13 Most Unique Places To Stay in Oregon

What do you think of when you think of travel?

Is it internationally, somewhere exotic, a luxury resort, or a road trip? Almost everyone is drawn to unique experiences regardless of their idea of travel or desires.

Well, what if I told you that you didn’t have to take the trip of a lifetime to have a unique travel experience? What if you could have a unique experience not because of where you went but because of where you stayed?

What if I told you that unique experience is closer than you think?

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, then a plethora of unique travel experiences are practically in your backyard.

This article will focus on unique places to stay in Oregon that aren’t your typical hotels. Even better, most of these places are just a day trip away from Portland!

From treehouses to tiny houses to lighthouses, there’s something for everyone on this list.

Check out these 13 unique places to stay in Oregon.

13 Most Unique Places To Stay in Oregon

1. Heceta Head Lighthouse

Lighthouses have been used for thousands of years to mark dangerous coastlines and help sailors navigate. Although the advances in technology have made lighthouses and their keepers obsolete, several historic lighthouses still dot our coastlines.

One of these is Heceta Head Lighthouse in Yachats. Built in 1894, Heceta Head Lighthouse is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and now serves as a bed and breakfast.

Heceta Head is still a working lighthouse that projects its beam of light 21 miles out to sea, albeit with modern lighting.

Guests can choose from 6 rooms in the Light Keeper’s Home, which boasts amazing views of the beach, the lighthouse, and the ocean. There is also a 7-course breakfast included with your stay. It’s one of the most unique places to stay on the Oregon coast and fantastic for storm watching!

Book your stay at Heceta Head Lighthouse. 

2. Out’n’About Treehouse Treesort 

Every little kid dreams of having a treehouse; some are lucky enough to have one. But what if I told you that you don’t have to be a kid to stay in a treehouse?

That’s right!

Located 25 minutes south of Cave Junction, guests at Out’n’About Treehouse Treesort can stay in various amazing treehouses for reasonable prices. Specifically, there are 15 different treehouses you can choose from.

Afraid of heights? No problem.

The treehouses come in a variety of sizes and heights off the ground. The tallest is 47 feet off the ground, while others are only 10 feet up.

If a treehouse adventure is on your bucket list, look no further than Out’n’About Treehouse Treesort.

3. The Oregon Garden Resort

Love gardens?

The Oregon Garden Resort is a unique place to stay for gardeners or those who appreciate them.

Located in Silverton, the resort is adjacent to the Oregon Garden, an 80-acre oasis filled with water features, wetlands, and garden art.

Your stay includes a complimentary breakfast, free admission to the Oregon Garden, and live music and happy hour specials every evening.

Relax and getaway at the Oregon Garden Resort.

4. Timberline Lodge

Historic Timberline Lodge was built in 1937 as a Works Progress Administration (WPA) project during the Depression. It sits at the base of Mt. Hood and hosts a ski resort offering year-round skiing.

Timberline Lodge is a craftsman’s work of art. Built with substantial timber beams around a massive 90-foot-high stone chimney stack and detailed carving and ironwork throughout, the lodge is a sight to behold.

Aside from its rustic guestrooms and world-class skiing, Timberline Lodge is famous for playing the exterior of the Overlook Hotel in the classic film The Shining.

Hit the slopes and enjoy a piece of history at Timberline Lodge. 

5. Portland’s White House

You don’t need to visit our nation’s capital to see a white house. Portland’s White House is a luxury bed and breakfast in Portland’s historic Irvington District.

Built in 1911 by Robert Lytle, this Greek Revival mansion was billed as the most expensive house in the district.

There are beautiful rooms in both the main house and a historic carriage house on the property. Each stay includes a full breakfast, great amenities, and proximity to many of Portland and Oregon’s most popular destinations.

Feel Presidential at Portland’s White House. 

6. Caravan Tiny House Hotel

Living large not your style? Portland’s Caravan Tiny House Hotel is on the opposite end of the spectrum of unique places to stay in Oregon.

Opened in 2013, Caravan is the first tiny house hotel in the country. There are five independent tiny houses to choose from, all with a kitchen, bathroom, and an outdoor courtyard.

If you want to know what it’s like to live in a tiny home, you can get a taste of tiny house living at Caravan Tiny House Hotel. 

7. The Green Ridge Lookout 

Fire lookouts can be found throughout the country, especially in national forest areas. These small buildings are perched atop ridges and other high areas to provide the best view of the surrounding areas.

And luckily for us, some of them can be rented for overnight stays.

