Can You Surf In Miami?

Surfers will tell you that it is thrilling to catch a great wave. Unfortunately, not all beaches in Miami have swells suitable for surfing. Finding a great spot can be challenging, especially if you are not a local surfer. Although Miami doesn’t have the highest wave peaks, some beaches are well worth visiting if you are keen to surf.

You can surf in Miami. Although Miami isn’t typically a surfing destination, three beaches have waves good enough for surfing. South Beach has gentler waves, Haulover Park has rougher surfing conditions, and South Pointe Park has a more consistent wave pattern.

Although there are beaches suitable for surfing in Miami, each of the beaches has different surf conditions. It is best to gain local knowledge before deciding where to go. Each beach has specific surf attractions, and knowing when and where to surf can make all the difference to your experience.

Beaches In Miami That Are Suitable For Surfing

The Florida coast generally has stiller waters. Even though waves in the Atlantic Ocean can be high, the further you move south down the beach, the waves become smaller. As the waves head towards the Bahamas, they lose their momentum and tend to break up quicker.

Water sports lovers unfamiliar with Miami may well feel that this coastline does not have waves big enough to surf. It does, provided you know which beaches, times, and weather conditions are most conducive.

Three beaches in Miami provide good enough surfing conditions good; South Beach, Haulover Beach, and South Pointe Park. Choosing which beach to surf at depends on your skill level as tides and wind speed differ from beach to beach.

The waters are warm in Miami all year round; however, the winter months are best for surfing. The swells increase during winter, and many surfers catch waves well into January. It is still best to check online weather sites for wave height.

Washroom Facilities are available at each of these beaches, as is parking. The beaches fill up during the day, and you may have difficulty finding a parking space if you arrive later in the day.

Not only can you surf here; there are many other attractions and beach facilities. Your experience does not need to end after you have surfed; there are plenty of restaurants to dine at, natural beauty to admire, and play areas for children.

South Beach Is Ideal For Inexperienced Surfers

South Beach is in the suburb of Penrod Park. It is not only a well-frequented beach for sun-seekers but also surfers. This beach can become crowded as it is a favorite with locals and tourists. It is best to arrive early.

Miami has a series of numbered streets built in a grid-like pattern, and various sections of beach situated at the end of these streets are known to offer good surf.

The jetty at 1st road has the best waves in South Beach, and you will find many local surfers frequenting this spot. Other spots have waves good enough to surf, and local surf guides will be able to point these out to you. Among these are the 14th, 21st, and 96th streets.

Waves in South Beach often have a shorter duration. They are gentler, which is perfect for a beginner or inexperienced surfers. Many instructors and surfboard hire operators along the beach cater specifically to tourists and their needs.

In recent years the waters at South Beach have become polluted, but this does not seem to have deterred sun-seekers and beach sports. Other concerns at South Beach include rocky areas and sharks.

The best time to surf at South Beach is when the tide is rising, preferably in the early morning. The waves are less murky then, and peaks are not as diluted. The beach is open 24 hours a day, but it is safest to use the beach and sea between 6 am and 8 pm.

Haulover Park Caters For More Experienced Surfers

Haulover Beach, in Haulover Park, is north of South Beach and is the only full nudist beach in Miami. It is not as sheltered as South Beach, with several jetties and rocks along the shorefront. Parking is available from 8 am to dusk.

The tide isn’t consistent at Haulover Beach. It does not follow the usual seasonal patterns, so it can be dangerous if you aren’t an experienced surfer. Local surfers are well-informed and continually keep track of barometric readings to determine the most favorable surf times.

Locals often take to the waves when the weather is colder and windier and waves are rougher. In these conditions, peaks can reach up to 6ft. Surfing in this weather is extremely dangerous, especially for inexperienced surfers.

The waves at Haulover Beach can be unpredictable: however, surfers often wait for at least one big wave. When conditions are ideal, Haulover Park can become quite crowded.

October delivers the best surf conditions, and the waves are best when the wind blows in from the west. However, surfers can be seen on the beach right through to January. You are most likely to find the best surf from low tide to the rising tide. Rip tides can be a concern, so check with lifeguards and locals before deciding when and where to surf.

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South Pointe Park Has The Most Consistent Waves

At the tip of Miami is South Pointe Park, which has direct access to the beach. The waves are suitable for surfing and do not have variable wave patterns. The ideal spot is in the water just before the jetty, where waves are at their highest. The jetty is at the southeast point of the park. Local surfers meet on the pier to discuss the day’s surf conditions.

South Pointe Beach has parking facilities; however, plan to arrive before if you want to park close to the beach. The park, as well as surrounding areas, provide metered parking. The park is open from 5 am – 10 pm.

South Pointe Park beach offers exceptional views of Miami. One of the great drawcards of surfing here is the magnificent view of the coastline. The best time to head down to the beach is in the early morning but be aware that the shore is shallow, and there are some rocky patches in the water.


Miami has beaches that have waves suitable for surfing. These are South Beach, Haulover Park, and South Pointe Park. Each of these beaches has different surf conditions, and it is best to find out what the wind and wave height is before deciding to take to the water. Surf conditions are best between July and November.

South Beach has gentler waves most suitable for beginners and inexperienced surfers. 1st beach generally has the best waves. Haulover Park, a nudist beach, sees less predictable waves worth the wait. South Pointe Park has more consistent wave patterns and spectacular views of the Miami coastline.