Your Guide to Exploring West Edmonton Mall

Once the world’s largest mall and now the largest in North America, the West Edmonton Mall is a top-class entertainment and shopping destination. The mall welcomes around 32 million visitors annually, attracting people worldwide to explore its eclectic array of attractions, shops, and restaurants. 

I recently visited West Edmonton Mall with my husband and two sons, and we had a mission to explore all of the mall’s attractions and enjoy as many meals at the restaurants on Bourbon Street as we could throughout our four-day itinerary.

Some things we loved, others we could have skipped. Use this guide to West Edmonton Mall to see what this world-class destination offers for all ages! 

young boy standing inside waterpark
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World Waterpark

There’s more than meets the eye at West Edmonton Mall. One outstanding example is the World Waterpark, North America’s second-largest indoor water park, featuring the world’s largest indoor wave pool!

Great for family fun, this five-acre indoor water park features loads of exhilarating entertainment for all ages. From twisting water slides to relaxing hot tubs to soak in, the World Waterpark is an absolute blast. 


If you are planning on visiting, I highly recommend getting a cabana for the day. Not only do you get a little bit of private space to relax away from the crowds, but the best part is you get priority access to the waterpark 30 minutes before the general public using a private entrance. 

I counted my blessings that we rented a cabana as I watched the general admission lineups get longer and longer before the waterpark even opened. 

The beachfront patio and poolside cabanas have the best locations in the waterpark.

In addition to all the waterslides, there are additional attractions inside the waterpark at an extra cost. My husband and I enjoyed the zipline, which gives an amazing view of the facility, while my sons loved FlowRider. 

They were a great way to break up the day, but the main attraction everyone loved was the massive wave pool!

Two notable waterslides to try for the daredevil in you:

  • Cyclone (we heard whispers of riders getting stuck on the vertical loop!)
  • Sky Screamer (stand on an electronic trap door!)

No matter what the temperature is outside, rain, snow, or shine, guests can explore this water park wonderland to their heart’s content. 

boy in yellow hat looking at rollercoasters in west edmonton mall
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Galaxyland Amusement Park

Powered by Hasbro, Galaxyland Amusement Park is the world’s largest indoor amusement park, once home to the world’s longest and tallest indoor roller coaster. There’s no need to check the weather when it comes to taking a trip to this amusement park. 

I think it’s important to point out that Galaxyland is definitely for younger kids. My nine-year-old enjoyed himself on Space Shot, Galaxy Orbiter, and even Cootie Coaster, but my eleven-year-old only spent about an hour in the park before he got bored. 

They both love big rollercoasters (think Red Force in Ferrari Land) and unfortunately, there are no comparable rides currently operating at Galaxyland. Trouble Twist was pretty fun, but it had a lineup for over an hour the whole time we were there. 

If you are looking to conquer your fear of heights or go on an Indiana Jones-esque adventure, Ropes Quest is a three-story ropes course with challenging obstacles to overcome while suspended above the ground. This attraction is located within Galaxyland Amusement Park. 

It features three separate and unique stories of bridges, hanging ropes, and obstacles. There is no set path to Ropes Quest, so guests can safely maneuver through the course’s platforms and bridges to reach the end. 

Dragon’s Tale Blacklight Mini-Golf is an 18-hole course and quest intertwined to save the dragons!

Throughout this black light mini-golf course are colorfully designed dragons and obstacles to maneuver through to reach the final hole. Defeat the villains, from ogres to trolls, to rescue the dragons from the villains in this uniquely vibrant and entertaining blacklight mini-golf course, perfect for family, friends, and dates. 


There’s nothing quite like a good shopping spree!

The West Edmonton Mall is North America’s largest shopping and entertainment complex, so there’s no end to the options and activities you can explore. The mall features over 800 stores and restaurants, including boutique and brand-name retailers. 

From Ray-Ban and Moncler to Nike and Balenciaga, West Edmonton Mall has top-tier selections for a much-needed shopping venture. For shoppers who like an all-in-one experience, this mall is perfect! 

