Which Beach Is Better, Huntington or Long Beach?

There are numerous aspects to consider while selecting a vacation spot. It can be tough to select amongst the many tourist towns and beach resorts along the US coast. Huntington Beach and Long Beach are two of the most popular beach towns in the United States, and both are lovely places to visit. Both are popular for different reasons and have benefits and drawbacks. Each town has its own set of activities, so your decision will be based on your preferences.

Huntington Beach caters primarily to teens, families, and surfers. It is known for its wide, lengthy beaches, ideal for surfing. Long Beach has beaches, but they are not ideal places for swimming, surfing, or sunbathing. Long Beach is more of a “city by the sea” as opposed to a beach town.

It’s critical to know what you want to accomplish while on vacation before picking which of these lovely beach towns is the better option for you. If you want to go shopping, your options will be different from if you want to go surfing. Below, we’ll look at what each town offers and how they compare in terms of your vacation needs and preferences.

Which Beach Is Better, Huntington Or Long Beach?

While both Huntington Beach and Long Beach have a lot to offer as cities, the beach at Huntington wins the prize, hands-down. Long Beach has some beaches, but their dirty water and lack of waves make them unappealing places to spend your time.

However, the beach at Huntington is a long, wide beach full of surfers and families soaking up the sun, and it is sure to give you more of an authentic beach experience.

Huntington Beach Vs. Long Beach

While both of these cities are lovely and delightful places to visit, they each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Which one you choose for your holiday depends on how you want to spend your time.

Long Beach is only 15 miles away from Huntington Beach, but it has a completely different feel and atmosphere. It is a vibrant, lively city that buzzes with activity. There are countless activities to enjoy, and visitors here will never be short of things to do.

Long beach is not well known for its beach lifestyle, however. The beaches here are mostly situated within the harbor breakwater. The breakwater blocks the natural tidal flow, and as a result, the water tends to be dirty. There are generally no waves to enjoy, whether you are a swimmer or a surfer.

Downtown Long Beach is a nice place to visit and explore, but it’s certainly not where you would go for an authentic “beach experience.”  

On the other hand, Huntington Beach has extraordinarily long, wide beaches that attract a considerable number of people, especially surfers. This is in stark contrast to the smaller, mostly waveless beaches inside the harbor breakwater at Long Beach. Huntington is known for its surfing and thus attracts a younger demographic.

This trend continues to the enormous pier, brimming with teenagers and young people. The nightlife and activities are geared toward a younger demographic, focusing on activities for teenagers and young adults.

Huntington Beach’s available lodging is primarily made up of resort hotels. This makes Huntington Beach ideal for families with little children and teenagers, allowing everyone to safely enjoy the beaches and resort activities. The majority of beachfront hotels provide direct beach access.

This makes it ideal for surfers, as they can stroll right out of their hotel and onto the wide beach.

On the other hand, Long Beach has more of a big city type of lifestyle, with far less focus on the beach. Visitors to Long Beach can enjoy various activities such as visiting art galleries, shopping, and enjoying the waterfront, aquarium, and coastal breweries.

Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach is a Californian city famed for its surfing beaches. It is located on the coast southeast of Los Angeles in Orange County. Huntington City Beach is the major beach here, and it’s known for its incredibly long pier, the Huntington Beach Pier.

The International Surfing Museum is located near Huntington Beach. It houses a large collection of surfboards dating back to the dawn of surfing. This city has a beautiful park with gardens, lakes, open fields, and an equestrian center, in addition to the beaches.

This city attracts over eleven million people each year, owing to its spectacular sunny beaches and Mediterranean environment. The local way of life is laid-back, with a strong emphasis on surfing, earning it the moniker “Surf City.”

Huntington Beach has been nominated for numerous honors as a family surfing vacation destination. It offers a pleasant environment all year. Outdoor activities abound, and thanks to the mild climate and low rainfall, they may be enjoyed at practically any time.

Huntington Beach is home to various attractions, including one of the world’s largest recreational piers. There are various public parks, a wildlife sanctuary, and an 8-mile route along the beach.

The beach, which spans almost eight and a half miles, is the most popular attraction in this coastal city. Several sporting events take place on this stretch of beach, including the US Open of Surfing and the AVP Pro Beach Volleyball.

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Long Beach

Long Beach is a vibrant city with exciting nightlife. It is a coastal city and port with a busy shopping district. Long Beach is known for its waterfront and the Queen Mary that is docked there as a memorial and museum.

Long Beach is essentially a high-rise city that happens to be on the coast. It is not your typical beach town and offers very little in terms of “beach town vibes.” There is a vast array of restaurants, pubs, clubs, and art galleries in Long Beach. The aquarium is a great place to visit, and the diverse art scene is highly influenced by nearby Los Angeles.


Huntington Beach is great if you are looking for a real beach experience with waves and wide-open beaches. Long Beach is more suited to those looking for a coastal city experience. While both cities are great places to visit, Huntington Beach is certainly the winner when it comes to the actual beach and the enjoyment thereof.