7 Longest Beaches In Australia

There is just something about white sandy beaches stretching far and wide. Being surrounded by the ocean, we can assume that some of the longest beaches are in Australia. Out of all the beaches in Australia, which are the longest?

The top 7 longest beaches in Australia are as follows:

  1. Eighty Mile Beach, 137 miles/220km
  2. Coorong Beach, 120 miles/194km
  3. Ninety Mile Beach, 94 miles/151km
  4. 75 Mile Beach, 75 miles/120,7km
  5. Stockton Beach, 20 miles/32km
  6. Ocean Beach, 18,6 miles/30km
  7. Seven Mile Beach, 7 miles/12km

Even though these beaches have a long stretch of white sandy shore in common, they also have unique attractions. Different activities, all the sites to see, and the vast marine life make some of these beaches more attractive than just the length of the shore.

Interesting Information On The Longest Beaches In Australia

We will look at these beaches, from the longest to the shortest in Australia. Each beach offers unique attractions for the area, swimming, surfing, and fishing.

Eighty Mile Beach, Western Australia

The longest beach in Australia is on the North-West Coast, Western Australia. You can find these 137 miles of white sands halfway between the towns of Broome and Port Hedland. One of its kind in Australia, this beach divides the dessert from the ocean. This beach has a lot of big, beautiful shells which people enjoy collecting.

The top attraction this beach offer is bird watching. Half a million bird species fly in from their different destinations each year to breed, making it a sight for the traveler. One of the many birds breeding here is the Pied Oystercatcher, and you can spot the pairs with their chicks alongside this beach.

Swimming And Surfing At Eighty Mile Beach

Experts do not recommend swimming and surfing at this beach as Eighty Mile Beach is known for sharks swimming quite close to the coastline.

Fishing Interests At Eighty Mile Beach

It is one of the most popular beaches for fishing, especially if you want to catch threadfin or salmon. A caravan park is conveniently close to the beach where fishers usually stay over.

Coorong Beach, South Australia

The second longest beach in Australia is on the coastal side of the Peninsula. Coorong beach is one of the longest in Australia, with 120 miles of unending sands and only three rocks on the whole stretch. You will find smaller beaches alongside the Coorong stretch, as this is not an official beach name for beachgoers.

The Coorong gets its name from the Coorong lagoon and national park covering 140km alongside this beach.

The Coorong National Park was established 56 years ago and is home to many endangered species, including the southern bell frog. Because of the diversity of fish species in the Coorong area, it is a great feeding spot for the Australian pelican and thus one of the breeding areas of these birds.

Swimming And Surfing At Coorong Beach

Swimming areas are available alongside the Coorong, with some safer than others. The safer ones are by the Lacapede Bay beaches. Surfing breaks are known for 100 miles, making this a super destination for surfers to pick a spot they prefer.

Fishing Interests At Coorong Beach

The Coorong is a preferred destination for anglers to camp over weekends and summer holidays to fish and enjoy this beach’s lovely conditions. The more popular species you can find here include the Japanese meager, Dusky shark, and Gummy shark.

Ninety Mile Beach, Victoria

The third longest beach in Australia is on the South-Eastern coastline of Victoria. This beach has a vast marine life of up to 1870 species per square foot and crashing waves surrounded by a natural bush environment.

Swimming And Surfing At Ninety Mile Beach

This beach is quite exposed, and swimmers are encouraged not to swim outside the flags. The frequent strong winds can cause rip currents to increase, which makes swimming conditions less ideal. Although the beach is not known for the best surfing waves, it is still a popular destination for surfers as it’s pretty accessible.

Fishing Interests At Ninety Mile Beach

A channel in the ocean that is almost the length of the beach makes this beach very attractive for anglers. You will find a big salmon bite in autumn and winter, but winter is famous for snapper. This beach gives the better fish during nighttime fishing.

