Why Do Surfers Wear Boardshorts?

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If you surf regularly or want to surf, you may have recognized that boardshorts are the unofficial uniform for this water sport. When the water is warm enough, surfers wear boardshorts as they hit the waves. But why do surfers always choose to wear boardshorts?

Surfers wear boardshorts because they are comfortable. The stretchy material that boardshorts are made of allows for freedom of movement and prevents chafing. Boardshorts are specially designed to withstand being in the water, and they are more durable when compared to regular shorts.

Knowing why boardshorts are good for surfing will clarify why they are every surfer’s choice. Comfort and durability are vital to ensuring that you can focus on catching waves. Lastly, knowing the benefits of boardshorts for surfing will inform you about what specifications make them ideal.

The Reason Why Surfers Wear Boardshorts

The length of boardshorts is ideal for preventing skin irritation. The material that boardshorts are made of is ideal for withstanding high-intensity water sports but also allows surfers to move in a way that supports their speed and agility. They will also stay on even when the sea is at its roughest.

Surfers put wax on their boards to prevent slipping and sliding when standing up. The wax is great for balance, but board wax is a skin irritant. Boardshorts are long enough to prevent your upper legs from rubbing against the board, preventing the wax from irritating the skin. The extra coverage also protects your skin from harmful UV rays.

Boardshorts are mainly made of polyester or nylon, which are lightweight fabrics so that you are free to move when surfing. Polyester or nylon is usually blended with other materials that make boardshorts stretchy. This material allows the boardshorts to stay on your body as you surf but also allows you to move freely. The material used to make boardshorts also prevent chafing.

Aside from the comfort boardshorts provide, they are made to be in the water. Polyester or nylon absorbs water. This is helpful because it will not be as heavy when it gets wet, and it will dry more quicker. Many boardshorts also have a hydrophobic coating, further speeding up the drying process.

Boardshorts are not made for casual wear. Therefore, they usually only have one pocket to prevent unnecessary fabric that could irritate you as you surf. The single pocket also usually seals with a zip or Velcro, which is a perfect place to keep board wax.

Altogether, boardshorts are made specifically for surfers. The material, length, and design ensure that the surfer can move swiftly and efficiently. Boardshorts will also dry quickly, which is perfect for coming in and out of the water.

What Sets Boardshorts Apart?

If you are looking to buy boardshorts or you want to make sure that the ones you have are perfect for surfing, check the drawstring and make sure you can spot the silicone lining, which stops the knot from coming undone. Then check that the shorts have a 4-way stretch rather than the usual 2-way stretch because this will allow you even more flexibility while moving.

Regular shorts usually have a lace drawstring which does the job, but because you move a lot while surfing, this knot is sure to come undone. However, a drawcord with silicone lining allows for movement, and the knot will stay secured. At the same time, this type of cord is not chunky and won’t disturb you while surfing as a zipper or buttons would.

Boardshorts usually have a 2-way stretch capability which works well. However, 4-way stretch boardshorts are perfect for surfing as they allow surfers to stretch crosswise and lengthwise. This extra stretch will improve surfing performance as the material will be even less restrictive.

Boardshorts have a unique drawstring that will prevent you from being exposed while you surf. They also have a special stretchy design but look for a 4-way stretch design to improve your surfing by having even more freedom to move.

Surfing In Boardshorts

Unlike most sports, boardshorts have continuously changed and developed to suit surfers’ needs. Each year, boardshorts become lighter, more water resistant, and more able to allow a range of motion. This keeps surfers coming back to this type of swimwear.

As boardshorts become more high-tech, they remain the choice of attire for many surfers. This is because boardshorts companies competitively try to improve designs that allow surfers to feel confident while they surf. They do this by finding the ideal length and combination of materials that will work for every surfer.

Boardshort brands are committed to creating the perfect design. They ensure that every material and add-on is useful and will improve surfing performance, not take away from it. For example, there are no unnecessary pockets or slippery drawstrings.

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The Benefits Of Boardshorts

Boardshorts brands like Rip Curl and Quicksilver continue to prove why boardshorts are always the first choice among surfers. A mesh lining could cause restriction while surfing which is why boardshorts don’t have them, and the extra length boardshorts provide add comfort by preventing bunching.

Rip Curl’s boardshorts are known for their stretchy fabric that is comfortable and flexible, along with exceptional designs that reduce the need for seams, as they lead to unnecessary chafing. Quiksilver has been perfecting its boardshorts with the help of famous surfers such as Kelly Slater. For this reason, they are comfortable and quick drying with the hydrophobic coating.

Most regular swimming shorts have a mesh lining but can become restrictive. Boardshorts don’t have mesh lining, which makes them roomier. Most surfers feel no need to wear anything underneath their boardshorts as it’s comfortable enough. However, if you find that you have sensitive skin, wearing swim briefs underneath your boardshorts will prevent any possibility of chafing.

Boardshorts have extra length, which is helpful as they don’t bunch around the upper thighs. This makes them more comfortable as there’s no need to pull them back down constantly. Despite the extra material, they’re still breathable.

The benefits of boardshorts for surfing are endless. Brands ensure that their shorts are suitable for surfing by teaming up with pro surfers who know what makes a good pair of boardshorts. Without the mesh lining, boardshorts are comfortable and designed especially for movement.


Boardshorts are the way to go when surfing. They are the ideal choice for surfers everywhere because of the material that is light and quick-drying. Additionally, the design makes for a good stretch without the fear of them slipping off. They don’t have an uncomfortable mesh lining, and they’re long enough that they don’t bunch.