Not only does it offer a wide variety of stores, but guests can also take a break from shopping and enjoy the numerous other attractions within the mall. 

Ice Palace

Whether you’re a pro or need to use the boards to stop, the Ice Palace in West Edmonton Mall is where everyone comes together to ice skate. The Ice Palace recently underwent a $3,000,000 renovation, making it an even more impressive destination for some on-ice fun. 

The Ice Palace welcomes everyone to reignite their passion and hit the ice with activities, including hockey, public skating, and figure skating. 

There are also non-ice-related activities like concerts at the Ice Palace so everyone can enjoy this icy attraction.  

Grab a pair of skates, hit the ice, and show off your moves at one of North America’s largest skating rinks. The Ice Palace also offers skate rentals for those who don’t have their own pair. 

young boy in yellow hat playing mini golf
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Professor WEM’s Adventure Mini-Golf

A whimsical adventure, Professor WEM’S 18-hole mini-golf course is located inside the mall near the pirate ship. 

Cartoon caricatures are paired with vibrant colors to inspire creativity, imagination, and entertainment throughout the course. The course was delightfully redesigned by Canadian artist Dan Swatzky to further inspire the whimsical nature of Professor WEM’s mini-golf course attraction. 

It is a splendid, family-friendly attraction.


West Edmonton Mall has continued to display its dedication to creating the highest quality entertainment-friendly environment by establishing North America’s first indoor multi-level race track – DRIVE. 

I couldn’t wait to test out my driving skills at DRIVE. There is a minimum age requirement of 14 years in order to be a driver, so my sons were pretty disappointed they couldn’t participate. But they did get to watch their parents do laps around the course!

Featuring a New York-themed landscape, DRIVE is the ultimate place for a joy ride. It boasts upgraded electric Sodi race karts for boosted precision, speed, and performance for traversing through the streets of New York as you race for first place. If you live for speed, adrenaline, and competition, then DRIVE is the attraction for you.

Birds of Paradise

Within West Edmonton Mall’s Galaxyland Amusement Park are the romantic and family-friendly Birds of Paradise swan boat rides that travel across Deep Sea Adventure Lake. 

This attraction features a fleet of splendid swan-themed paddle boats. It is one of the featured activities for first-time visitors of West Edmonton Mall to take part in, so whether it be a romantic date night or a family adventure, paddling out on these majestic swan boats is a hands-down must-do.

young boy touching fish in underground aquarium
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Marine Life

An underground aquarium, Sea Life Caverns takes guests through an incredible underwater journey showcasing more than 100 species of sea creatures and over 800 coral reef animals.

Visitors can also enjoy interactive activities like touch pools and behind-the-scenes tours or take part in a shark dive experience.

Sea Life Caverns is not only educational but also conservation-minded, with a focus on protecting marine life and the oceans. Don’t forget to snap some pictures with Nemo and Dory!

Looking for more marine life fun? Head over to Sea Lions’ Rock, where guests can watch sea lions swim, play, and interact with their trainers in a fun and educational show.

Ed’s Bowling

Ed’s Bowling welcomes everyone to have fun and test their bowling skills.

Throughout the attraction are 28 ten-pin bowling lanes, retro arcade games, five billiard tables, and plenty of scrumptious food and beverage options for guests. Monday’s are karaoke and cocktail nights perfect for adults looking to unwind and socialize. 

All in all, Ed’s Bowling is a family-friendly environment with optional automatic bumpers available in every lane so everyone can take their turn at bowling.

Alien Outbreak Escape Room

If you like problem-solving, then West Edmonton Mall’s Alien Outbreak Escape Room is the activity for you.

For the Alien Outbreak Escape Room, guests join Team Hermes 7 to investigate what happened to the missing Moon Colony Persephone crew. The team must use hidden clues to find the answer to the whereabouts of the missing crew. Solve the mystery before oxygen runs out or worse! 

Scotiabank Theatre Cineplex

The Scotiabank Theatre Cineplex is where guests can experience a modern multiplex cinema that screens the latest Hollywood films and independent releases. It features the world’s most immersive movie experience through IMAX, the gold standard for filmmakers and fans looking to upgrade the quality of their movies. 

