26 Travel Accessories Every Traveller Must Have

Have you been looking for the best travel accessories? I’ve got you covered!

There are so many new travel accessories on the market, and as a full-time travel writer, I have found some of the absolute best travel products you probably didn’t know that you needed until now!

I have tested and travelled with all of the travel products listed here so I could recommend the best of the best travel accessories for your next vacation.

Traveling isn’t always easy so finding the perfect travel essentials can really make the journey more enjoyable. As a travel writer I do a lot of solo travel but I also travel regularly with my family so I have recomendations for different needs.

I have found some amazing travel products for any type of traveler whether you are traveling by air, train, boat, or car. These products are all tried, tested and true!

My Top 3 Picks: Travel Accessories

#1 Top Pick
Air Fly is the easiest way to use your wireless headphones with in-flight audio. This simple adapter lets you listen to in-flight entertainment with your own wireless headphones or earbuds.
Image Credit: Twelve South



✅ use your wireless headphones with in-flight audio

✅ 20 hour battery

✅ Easy volume controls

#2 Pick
Nomad Lane's bento bag carry on bag
Image Credit: Savoteur


Nomad Lane’s Bento Bag

✅ Stylish

✅ Easy to get through security

✅ Amazing Organization

#3 Pick
water bottle and travel products
Image Credit: Savoteur


FlightFūd’s Flight Elixir

✅ Helps minimize jet lag

✅ Great taste

✅ Shatterproof water bottle

charging credit card with bag
Image Credit: Savoteur

1. ChargeCard by AquaVault

I haven’t been this excited about an electronic device in a long time, but the ChargeCard is one of the best travel accessories we use. This ultra-thin portable charger is powerful and easily slips into your wallet. It comes with a variety of charging cables for both Apple and Android devices.

Just to be clear, this will not fully charge your phone to 100%, but it will give you the boost you need before you run out of battery. I would say, on average, it charges my phone between 40% to 60%, which is generally all I need to get through those heavy-use days.

“My friend’s battery in her phone is constantly running low. I bought her one of these and I like it so much I got another one for myself.” –
Kat Boylan (Read more reviews)

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travel adapter for electronics
Image Credit: Savoteur

2. OneWorld 65 Adapter

I am part of team carry on, so the fewer products I need to pack when I travel, the better. This adapter from OneWorld 65 is a travel staple. It can power and fast-charge up to six devices at the same time utilizing the right amount of voltage, but most importantly, it is reliable. And it comes with a handy carrying pouch.

mobile phone stand
Image Credit: Lookstand

3. Lookstand Adjustable Phone Stand

We have finally found the answer to “tech neck,” and it is the Lookstand Adjustable Phone Stand. This nifty gadget attaches to the back of any smartphone and extends up to a full 7-inch height, so your phone is at the perfect ergonomic viewing angle in both portrait and landscape modes.

It is perfect for use on flights, in hotel rooms, and even as a selfie stick. It has adjustable viewing angles and a detachable mount if you don’t want to keep it on your phone all the time. It is sleek and can be tucked away when not in use. We love the ocean blue color; it is easy to find amongst the sea of black tech travel gadgets but also comes in five different colors.

” The quality is just magnificent. It’s so light and I love that it removes for wireless charging on my phone as well and I can use my regular car clamp to hold it without the full thing attached all the time, although I never take it off honestly except when I need to, it’s so light and small I forget that it’s on, and it actually makes it easier to hold my phone, I wrap my fingers around it and it feels more secure. I also love using it as a selfie stick, and even just flipping the main part down and using it as a handle to hold my phone especially open in tablet mode. I love this so much, and the colors are all really great. 5 Stars all around” -Marc McClellan (Read more reviews)

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Air Fly is the easiest way to use your wireless headphones with in-flight audio. This simple adapter lets you listen to in-flight entertainment with your own wireless headphones or earbuds.
Image Credit: Twelve South

4. AirFly 

This clever travel companion is the easiest way to use your wireless headphones with in-flight audio. This simple adapter lets you listen to in-flight entertainment with your own wireless headphones or earbuds. The newest AirFly packs a 20 hour battery that outlasts even the longest commercial flights. New Volume controls let you turn sound up or down without touching the seat back screen. When the beverage cart arrives, two taps mute the sound. 

