Seal Beach VS Newport Beach

If you’re hoping to visit the coast soon and you’re not sure where exactly to go, we don’t blame you. There are many unique and beautiful places with so much to see and do it can be challenging to choose.

New Port Beach and Seal Beach are both situated in California, and both seem like great places to visit. However, New Port Beach does stand out as the favorite with many enjoyable activities that it offers. It has an amusement park that seems like something from an old movie.

Everyone has different tastes, and every city has its own benefits and disadvantages. It is worth exploring the adventures and drawbacks of the cities you would like to visit before committing entirely to your trip to avoid disappointment.

Seal Beach VS New Port Beach

At first glance, you may not think that there is much difference between these two California cities; however, they each have their own stories and histories to share. The city of Seal Beach first started in 1901 when a man named Philip Stanton sold a piece of land to the first resident of the city Mr. Ord.

The city has a rich history following this, even becoming a stop on the Pacific Electric Railway Co’s Red Car Line in 1904, only three years after the city came into being. In 1915 the city still had a relatively small population of 250 people, where today it boasts over 25000 residents.

New Port Beach is much older than Seal Beach, with New Port Beach’s history starting in the 1500s when the Europeans discovered the area and 200 years later settled there. Native Americans had been around in the area for a much longer time, though, and in 1906 it finally became a buzzing city with a tourist and boating community a bit sooner.

If you are hoping to visit New Port Beach, you can have many unique experiences, primarily since they have been catering to tourists for a very long time. Even if you live in New Port Beach and want to be a tourist in your own city, you could have an absolute blast.

Many activities are available in New Port Beach, including water-based activities like sailing, whale and dolphin watching, kayaking, and Surfing. If you love the water and you’re fine wines, then the Wine Cruise might be an activity you should consider doing while in New Port Beach.

Seal Beach has a couple of things to do, although they are not as niche as those in New Port Beach. Seal Beach offers many sights to see and not as many actual activities, so if you are one to sit and take in nature, then a trip to Seal Beach should be on the cards for you. Seal Beach also offers some food tours, which would be a fun activity.

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Is Seal Beach Popular?

Seal Beach is a quiet little town with the most beautiful white sandy beaches. Seal Beach is the perfect place for those who love water sports. From Surfing to kayaking Seal Beach has the weather conditions that you would hope for. You can even take the kids to build sandcastles on the beach as Seal Beach is a kid-friendly place.

There is a significant drawback to Seal Beach: they have a reasonably high crime rate; sadly, this is becoming more and more true in many cities and towns. Seal Beach’s crime rate is higher than most of the other cities in California by 65%, so if you’re planning a visit there, be cautious and be aware of your surroundings at all times.

An intriguing fact about Seal Beach is that the Navy owns a large portion of the land in Seal Beach for their munitions. When the Navy purchased land in Seal Beach, it encouraged significant growth in the population of Seal Beach as the Navy officials, employees, and their families moved to Seal Beach.

Seal Beach can be popular if you like beautiful beaches and perfect weather conditions to participate in water sports and activities, even if you like Naval history. You would need to keep your guard up while visiting or living in New Port Beach because more than one in every 50 people is the victim of crime in this city.

Is New Port Beach Popular?

New Port Beach is not only popular, but it is famous for one of the best body surfing places in the world, known as “the Wedge.” The Wedge is on the far southeast side of the Balboa Peninsula. The fact that the Wedge waves are huge makes it such a popular spot among water sport enthusiasts.

In 1936 a large jetty was built close to where you find the Wedge today. It is no coincidence the jetty is actually what is causing the Wedge to form the giant waves. Whether or not the immense waves were planned or accidental, we’re not complaining, and we’re grabbing our surfboards, bodyboards, kites, and going on an adventure.

New Port is not only for the surfers, and Fashion Island is there for those who love shopping. Fashion Island makes it feel like you’re at a resort. It boasts many specialty boutiques as well as some great department stores. You could spend hours at this “Island” shopping, eating, and relaxing while in New Port Beach.


Seal Beach is a great place to surf and play on the beach, and it offers spectacular views. Unfortunately, this beautiful place has an elevated crime rate, but it’s okay as there should be a heavy Navy presence. There would be a heavy navy presence as there is a navy ammunitions department in Seal Beach.

New Port Beach is a beautiful tourist destination and has been one since it was established in the early 1900s. It boasts “the Wedge,” which is one of the best surfing spots in the world and has many activities that cater to tourists. If you had to decide which one of these two places to visit I would go to New Port Beach.