75-Mile Beach, Queensland

The fourth-longest beach in Australia is on the eastern coast of Fraser Island. A famous trait of this beach is the Maheno shipwreck found near the Pinnacles. Here, tourists can get to know the island’s history.

One of the 75-mile beach attractions is the Indian Head. The volcanic rock formation is on the east side of the beach, and people can only access it by 4WD and a short walk to the top. When making it to the top, you will be able to see dolphins, whales, and sea turtles if you are lucky.

Swimming And Surfing At 75-Mile Beach

You can find the famous swim spot named “Champagne Pools” on the 75-Mile beach. It got its name from the waves crashing over volcanic rocks and forming pools of white bubbly water.

Fishing Interests At 75-Mile Beach

From August to October, when the tailor fish make their appearance, people come from far to get their hands on a tailor fish, making this “Tailor run” one of the things this beach is famous for and visited by many.

Stockton Beach, New South Wales

Our fifth-longest beach is north of the Hunter River. The history of this beach goes way back to World War II. Stockton Beach was present in the war as a bombing and gunnery site. Many shipwrecks and aircraft crash sites are visible here.

The beach is also famous for camping. With 200 campsites, as many as 2000 campers camp out on the dunes in the holiday season.

Just off the shore of Stockton Beach is a nursery of great white sharks, ranging from 3 to 10 feet in size. Humpback whales also pass this beach during migration season and can be spotted by beachgoers.

The “Big Beach Challenge” is an event each year where competitors run the length of the beach. There is a shorter 10-mile event for those less encouraged to tackle the thick sands.

Swimming And Surfing At Stockton Beach

Stockton Beach has a lot of riptides, and swimmers are encouraged to only swim between the flags. Interestingly, one of the shipwrecks causes banks to form, making it a popular spot for surfers.

Fishing Interests At Stockton Beach

Stockton Beach is famous for fishing, with a great diversity of fish to catch throughout the year. The types of fish range from sharks to salmon to the occasional snapper.

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Ocean Beach, Tasmania

The sixth longest beach in Australia is on the West coast of Tasmania. Ocean Beach is located just outside the town of Denmark in Western Australia. With its 19 miles of sand, this beach is a great tourist attraction.

Swimming And Surfing At Ocean Beach

There is a surf club for beginners who would like to learn how to surf, lifeguards during summer times for the swim season, and look-out decks for those who want to soak in the beautiful view.

Fishing Interests At Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach has some excellent beach fishing spots, especially at the mouth of the Henty River. The types of fish available are salmon, sharks, and skate.

Seven Mile Beach, New South Wales

The seventh longest beach is on the central west coast of Australia. This gorgeous beach starts at the mouth of the Crooked River and stretches with soft white sand for 7 miles.

Something interesting happened at this beach: Charles Kingsford Smith, a pilot in the 1930s, used it as a runway for the first flight to New Zealand.

Families can also walk through the Sand Track Walk of the Seven Mile Beach National Park and might get lucky to spot dolphins any time of year or even whales between May and November.

Swimming And Surfing At Seven Mile Beach

Kids can splash around in the calm waters of the river mouth, or visitors can go surfing, swimming, and paddleboarding on this beach too. At the south point of this beach is a break called Bulls Paddock, which attracts a lot of surfers.

Fishing Interests At Seven Mile Beach

North of this beach is a secluded area called Janies Corner, a prime spot for anglers. There are also numerous campsites around Seven Mile Beach where fishers enjoy staying on their fishing trips to this beach.

What is the longest beach in Australia?

Stretching for a remarkable 90 miles, the answer lies in the pristine expanses of Ninety Mile Beach. Situated in the southeastern state of Victoria, this magnificent beach showcases a seemingly endless shoreline, enticing visitors with its soft golden sand, crystal-clear waters, and stunning coastal scenery. 


The longest beaches in Australia can be something to put on your to-do list, whether walking the distance or seeing what each can offer. Australia truly has gems to discover, and it won’t be a bad idea to start planning a holiday or three to visit the beaches.