Do Hotels/Resorts Provide Beach Towels?

So, you are planning a much-needed summer vacation, and you think to yourself, ‘I wonder if I need to pack beach towels.’ After all, those bulky beach towels take up valuable space that could be better used for something else. And if the resort offers them, why not just use their ones and save some space? To discover whether hotels or resorts provide beach towels, continue reading.

Most hotels and resorts provide beach towels for their guests. However, the rules and regulations surrounding the use of towels are different. For example, some hotels may require you to give a deposit, others may rent out the towels, and some may provide beach towels for free.

Each hotel or resort has its own way of providing beach towels. Read on to find out where to get beach towels at your accommodation.

Do Hotels And Resorts Provide Beach Towels?

Packing space is a valuable commodity when traveling. It is not just about what you can bring to your destination but also what you can bring back. By allowing yourself extra packing space, you can bring back souvenirs from your vacation, which will serve as a reminder of your holiday. So, if you are going to a hotel or resort with a nearby beach or an appealing pool, you will need beach towels.

The question is; to pack or not to pack? Can you save valuable space by using beach towels provided by your hotel or resort? For the most part, yes. Many hotels and resorts offer beach towels for their guests. However, each establishment has its own rules and regulations regarding beach towels. Let’s look at some ways hotels and resorts provide beach towels.

Beach Towels Are Provided At Reception

Beach towels are rarely provided in the guest’s room. Instead, many hotels and resorts offer them at their front desk. The front desk is typically located at the entrance where you would have checked-in your stay.

So, all you need to do is ask the front desk attendant for a beach towel, and they should provide one for you. Some hotels may require you to pay a deposit fee. If you return the beach towels within the stipulated time and in good condition, you will receive your deposit back.

Additionally, many establishments may require you to hire out the beach towels. It is also essential to be on the lookout for hidden fees as some establishments may require a cleaning fee. So be sure to consult with the receptionist before taking the beach towels.

Beach Towels Are Provided At The Towel Hut

If your hotel is large enough, they may have a towel hut located by the pool or on the beach (if it’s a beachfront hotel). The rules of the towel hut differ at each establishment. First, however, I will discuss what you typically might expect when using a towel hut.

1. Towel-hut Without Towel Card

Some establishments provide beach towels at the towel hut free of charge. You simply grab a beach towel or two (depending on the limit) and exchange them for clean ones when you are ready. While this is the ideal scenario for guests, many establishments refrain from this option.

This is because guests are likelier to steal or carelessly damage the towels. If the hotel or resort does not offer towels free of charge, they may require a deposit or for you to hire the towel out. In addition, if you lose the towels or damage the towels, you may have to pay an additional fee.

2. Towel-hut With A Towel Card

The towels are generally free to use if your stay is all-inclusive. Upon arrival, the front desk will give you a towel card (sometimes a voucher or receipt) which will allow you to check out towels for the day. The towel card is given to the towel hut, and they will give you a towel in exchange. Towels can generally be exchanged for clean ones as often as you like. Not all towel huts work the same.

Many towel huts only provide one clean towel per person, while others will give you more than one beach towel. It is essential to know that towel huts have opening and closing times. This means that if you want to go for a late-night swim and forgot to exchange your used towel before closing, you’re out of luck. So the best thing to do is swap your towel for a clean one before the hut closes.

Upon checking out, you need to return all the towels. The towel hut will then return your towel card, which you should return to reception. Do not forget this crucial step. The hotel or resort will charge you extra if you fail to return your towels and return the towel card.

3. Hotel Or Resort Does Not Provide Beach Towel

Some hotels or resorts do not provide beach towels, whether hiring or checking out the towels for the day. In this case, it is better to bring your own towels. You might have to pack more than one beach towel depending on how long your stay.

Alternatively, you can buy beach towels at the local shops surrounding the resort or hotel. However, this isn’t a sure bet as there may not be any shops that sell beach towels.

How To Know If Hotel/Resorts Provides Beach Towels?

It is recommended to contact your hotel/resort BEFORE departure. The hotel will be able to inform you on whether they provide beach towels and to what price (if any). This will help you to decide on whether you should pack beach towels or not.

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Many resorts and hotels provide beach towels for their guests. Beach towels are typically located at the front desk or the towel hut. Be sure to exchange your towel before the towel hut closes. Doing so will allow you to have clean towels if you decide to swim at night.

If you have a towel card, do not forget to return all the towels and the towel card to the front desk. If you fail to do so, they may charge you extra for ‘late’ or ‘lost’ towels.