“I recently discovered the Twelve South AirFly Pro, and it has become my ultimate travel companion for airplane journeys! This versatile device allows me to enjoy wireless audio on flights, making my travel experience more enjoyable and hassle-free. ” -Mark H (Read more reviews)

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Sony RX100 travel camera
Image Credit: Deposit Photos

5. Sony RX100 Travel Camera

If you don’t feel like lugging around a large camera, the Sony RX100 is the perfect travel camera and has 200mm of zoom. It has manual control and RAW format shooting and although smartphones are gaining in popularity for travel photos, they just can’t compete with this pocket camera.

“This camera pretty much does it all. Shoot in a variety of either preset or manual modes. Can operate it remotely from you smart phone too. For group shots etc.
13 preset modes or intelligent Auto mode that will recognize and select it for you.” -John Yacina (Read more reviews)

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pocketalk translator device travel accessories
Image Credit: Savoteur

6. Pocketalk

Pocketalk is a voice translator that converses in 82 different languages. I have google translate on my phone, but it has never worked even remotely, as well as Pocketalk! It comes with a complimentary 2-year cellular data plan that provides coverage in over 130 countries/regions if you find yourself without access to wifi.

The best part about Pocketalk is that it is designed for conversations and picks up localized dialects and slang using the best translation engines from around the world. And better yet, Pocketalk computes exchanges for currency, length, width, and temperature. It is honestly one of the handiest travel accessories out there.

“I love this thing! I am studying Spanish and bought this so that I can converse with some of my co-workers who speak Spanish in order to feel what a conversation would be like. I tried it out on two of my Spanish speaking co-workers and then allowed them to speak back to me in Spanish. Everything went rather well!” –
Mike Robinson (Read more reviews)

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steam clip for travel gifts
Image Credit: Savoteur

7. STEAM CLIP Multi-Tool for Travel

I love this multi-tasking steam clip! Not only does it help steam out the wrinkles from clothes by using the heat from the shower, but it can also double as a hanger, use it as a smartphone stand, and keep your purse or jacket off the restroom floor. I keep this in my purse during travel, and it is amazing how much use it gets.

“We originally bought this for our travel bag to use to seam clothes while on the go but end us using it just as much at home! Great little gadget” -Anna (Read more reviews)

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water bottle and travel products
Image Credit: Savoteur

8. FlightFūd’s Flight Elixir

Nobody wants to lose a day of their trip (on either end!) to feeling that run-down, bloated, “gross” feeling you get when you fly. FlightFūd was made specifically for the unique needs of travelers, and we wish we had tried this natural health supplement years ago!

Flight Elixir helps to reduce travel bloat, gas, and indigestion, restore energy and manage jet lag, and support circulation, immunity, and hydration. 

You may be asking, but does it actually work? It sure does! We tested it out on our long-haul flight from the west coast of British Columbia to Zurich and Portugal and back, and we can honestly say that we will never travel without our Flight Elixir ever again.

We love the motivational travel markers on the shatterproof travel water bottle. The hydration bundle is a perfect addition to our travel repertoire.

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santizer, wipes for travel accessories
Image Credit: Savoteur

9. PlaneAire Wipes & Hand Sanitzer

We know there are a million hand sanitizers and wipes on the market, so why did we choose PlaneAire? Because we are tired of having dry, sticky hands and PlaneAire keeps them moisturized while effectively killing common germs. Did we mention that the Lemongrass Rosemary blend also wards off mosquitos?!

There are many different essential oil blends to choose from, and the travel essentials bundle covers all the sanitizing basics you will need for your next vacation.

“Love love love this product! It smells so good! Organic ingredients you won’t be disappointed” -Jen Your Zen (Read more reviews)

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bug repellent wipes
Image Credit: Savoteur

10. Murphy’s Naturals Bug Repellant Wipes

Murphy’s mosquito repellent wipes have to be one of the most genius travel accessories! They are easy to pack, have no mess to apply, and have no harsh chemicals. There are ten wipes per pack; they absorb quickly and smell divine. These mosquito repellent wipes are a must-have for camping and road trips, or just keep them tucked in your purse all summer long.