One such available lookout is the Green Ridge Lookout in the Deschutes National Forest. Built in the 1960s and available to rent from May to June and mid-September to mid-November, this 20-foot-tall lookout boasts amazing views of Mt. Jefferson and the Metolius River Basin.

The lookout cabin contains a fridge and basic cooking gear, but guests must bring their own water, food, toilet paper, garbage bags, and sleeping bags/blankets.

If you’re okay roughin’ it, the $40-a-night Green Ridge Lookout may be an excellent option.

Another option is the Gold Butte Lookout in the Willamette National Forest, which can be rented for $80 a night.

8. The Vintages Trailer Resort

Looking for a unique glamping experience? Into vintage items?

If so, you should check out The Vintages Trailer Resort between Dundee and McMinnville.

The resort contains 35 different trailers with 23 different styles, so there’s sure to be something for everyone. Plus, all trailers have heat and air conditioning, no matter their age. The resort also features a pool, outdoor lawn games, and proximity to a variety of vineyards.

Book your getaway at The Vintages Trailer Resort today.

9. Sylvia Beach Hotel

Booklovers rejoice!

If you’re a bookworm, then the Sylvia Beach Hotel is the perfect hotel for you.

Named after the famous bookseller and publisher Sylvia Beach and located in Newport, this unique bed and breakfast is literary-themed. Each of the 21 rooms is modeled after a famous author with details from their life and books.

There are no phones, TVs, or Wi-Fi, but your reservation does include breakfast and all the books you can read.

Some famous author-themed rooms include J.K. Rowling, John Steinbeck, Dr. Seuss, Mark Twain, and J.R.R. Tolkien.

Bring a good book and relax at the Sylvia Beach Hotel.

10. Beachside State Recreation Site Rustic Yurt

Yet another of the more unique places to stay in Oregon is in a yurt.

A yurt is a circular structure similar to a tent but with a wooden frame. They originated in Mongolia and have been around for thousands of years. The word yurt is derived from the Turkish language for residence, and yurts offer a complete living experience.

There are several places in Oregon where you can rent a yurt, but one of the best is located in Waldport at the Beachside State Recreation Site. The yurt is available to rent from March to October for $55 a night.

You can find a list of other yurts available in Oregon here. 

11. Abbey Road Farm Silo Suites Bed and Breakfast

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live on a farm?

At Abbey Road Farm Silo Suites Bed and Breakfast in Carlton, you can get a taste of farm life and stay in one of the most unique places in Oregon: a silo.

Abbey Road is a working farm on 82 acres, complete with a bed and breakfast built into three-grain silos (two of which used to hold grain). The B&B offers five suites complete with Jacuzzi tubs and a wet bar.

Breakfast is included with your stay, and there are over 100 tasting rooms within minutes of the farm for wine lovers.

Get down on the farm at the Abbey Road Farm Silo Suites Bed and Breakfast. 

12. McMenamins Kennedy School

McMenamins is a staple of the Pacific Northwest, and one of the best McMenamins places to stay is the Kennedy School in Portland.

As the name suggests, the Kennedy School is a renovated elementary school containing 57 guestrooms. Some rooms are themed after classrooms, and others have an author theme.

Kennedy School also has a restaurant, multiple bars, a movie theater, a pool, and a brewery. The gym can also be reserved for events. Kennedy School is located in the heart of Portland and is close to all Portland has to offer and nearby destinations.

Now you can have a drink and fall asleep in class at McMenamins Kennedy School.

13. The Lion and the Rose Victorian Bed and Breakfast

The last unique place to stay on our list takes visitors back in time. 

Built in 1906 and established as a B&B in 1993, The Lion and the Rose is a Victorian mansion in the Irvington Historic District of Portland.

Eight guest rooms feature décor from the era along with modern amenities such as air conditioning and Wi-Fi. The rooms also have private bathrooms.

Guests can choose one of two options with their stay. They can enjoy “Guest House Service” featuring lower rates and a treats table but no breakfast, or the entire “Bed & Breakfast Service.”

Travel back in time with The Lion and the Rose Victorian Bed and Breakfast.

Moral of the Story

Everyone wants a unique travel experience, but many don’t realize that there are a host of unique experiences sprinkled throughout the country. You just have to know where to look.

This article looked at the 13 most unique places to stay in Oregon.

There’s a little something for everyone, from tiny homes to treehouses to themed hotels and everything in between.

You can even take a trip back in time. Where will your next adventure take you?

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