, and air pollution is not a risk.

Can You Grill On Manhattan Beach And Hermosa Beach?

The regulations relating to lighting fires on each beach are as follows.

Manhattan Beach Grilling Regulations

Barbecues are permitted as long as.

  1. They are ten feet or more away from any structures.
  2. must be at least three feet off the ground.

The following is forbidden.

  1. Any open, ground, or campfires.
  2. Barbecuing by forbidden by anyone 18 years or younger.

Hermosa Beach Grilling Regulations

Grilling and lighting open fires are not permitted at Hermosa Beach.

What Is It Like To Live At Each Of The Beaches?

Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach are amongst the wealthiest areas, with median home prices of more than $1.5 million. It ranks them higher up on the Forbes most expensive ZIP code list.

They offer upmarket condo living with easy access to the beach, restaurants, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

The following is a summary of the difference in costs of living between each of the two beach suburbs and compares this against the national average.

MetricManhattan BeachHermosa BeachManhattan and Hermosa Beach DifferenceAverage Los AngelesLos Angeles most expensiveLos Angeles Lowest Cost (Cudahy)National Average
Median House Price$2,149,454$1,713,196$436,258 (25%)$802,780$82.6M$456,700$374,900
Median House Rental$6,566 per month$5,233 per month$1,333 (25%)$2,661 per month$295,000 per month$1,307 per month$1,900 per month
Energy Bill$182 per month$182 per month$0.00 (0%)$186 per monthN/AN/A$117 per month
Phone Bill$200 per month$200 per month$0.00 (0%)$190 per monthN/AN/A$95 per month
Average Earnings$243,789 per annum$209,447 per annum$34,342 (16%)$71,299 per annumN/A$57,422.00 per annum$57,013 per annum

What Accommodation Does Manhattan And Hermosa Beach Offer?

Manhattan Beach is the most affluent of the two communities, which is reflected in the homes’ costs.

Given a choice, most people will choose Manhattan Beach as the place to stay. Its facilities are very similar to Hermosa Beach, but it is a little bit closer to the main parts of the city and has more convenient access to the  405 freeway (aka San Diego Freeway).

Manhattan And Hermosa Beach’s Most Popular Months

Manhattan Beach attracts 3,7 million, and Hermosa Beach 2,0 million visitors annually.

MonthTourism Score At Manhattan beach over the yearTourism Score At Hermosa beach over the year

Does The Weather Compare Between Manhattan Or Hermosa Beach?

Both beaches have similar weather conditions; however, there are a few minor differences.

 Manhattan BeachHermosa Beach
Average high temperature69.20 F (20.6°C)750F (24°C)
Average low temperatureDecember 62.8°F (21.0°C)69.2°F (20.6°C)
Hottest MonthAugust 76.6°F (24.77°C)August 76.6°F (24.77°C)
Average Humidity59%60.4%
Highest Humidity74% (June)74% (June)
Lowest Humidity 57% (November)57% (November)
Average High Ocean Temp63.1°F to 70.1°F (17°C to 21°C) 63.1°F to 70.1°F (17°C to 21°C)
Average Low Ocean Temp55°F to 61°F (13°C to 16°C)55°F to 61°F (13°C to 16°C)
Average precipitation12.92 inches (327.96 mm)13.20 inches (335 mm)
Number of rainy days54.5 days112 days
Highest rainfall monthMarch: 1.06 inches (26.9 mm)August 7.19 inches (183 mm)
Number of sunny days226 days205 days


Both beaches butt against each other, so there are no fundamental differences between each.

The Manhattan beach is slightly more sedate and appeals to a slightly older visitor, whereas the Hermosa Beach visitor is generally younger and enjoys a vibrant nightlife scene.