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bug bite suction remover travel accessories
Image Credit: Savoteur

11. Bug Bite Thing

This is a suction tool that everyone needs to keep in their travel kit and first aid kit. It is best used immediately after a bug bite to extract insect and saliva venom from under the skin to alleviate the itching, stinging, and swelling caused by insect bites and stings. The Bug Bite Thing is reusable, doesn’t use any chemicals, and is perfect for kids.

“I really doubted that this would work but it really does. I highly recommend this.” -JP (read more reviews)

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acupressure bands
Image Credit: PsiBands

12. Psi Bands

A drug-free option for those who suffer from nausea and vomiting due to motion sickness, these acupressure Psi Bands are stylish and deliver results. They are waterproof and come with a compact case for travel when not in use. They work wonders for kids and are so much easier than trying to give them drugs to combat the effects of nausea.

 Just got back from a cruise on the Oasis and these worked perfectly to prevent motion sickness the whole time. ” -Britt Du (Read more reviews)

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four bag hander rings

13. Clipa Bag Hanger

You may have tried other bag ring holders before, but the Clipa is sturdy and functional. I keep one ring on all of our carry-on bags to use when we travel, and it comes in handy in the most random locations. It is perfect to hang one bag at a time, I wouldn’t recommend it holding two at a time.

It’s perfect for poolside when there are often no hooks to be found anywhere. You can hang your towel up to dry or to keep it from getting dirty. This travel accessory is perfect for those bathrooms with broken hooks and ideal for restaurants.

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UTTy is a versatile vertical hanger solution for home organization and provides residents a high-capacity hanging system within the smallest footprint. I
Image Credit: UTTY

14. Utty Gear Organizer

UTTy,  a great gear management system for storing accessories, sports equipment, outdoor gear, and even home items like wet swimsuits and towels. 

UTTy is a versatile vertical hanger solution for home organization and provides residents a high-capacity hanging system within the smallest footprint. It’s sturdy enough to handle heavy as well as light items to get your stuff off the floor and/or out of the way. For winter sports gear to camping gear, hockey/lacrosse gear, purses, hats, towels and everything in between.

“Used for teenage sons adult hockey equipment while traveling. Hung perfectly in the hotel closet. Fit everything but the gloves. Adjustable hooks. Great price! Could also be used at home to dry equipment.” -Ostrom A (Read more reviews)

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Nomad Lane's bento bag carry on bag
Image Credit: Savoteur

15. Nomad Lane’s Bento Bag

I have owned this incredible canvas carry-on bag from Nomad Lane for years, and I couldn’t imagine traveling anywhere without it. It is the perfect size to slide under the seat in front of you or tuck away in the overhead bin. The trolley sleeve allows you to slide it over your roller bag, and the USB port allows for easy charging on the go.

My favorite part of this bag is how organized it is, meaning you won’t have to dig around endlessly looking for what you need. Check out my extensive review of Nomad Lane’s Bento Bag and learn about all the amazing features that I just can’t travel without!

“I travel 2-3 times a month and needed a bigger personal item bag as my Tumi laptop bag just didn’t cut it. I was a little apprehensive when I first saw the bag as I felt it might be too big for an under the seat bag. However I’ve flown on an a360 and 737 and it fit perfectly underneath the seats. Very happy with the quality, size and the multiple pockets this bag has to offer.” -Matt H (Read more reviews)

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carryon on from Level 8 luggage
Image Credit: Savoteur

16. Level8 Road Runner Pro Carry On 20”

On the ultimate quest to find the perfect carry-on roller luggage, we found the Level8 Road Runner Pro Carry On 20″. There are three basic requirements that we have for our travel luggage: an unbreakable but light outer shell, sturdy telescopic handles (we are a tall family, so this is a deal-breaker), and wheels that perform without slowing us down.

I was uncertain whether or not I would like the built-in front compartment, but after traveling with it, I enjoyed not bearing the weight of my laptop from having it in my shoulder bag. The carry-on Pro is roomy for a carry-on bag, and the zipper is hands down the best of any luggage brand.

If you are traveling on smaller regional aircraft, the 20″ fits perfectly in. the overhead compartment. The warranty on Level8 luggage is exceptional and well worth the investment in this luggage brand.