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind movie experience, then Scotiabank Theatre Cineplex is the best place to do it! And it’s the perfect thing to do on a first date

Starlight Casino

Test your luck at West Edmonton Mall’s Starlight Casino.

With a Las Vegas-themed setting, guests have different opportunities to consider on the gaming floor with 769 new slot machines and your favorite table games to choose from. 

Grab a drink at the Nova Bar or tasty snacks at the Lucky Noodle Bar to stay refreshed as you play to win.

Rec Room

Check out the Rec Room at West Edmonton Mall for delicious eats and refreshing entertainment.

Welcoming all ages to explore and have fun, the Rec Room offers 54,000 sq. feet of endless entertainment options, including arcade games, virtual reality setups, and live entertainment. 

For guests that have worked up an appetite, enjoy Canadian-inspired cuisine and grab a pint to refresh and energize for more fun to be had at the Rec Room. 

restaurant at west edmonton mall
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Bourbon Street Dining

Located within West Edmonton Mall is the eclectic Bourbon Street Dining. This “street” within the mall features a delicious array of food options, including cafes and restaurants. 

Serving international cuisines, from Asian and Australian to Italian and American, Bourbon Street Dining is where everyone comes to satiate their appetite. The colorful area also features vibrant nightlife where adults can drink, party, and socialize. 

We loved watching the chefs create handmade noodles at Mogouyan Hand Pulled Noodle, and restaurant staples like Earls and Moxie’s offered plenty of options for our whole family. 

Marble Slab Creamery had huge lineups every evening for those wanting to satiate their sweet tooth. 

Comedy Show

The Comic Strip within the West Edmonton Mall showcases an ultimate collection of top stand-up comedians and emerging talents looking to spread laughter and joy. 

The attraction has become widely known as one of the best comedy venues in the world for its top-notch talent. 

Many of these talents have appeared on well-known shows such as The Tonight Show, Comedy Central, The Late Show, and more popular spots, so if you need a good laugh and want to hear some quality jokes, then the Comic Strip at the West Edmonton Mall is your gig! 

igloo themed room at fantasyland hotel
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Fantasyland Hotel

The Fantasyland Hotel is one of the world’s most unique hotels, famously known for its creatively themed rooms that establish a one-of-a-kind experience for its guests. 

Pick from an eclectic array of themed rooms, such as the Gothic Princess, Roman, Modern Igloo, and Victorian Coach rooms. The Space theme is the most popular themed room and often sells out, so it’s best to book as early as possible.

We stayed in the Modern Igloo room, and to be honest, we were quite disappointed. The room hadn’t seen a renovation in years; there were no charging cable ports anywhere, and outlets were hard to come by. 

At over $500/night between Christmas and New Year’s, a plastic insert shower was not what I would expect for that price. 

One of the elevators wasn’t working during our stay, and there was no service elevator for staff, which seems absolutely crazy to me. So, with staff sharing guest elevators, there were endless lineups in the lobby and on guests’ floors the entire time we were there. 

I would recommend booking a regular room at Fantasyland unless you can snag a Space-themed room and use the extra money toward attractions at the mall. 

Where to Eat in West Edmonton Mall

There are so many mouth-watering places to eat at the West Edmonton Mall, so much so that choosing one can be nearly impossible!

In addition to Bourbon Street restaurants, there are two food courts in the mall with an extensive selection of food to choose from. 

Multi-Play Pass

Want to access all West Edmonton Mall has to offer at a cheap price? Then you need a multi-day pass.

With a purchase of a multi-day pass, guests have unlimited access to all the attractions at West Edmonton Mall. Explore all the fantastic entertainment and attractions available, from World Waterpark to Galaxyland, with discounted prices on food and beverages. 

When to Visit

If you want to avoid crowds, we recommend avoiding the weekends, when West Edmonton Mall will typically be its busiest. Pick a weekday between 10 AM and 3 PM when kids are still in school and most people are at work for a less crowded time to visit the mall. 

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