What Is The Safest Beach In Oregon?

From Rockaway Beach to Lincoln City Beach, there are plenty of popular, family-friendly beaches in Oregon. If you want to visit one of the many beaches in Oregon, you may be wondering which of their many beaches is considered the safest!

Cannon Beach is the safest beach in Oregon. With a dedicated police department, Cannon Beach’s crime rates are well below the national averages. On the beach, there are many well-trained lifeguards ready to help. Cannon Beach’s shoreline is known for its usually calm and shallow waters.

With numerous beach-related accidents on Pacific Northwest beaches, choosing a safe beach is essential. In this article, we’ll explain why Cannon Beach is considered the safest beach in Oregon. We’ll also outline beach safety tips that should be followed, even when visiting one of the Pacific Northwest’s safest beaches.

Which Oregon Beach Is The Safest?

A string of tragedies along the Pacific Northwest’s coastline in recent years has highlighted how dangerous these beaches can be. For instance, sneaker waves and floating logs have contributed to many tragedies. If you’re visiting Oregon, which is in the Pacific Northwest, you should carefully consider the safety of the beaches you visit.

By carefully choosing the Oregon beach you visit – and following the recommended safety tips – you can ensure your trip to the beach is a safe one. Overall, Cannon Beach is considered the safest beach to visit in Oregon. When evaluating the safety of a beach, there are two main aspects to consider: crime and beach safety.

Firstly, you need to consider crime, as this plays an integral role in your safety while on a trip. Cannon Beach’s violent crime rate is 100% lower than the national average, while the total crime rate is 44% lower than the national average. Cannon Beach also has an excellent police department, with police officers on duty 24/7.

In terms of crime, Cannon Beach is a safe beach to visit. However, the second aspect we need to consider is beach safety. When visiting this beach, you’ll find many lifeguards on duty. These lifeguards are well-trained and equipped to deal with any situation. Furthermore, Cannon Beach is known for its particularly calm and shallow waters toward the shoreline.

If you’re looking for the safest beach in Oregon, you’ve found it! Not only is Cannon Beach safe, but it also has many attractions for guests to enjoy. However, even when visiting the safest beaches, it’s important to adhere to recommended safety tips.

Safety Tips When Visiting Beaches In Oregon

Even when visiting the safest beach in Oregon, there are certain safety tips that should be followed. These tips are based on many prior accidents and should not be taken lightly. By adhering to these tips, beachgoers can ensure they have a safe, fun, and relaxing trip to the beach!

Tip #1: Don’t Go Swimming Alone

When swimming in the ocean, you should never go alone. When someone swimming alone is injured or finds themselves in a dangerous situation, they may not be able to signal for help in time. To prevent this, you should never go swimming alone.

Tip #2: Don’t Turn Your Back To The Sea

This should be considered the golden rule of the ocean. Many beach-related accidents can be avoided by not turning your back to the ocean. This will ensure you remain focused on your surroundings while swimming in the ocean.

Tip #3: Carefully Supervise Children

This aspect links closely to the first tip we discussed. When visiting the beach, children should always be supervised. While on the beach, you should never take your eyes off your children.

Tip #4: Know The Tides

Understanding the tides at the beach you’re visiting is essential. For instance, if you want to explore an interesting rock, you should be aware of when the tide will roll back in. Luckily, you can find regularly updated tide charts on Cannon Beach’s official website.

Tip #5: Be Cautious Of Rip Currents

Rip currents are strong water currents that can overpower even the strongest swimmer. Any beach that has breaking waves will have rip currents. When a rip current is forming, you’ll be able to see debris and foam floating toward the ocean. When you spot a rip current, you should stay clear.

Tip #6: Be Wary Of Sneaker Waves

Sneaker waves, on the other hand, form suddenly and are unpredictable. While swimming, you should keep an eye out for the ocean. Not turning your back on the ocean will help in this regard. 

Tip #7: Watch Out For Floating Logs

At Oregon beaches, you’ll likely find drift logs in the water or on the sand. These logs should be avoided. Of course, the ocean is powerful enough to pick the log up. These logs can crush you with their weight, especially as they are soaked in water.

Tip #8: Beware Of Cliffs/Rocks  

Ocean waves and rain can make rocks and cliffs slippery. When exploring, you should adhere to any fences and look out for slippery surfaces. If you’re on a hiking trail at the beach, you’ll want to ensure you’re wearing the appropriate shoes.

Tip #9: Use A Wetsuit

While the water may be calm and shallow at Cannon Beach, it’s still cold! When swimming at Cannon Beach, a wet suit is recommended, especially in colder months.

Tip #10: Be Careful Around Coastal Jetties

Many people think jetties are a great place to view the ocean. However, you should stay away from jetties, as many accidents have been known to happen around them. A big enough wave could knock someone from the jetty into the sea.

Tip #11: Stay In Well Lit Areas At Night

If you’re visiting Cannon Beach at night, you want to ensure you walk in well-lit areas.

Tip #12: Use The Buddy System

Just like you shouldn’t go swimming alone, you should never wander off exploring on your own – especially not in an unfamiliar location. If you want to explore places like Cannon Beach, you should always travel with at least one other person for your own personal safety. This brings us full circle with the first tip we discussed!

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The safest beach in Oregon is Cannon Beach. Due to Cannon Beach’s dedicated police force, its crime rate is well below national averages. Several well-trained lifeguards are always on duty, ready to help in any situation. Cannon Beach’s waters are also calm and shallow towards the shoreline. Even when visiting the safest beach, it’s important to follow recommended safety tips.