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packing cubes
Image Credit: Savoteur

17. SuitedNomad Compression Cubes

If you want to organize your packing and be able to pack more in your luggage, SuitedNomad’s Compression Packing Cubes are an important travel accessory. These packing cubes are incredibly lightweight, made of water-resistant nylon, and come in a variety of colors if you like having a different color for each family member.

“These packing cubes are a game changer! I packed for myself and my 2 kids for a two week trip in one suitcase. The compression cubes save so much room while fitting so many clothes. When we got to our destination, I decompressed them and unfolded the clothes a little and we lived out of them for the two weeks we were away. It kept my kids clothes separate so they knew where to find their stuff.” -Marissa (Read more reviews)

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compression packing cubes from level8 luggage
Image Credit: Savoteur

18. Level8 Compression Bags

If you are looking to organize your clothing and save space, then these compression packing cubes from Monos are ideal for traveling. These packing cubes stay upright making packing so much easier. The high quality of these packing cubes is wonderful, the exterior is made of tear-resistant nylon twill while the interior is the anti-microbial fabric found inside Monos’ travel suitcases.  

You may find it easier to compress your clothing by folding it instead of using the rolling technique. The packing cubes make it easy to transfer directly to the dresser at your hotel or any other accommodation without having to take everything out. 

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grey backpack
Image Credit: Savoteur

19. Knack Backpack

If there’s one thing we love about a good backpack, it’s the ability to take it from the office to the weekend. The Knack Backpack is the answer for any kind of trip, and it’s incredibly versatile. The quality is immediately noticeable, with loads of padding on the back and muted branding for a more classic look.

The expandable compartment opens up like a suitcase with different handle options to choose how you prefer to carry the bag. I wasn’t sure if I would like the zip-up water bottle compartment, but it has become one of my favorite details, allowing me to use it for other items depending on the outing.

The Knack Backpack is deceptively roomy and has become one of our favorite new travel finds this year.

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woman in vest on rocks at lake
Image Credit: Fieldsheer

20. Fieldsheer Bluetooth Warming & Cooling

Truly one of the coolest products we tested was Fieldsheer’s Bluetooth warming and cooling line of clothing. The Women’s Backcountry Heated Vest is now one of my travel staples. The small 7.4 volt battery fits sleekly into one of the pockets while the two heat zones in the chest and back give that added warmth when I need it.

Fieldsheer’s line of cooling products offers sun protection and keeps your body 7 degrees cooler and 4x drier than traditional clothing. I love the cooling hoodie and tank top for those hot destinations. Not only do they help remain cool but you will look stylish in them too.

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man in grey tshirt
Image Credit: Unbound Merino

21. Unbound Merino

If you want to look stylish in any situation but still have that luxurious feel, Unbound Merino’s line of sustainably sourced, mulesing-free Merino wool is where it’s at! I have been waiting patiently for the women’s line to launch, but in the meantime, men can shop for this classic, naturally antibacterial, and moisture-wicking style.

Unbound Merino’s line of travel clothing is famous for staying clean and odor-free for weeks, doesn’t wrinkle, regulates your temperature, and dries really, really fast. The style options allow men to go from the hiking trail to dinner without missing a beat and make packing light a breeze.

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compression socks
Image Credit: Savoteur

22. Vim & Vigr Stylish Compression Socks

We all know how useful compression socks are when we travel, and now you can look stylish too. Vim & Vigr offers fun prints and vibrant solids in a variety of fabrics like merino wool, nylon, and cotton. Compression socks increase blood flow and oxygen delivery while minimizing muscle fatigue.

After my husband had a deep vein thrombosis scare after a flight from Vancouver to Paris, we both now wear compression socks during flights and on days when we are out walking and exploring all day. Our legs feel more energized after long travel days, and truth be told, we look pretty darn good in these stylish patterns!

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51dgiGz6eKL. SL500

23. Mini Wet Brushes

The first time I used a wet brush to detangle my hair, I was in love. If you have never used a wet brush before, it will quickly become your new best friend and the one item that you cannot forget at home when you travel. The mini wet brushes are a perfect size, do just as good a job as the full-sized version but take up much less space in your luggage. Buy the mini-pack of three and put one in each travel bag!

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coffee packs
Image Credit: Savoteur

24. Waka Coffee

One travel accessory that we always have on hand is Waka Coffee’s freeze-dried instant coffee packs. It tastes just like freshly brewed coffee and you only need to add hot water which makes it an ideal travel product to pack, especially on long-haul flights.

I love the taste of coffee but can’t always handle the caffeine and I’m pleased to report that Waka’s decaf coffee packs taste incredible. It is no surprise that Waka Coffee has a long list of testimonials from the biggest names like Us Weekly, Forbes, The NY Times, Esquire, and many, many more.

Not only does the coffee taste great but the company donates a portion of its proceeds to charity as a part of its “add water, give water” initiative.

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water bottle with filter
Image Credit: Water-to-go

25. Water-to-Go Purifier Bottle

We all know that we need to drink more water when we travel. Carrying a reusable water bottle is probably one of the simplest but most important travel accessories. Water-to-Go Purifier Bottle means that one 26 oz filter replaces 400 single-use plastic bottles. So no matter where you are in the water, this water bottle will remove all the contaminants found in unfamiliar drinking water that could make you sick.

Water-to-Go removes viruses, bacteria, parasites, chemicals, pesticides, hormones, heavy metals (e.g. lead, arsenic), and microplastics. If there is something unsafe in your drinking water, Water-to-Go likely removes it.

One feature that I love is these water bottles are recyclable and the filter is compostable.

“This water bottle is the perfect size for a day hike or trip. I used it for a floating trip instead of bringing multiple single use bottles. Less to pack in and out! I was able to refill from the river multiple times thought out the day. Just need to invert the bottle and let the filter soak for about 25 minutes. The bottle itself is durable but very light weight. Would highly recommend! Best part is there is a gauge on the side of the bottle letting you know when it is time to replace the filter.” -Gary (Read more reviews)

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activity books

26. Travel Activity Books

Travel-sized portable activity books that fit in any backpack or in the back pocket of the car seat, yet filled with 100+ games for HOURS of entertainment.

The Travel Games For Kids activity book is filled with interactive travel games and fun activities for kids ages 5-12+. This book keeps my 8-year-old son occupied for hours in the car and on flights, and we take it with us whenever we travel.

The Big Brain Teasers activity book is filled with 350+ boredom-busting brain games, mind twisters, and more to entertain your child for hours! My ten-year-old son loves doing the brain teaser puzzle games.

My sons trade these books back and forth throughout our trips, so it is handy to have both of them on hand.

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FAQs About Travel Essentials

What are the best travel accessories for women?

I love Level’s compression packing cubes for keeping my outfits organized and they save so much space in my luggage.

What are the best travel accessories for long flights?

I always pack my FlightFüd to help with jet lag and my AirFly adapter so I don’t have to deal with cords while using the in-flight entertainment system.

What travel accessories can you buy on Amazon?

Amazon has some amazing travel essentials at great prices. Many items on this list are available to purchase on Amazon.

What are some unique travel accessories?

I love Fieldsheer’s line of bluetooth warming and cooling line of clothing. I personally love traveling with their heated vest which keeps my core warm when exploring colder climates.

🤩 Check out AirFly – our #1 pick for travel accessories!

Final Thoughts: Travel Essentials

The world of travel has never been more accessible, yet the difference between a good trip and an extraordinary one often lies in the details—specifically, the accessories you choose to bring along.

From the game-changing utility of AirFly to the sheer indulgence of great coffee on the go, these travel accessories are more than just add-ons; they are essential components that elevate your travel experience to the realm of luxury.

So, as you pack for your next escapade, remember that investing in top-tier travel accessories is akin to investing in the quality of your journey itself. After all, isn’t the journey just as important as the destination?

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Casandra Karpiak is a travel writer and owner of Savoteur. A Toronto native with Danish roots currently residing in British Columbia, her travel writing has been seen on The Associated Press wire, MSN, FOX, CBS, NBC, Entrepreneur, 24/7 Wall St, Times Daily, and many more. When she’s not traveling, she can be found at hockey arenas all over BC cheering on her two young sons.